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My view: Sting & Kurt Angle's last matches

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2 Hall of Famers who are still active wrestlers who are not getting any younger. All the teases Kurt & especially Sting has been making about possibly wanting to have their final matches in WWE. I was thinking, who should they have their final matches with in both TNA & WWE. Will they put over talent or should they? Should they win their final matches? Should they put over younger talent? Do you want it to be a dream match? Should they finish their careers in the main event? I mean, we have so many questions yet to be answered. Which is why I'm making this blog to give my opinion along with hearing others. So who do I want them to face?

How much longer I believe they will wrestle in TNA?: For Kurt Angle, I'd say a couple more years probably 2 or 3. As far as Sting goes, I believe this will be his last Bound For Glory. Based on his interviews, I believe he will jump ship to WWE to have a Wrestlemania match with the Undertaker. However, I'm not sure it will happen even though Sting wants it to. Reports say, they are not interested in anyone in TNA. You are telling me, Sting, Kurt Angle, Hulk Hogan, Aries, Roode, ect. came knocking on your would slam it shut? No, just no!! If Kurt Angle wanted to go back full-time to WWE, you are telling me they would say no? You are telling me, if Hogan said he wanted to come back....they'd say no? Of course, it isn't going to be a welcoming party with no issues, but they will bring those guys back. I believe so any way. The reason, I don't believe it would happen even if Sting wanted it to is because WWE may say, you had your chance and you turned it down. I know folks believe in the developmental system, I do as well, but come on. Give the fans what they want to see, that dream match between Undertaker and Sting.

Will they or should they put over younger talent: Kurt Angle has made a career out of making everyone in the ring with him look like a million dollars. It shouldn't be an issue with him. I don't believe it would be a problem with Sting either. He has put over young talent before in TNA. He is a company guy. Neither came in with big egos needing to be part of TNA. They came to be a part of the great company and help it grow. Which is why today they are TNA Hall of Famers. Sting's signing led to Impact getting that TV deal with Spike back in 05. His signing, meant a lot to TNA. Same with Angle's who has led the company since he arrived. The Impact both have had on TNA has been tremendous. It is cool to see guys win going out, however, I look at it much better if they put someone over as they go out. I don't believe Kurt or Sting needs a victory in their final matches to prove anything. They have nothing left to prove because they are Hall of Famers.

Final match in TNA for Sting: Without a doubt to me, Sting should put over Samoa Joe in his final match. AJ Styles being a close 2nd here. In 2008, Sting beat Joe at BFG for the world title. Created a group called MEM to take down the young guns like Joe and AJ. You would think the young guys would come out on top in the end, but they didn't. MEM was killed within from egos specifically Angle/Sting. However, Joe hasn't been the same since that storyline after being on the top of mountain. First he lost the world title thanks to the stable of MEM. Slammiversary of 2009, he hands over the world title belt to Angle by joining the MEM going back to the X-Division after that. Which is why I want Joe to beat Sting on Mr.Octobers ppv BFG. BFG is the biggest show of the year for TNA and Sting has great success there. Beating him should put him back in the top ranks in TNA he belong retiring Sting at his stage. AJ retired Sting back in 09 and came back. Which is why AJ is a top candidate to retire or wrestle Sting in his last match at TNA.

Final match in TNA for Angle: It really doesn't matter because he is so great in the ring and brings everyone to a different level. Anyone really would be great to face Angle in his last match. Main event guys like Roode, Aries, AJ, and Joe. Those guys are like my top guys. I'm certainly against him facing a former WWE guy like Jeff Hardy, Mr.Anderson, or whoever else. A lot of folks want to see Angle's last match vs Joe as it is one of the greatest rivalries TNA has ever had. Couldn't go wrong, however, Joe should win. Roode is one of the best performers TNA has, so he certainly deserves a nod at a shot to face Kurt Angle in his final match. I'd really like to see Roode vs Angle in a feud minus a title. AJ is one of the reasons Angle came to TNA. So why not have AJ vs Angle. Mr.TNA vs 1 of the best wrestlers of all-time in his final match. Angle's really just changes with the time. I said AJ months ago, but since they recently feuded and I have still yet to see Aries vs Angle. I'd prefer it over AJ vs Angle. Couple years from now it may be different. For right now, it is Aries vs Angle. Greatest man vs Greatest wrestler!!

Final match in WWE for Angle: Let's be honest rumors for years Sting jumping ship, but hasn't happened. If it did, his final match should be by the majority Sting vs Undertaker. No question about it which is why there is only Angle in the title here. Who should Angle face? Here is my top 6:

HM mention: Cesaro; Damien Sandow; Jack Swagger; CM Punk; Dolph Ziggler-Cesaro is great in ring performer, very under-rated. Real American vs American Hero. Who is the best in the world? Sandow providing wisdom to anyone is quite entertaining to me. 1 of the best in ring performers vs 1 of the best all-time. I did provide more detail, but cut as I thought it was too long. Sandow was HM and th rest are in order from 5 Cesaro to Dolph #2. 1.Daniel Bryan-He reminds me of an old rival Kurt used to have his best matches against. Which is why, I want Daniel Bryan vs Angle. Last match or not, I want Angle vs Daniel Bryan. Kurt Angle being one of the best in ring performers of all-time vs some say the best in ring wrestler today, Bryan. Match of the year? Lets talk match of the decade if these two step in the ring together. YEA, build the hype and expectations up!!

