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Nitro's 10 Bold Predictions for Night of Champions

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I'm coming home, coming home. It is great to be back guys and now that I am back, it is time to make some bold predictions. Back at Payback, I got 3/10 so I dropped a little but until the WWE becomes bold (which they won't), I will not get many points. Before I start, the United States Championship match is on: Ambrose vs Ziggler is happening so we got that! Here we go

10. Primetime Players will pin the Usos for Pre-show

I may be making bold predictions, but I am not an idiot. The Primetime players will easily come away with the win for later in the show, but who will the pin? One of the Uso's as the Uso's fade back into non-existence.

9. Ambrose and Ziggler will open the show

Might as well have a quick, nice match open the show and what is better than an united states championship match. Ambrose will win nicely and effectively hopefully opening another route for a new challenger of some sort.

8. Natalya will win the Diva's championship

AJ Lee is a great Diva's champion....when she is defending the title of course! With the feud of Total Divas and real divas going on, to continue this needs a title change. I am tired of the bella's and naomi's time will come. I want to see the title back on Natalya!

7. CM Punk will lose

Yep, you heard that right. It might continue the feud, annoyingly but CM Punk will not head out of Night of Champions a winner. He might get Axel out, but someone will come in, a new client perhaps, and take out Punk.

6. Wyatt Family will have a segment leading to Kane's Return

Wyatt Family needs to make an impact on this show otherwise the WWE would just be misusing them. Bray Wyatt needs to deliver an incredible promo, Kane comes back, wrecks shop and we see a rematch in the future.

5. Ricardo won't turn on RVD

I feel this is bold because let's face it, ADR without Ricardo is more boring than ever and RVD with Ricardo is........just plain weird. So WWE will have him stay with RVD because logic.

4. RVD will lose to ADR

Yep, we will still see the continuation of the horrible reign of ADR. This is his 4th title reign.....IN 3 YEARS!!! He has more title reigns than Jeff Hardy, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus, Mark Henry, etc. This is just sad, take the title off him....give it to Punk, I don't know.

3. Miz and Fandango will dance their way to a pointless match on the card

We don't know how, we don't know why but they will get a match on the card. Hopefully fandango wins because Miz needs to turn Problem with us fans, we love heels. Then they turn them face and we don't like them. Unless they are daniel bryan who we love as a heel or a face.

2. Big Show costs Daniel Bryan the title, getting him into title picture

Yeah, the big lug cries. But his crying will help him get a title shot. At Night of Champions, Triple H will order him to knock D Bryan out while he distracts the ref, Show has to, Orton wins. Show gets title shot, so does Bryan. Triple Threat next pay-per-view.

1. Match of the night goes to.......RVD and Del Rio

It was either this, Orton and Bryan or Ambrose and Ziggler. But I be bold so I say they receive match of the night. While they both can't talk for beans, RVD and Del Rio are both incredible in the ring and this confrontation will make us want the ring that is. No one can stand another feud between these two, yuck.

And there we go! More predictions down, 4 more pay-per-views to go. Hate these predictions? Like em? Have other choices? Prefer Digimon to Pokemon? Comment below and let the world hear! Have a good weekend guys, have fun watching Night of Champions and see ya in a month!


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  1. Cross's Avatar
    I always love your predictions. Btw, Doritos totally stole bold from you. Gimmick Infringement!

    Anyways, I can see all of these happening to be honest, Kane returning less out of all of them, but still can see it happen.

    Match of the Night to Del Rio & RVD? Yep, it is going to happen. Due to the terrible lack of character of ADR and the horrendous build to their match, they will put on a PPV worthy match. It's wierd. Anytime I see Del Rio on like Raw or Smackdown I am bored, but when he is in a PPV Match I am pretty excited to see it.

    Although some of these do not seem necessarily bold, I do agree with majority actually happening. Thanks for the entertaining blogs.
  2. Kajmere's Avatar
    Some of these are just predictions, not necessarily bold ones. Are you sure RVD losing is a bold prediction? There has been a lack of build and Del Rio is a WWE favorite. Personally, I am rooting for RVD and expect him to win via DQ to cause a rematch at Over the Limit.

    Edit: missed the last paragraph of the first comment, very similar to my opening sentence.
    Updated 09-15-2013 at 05:03 PM by Kajmere
  3. 5 Finger Death Punch's Avatar
    I am glad I am not watching this one! Sounds more like,,,Night of Chumpions! The only reason I would watch would be to end the Punk, Axel, Paulie feud so Punk can move on to taking on the Corporation!

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