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Night of Champions Predictions

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It has been a slow week in the blogging world on this site so I thought I would do a predictions blog. Truthfully, I am not overly confident on these predictions which makes me more interested than usual for this PPV. I can really see almost every match on the card going either way. Regardless, here is what I am guessing will happen...

1. Bryan vs. Orton -
Regardless of how this match ends, I don't see Bryan leaving with the strap. Initially, I expected a Big Show heel turn to screw Bryan out of the win. However, with Cena, Sheamus, Mysterio, Christian, Cody and Henry on the shelf, there are a lack of main event babyfaces. Instead, Orton will win from interference by the Administration. This will allow the feud to continue and help set up a rematch at next month's PPV.

2. ADR v RVD -
I like Ricardo interfering and costing ADR the WHC. This will then set up a feud between ADR and Ricardo moving forward. Personally, I think they have to get the belt off of ADR ASAP. He is a great worker and a decent promo guy but just is not over as a main event heel. Likewise, putting the belt on RVD will allow Sandow to cash in the MITB briefcase in the near future. After cashing in, we should expect to get a good feud between RVD and Sandow over the WHC.

3. Punk v Axel - I like Punk to defeat Axel via DQ. As a result, Punk then has a chance to get his hands on Heyman. However, before he even gets a shot in on Heyman, out runs "the new Paul Heyman guy" and attacks Punk from behind. Axel and "the new Paul Heyman guy" beat down on Punk and leave him laying. I am hoping Heyman's newest client is Antonio Cesaro; however, I have a feeling it will be either Ryback or an NXT star making his debut.

4. PTPs v Tons of Funk v 3MB v Uso's v Real Americans
- No way WWE has the Shield face a heel tag-team so we can eliminate the Americans. Brodus Clay is not in good enough shape to work 2 matches in the same night so they are out. Obviously, 3MB isn't winning. That leaves us with the Uso's and Prime Time Players. Everybody expects the recently pushed PTPs to win this one but I don't think so. I like the Uso's to win as they have had ongoing issues with the Shield the last few months.

5. Uso's v Shield - In the upset of the night, I like the Uso's to win over the Shield. The Uso's are really over with the crowd and it is time for the Shield to drop the belts. The Uso's will become the faces of the tag division while Reigns and Rollins will concentrate on being henchmen for the Administration.

6. AJ v Natalya v Naomi v Brie - It is all about Total Divas. Therefore, one of these cast members is going to win the belt from AJ. With Nicky on the shelf with the shin injury, Brie gets a run as a singles wrestlers. I like Brie to win this match which will result in AJ going insane as she tries to regain the title. I see Brie strictly as a transitional champion in order to promote Total Divas. Likewise, I feel she is likely to lose the belt back to AJ just before Nicky returns.

7. Ambrose v ? - I don't believe the US title match has been booked at this juncture. Perhaps it is being left off the card. However, if a match is booked, I am guessing it is against Truth, Kofi or most likely, Ziggler. Regardless, Ambrose gets help from the Shield and leaves NOC with the belt.

8. Miz v Fandango - Despite the recent build, I am not sure if this match has been officially booked. Hopefully it hasn't because I have no interest in watching. But if it does take place, I see the Miz being victorious.

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