There you have it! My selections for Sting and Kurt Angle's final matches in both WWE and TNA? Who would you like to see Kurt or Sting face in their final matches? How much longer do you believe they will be active in TNA? Do you think Sting will ever have a match in WWE? Should they win their final match or put over talent? Leave that and more in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Rick BoA's Avatar
    Nobody wants to see Sting vs Taker.
  2. FellaMeep's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Rick BoA
    Nobody wants to see Sting vs Taker.
    I beg to differ. For years, everybody wanted to see Sting vs Taker. The Icon vs The Phenom. True WCW vs True WWF/E. During his time in WCW, Sting could be considered their Undertaker seeing as he was mysterious, and very unique. However, I think their ship set sail two maybe three years ago. I am a big fan of both Sting and Undertaker. If anybody could beat Taker at Wrestlemainia it would be Sting for many reasons.

    1: Sting and Taker never fought before. Ever. He would absolutely be impossible for Taker to "scout".

    2: Sting is a outsider of WWE. Sting's never wrestled for them and I honestly doubt Taker watches TNA so he wouldn't even know what Sting would do.

    3: Sting like Taker are legends of two company's, but Sting holds a small advantage as WCW is OWNED by WWE. (its not dead, its alive amazingly) Sting is a legend in TNA but WWE considers Sting a legend as well, because Sting was one of the reasons of N.W.O's downfall. And while WWE won't acknowledge TNA's existence, it still gives Sting advantage because he has experience there.

    In short, if anybody can really defeat Taker at Mainia, it has to be Sting. Everybody Taker's fought before has been in WWE for years. Sting has never. And in my opinion, the night before this all goes down, Sting and Taker should be inducted into the HoF. Both deserve it and both earned it.
  3. Sahu's Avatar
    I agree with both of your matches..

    1. Sting vs Joe-->Joe winning and thus becoming the top gun again
    2. Kurt vs AA---> The best vs The Best..a dream match for almost all TNA fans..
  4. Cocop29's Avatar
    So WWE would allow a guy who has turned them down in the past and is well on his way to the end of his career, to beat their own legend at wrestlemania after only being with the company for six months?

    What are you on?
  5. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Cocop29
    So WWE would allow a guy who has turned them down in the past and is well on his way to the end of his career, to beat their own legend at wrestlemania after only being with the company for six months?

    What are you on?
    I didn't say he would win vs the Undertaker.
  6. weems's Avatar
    I like concept of this blog. Can't say I have anything to disagree with. When reading, the first thing I thought of was Edge leaving WWE as WHC. I really wish they would have had him put Christian over at Mania. I was not a fan of him defeating ADR and retiring with the belt. Here are some "last matches" I would like to see in the next couple of years...

    Taker puts over Cody Rhodes
    Sting puts over Samoa Joe
    Henry puts over Big E Langston
    Christian puts over Tyson Kidd
    Angle puts over Aries
    Angle puts over Daniel Bryan (if he has another WWE run)
    HHH puts over Dolph Ziggler
    Jericho puts over Dean Ambrose
    RVD puts over Seth Rollins
    Kane puts over Antonio Cesaro
    Lesner puts over Orton
    Mysterio puts over Sami Zayn
    Big Show puts over Bray Wyatt
    Christopher Daniels puts over Chris Sabin
    R Truth puts over Miz
    Kahli putting over anyone so we never see him again
  7. weems's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Rick BoA
    Nobody wants to see Sting vs Taker.
    I agree and disagree with you. I think the ship has sailed for these two to ever meet at Wrestlemania. While the IWC would love this match, I think Cena, Rock or Lesner facing Taker at mania would draw more money. Sting has been out of corporate/mainstream wrestling for over 10 years. He is not the draw he once was in 1997. Meanwhile, Taker's star is bigger than ever because he is a special attraction now. Rock, Austin or Hogan (as much as I hate to say Hogan) are probably the only guys alive right now that could get as big of a pop as the Taker from a WWE crowd.

    On the other hand, I want to see this match. I don't want to see it at mania though. I think the perfect setting would be a WWE title match between the two at Royal Rumble. This way, there is no guarantee that Taker will win, being that the match is not taking place at Wrestlemania. It also sets up a new feud going into mania where the winner of the UT/Sting match will face the winner of the RR. Lastly, having the match at RR allows for the match to be the main event. Nothing would be worse than having these two fight at mania and then having a Cena vs. top heel, top face or part time wrestler close the show.
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