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Re-casting Total Divas for a possible Season 2

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Total Divas has proven to be a semi-successful "reality" program that is actually targeting the fanbase of celebrity network E!. They have extended the first season to 14 total episodes, but whether E! decides to renew the show for a second season for next year is still up in the air. If so, here is some changes to the cast that WWE & E! should consider:

Divas that should return:


I wish she was in fact the main character. Hands down, she is the most likable Diva on the show. She has been the voice of reason of the entire cast & held everything together. It is too bad that she doesn't have a partner on the show, because she hasn't gotten a lot of time without somebody to be with her.

The Bella Twins

We all can't stand them. Their lives are pretty boring & their storylines are rather useless. But of course they are going to stay around because *sigh* they're dating John Cena & Daniel Bryan. Just the fact alone how much they are hated is the best reason why they will likely stick around, because they cause conflict. Conflict afterall is the backbone to most reality shows, & if people got along, then nobody would watch.

Divas that should not return:

The Funkadactyls

I doubt that the Funkadactyls should be kept around for another season, likely because Naomi's not really much of a glamour girl & Cameron is an airhead whose career will hit a dead end the day the Funkadactyls split up or one of them gets injured. If Naomi is supposed to get a push for the Divas Championship in the near future, then it's best that she is on her own. As for Cameron, "girl bye".

Eva Marie & Jo Jo

Apparently, the reason that the two newbies are on this show is because they're just that: newbies. By next year, they won't be "newbies" anymore, & they'll likely have nothing going for them to keep them on the show, especially Jo Jo, who will likely have to mature before making her wrestling debut.

Other Divas to consider:


Being 36 years old & has been in the company for 7 years, Layla who is a former dancer & cheerleader out of Morocco & England is pretty unique. I don't think Total Divas should be about women who came from some place else to get into wrestling, but rather women who have been in the routine for a while now.

AJ or Kaitlyn

The most likely reason that AJ nor Kaitlyn were cast for Total Divas was because of their lifestyle; they are so much different from the other Divas on the show. They wouldn't want to go bikini shopping or partying. Whatever they do instead may not be what E!'s main viewers are in to. But perhaps that would still create some conflict among the other fellow Divas.

Talent that should be considered to sign or get promoted to work for show:


Nobody knows what the real story is with her, but she was, according to her, supposed to sign a new contract with WWE earlier this year. She is sure to make some steamy moments with the Bella Twins, & having a boyfriend that is (or maybe was) also under WWE's radar is an added bonus. Maria is a redhead I wouldn't mind seeing every week & whether the Bella Twins really forbid WWE to sign her again or not, somebody's a liar.


Charlotte should be highly considerable, since Ric Flair, her father, was like a celebrity in his day. She was also a gymnast, which is pretty rare to mesh with wrestling, so her unusual athletic background could be very intriguing with viewers. She has only been on the NXT program for a few months now, but I bet many viewers will favor her more over half of the current cast.


Victoria is a 12-year wrestling veteran who recently turned 42 years old. Still competing & still staying in shape. Perhaps people want to find out what it's like being a "fossil" in the wrestling business & want to see how she would get along with younger naive girls with less experience. Maybe others want to see a tour of her wrestling-themed restaurant.

Angelina Love

The self-professed "queen of all trades" would have no problems fitting in to the reality show, & she's had a life that many viewers would be interested in. Eva Marie & Jo Jo were signed to tell a story about women with no experience trying to make it in the WWE, but what about women who are transitioning from a little pond to an ocean? I would consider her to being Nattie's dumber half.

Kendall Skye

This lady specializes in MMA, kickboxing, professional stunts, fitness, & acting. She likely won't be in WWE for very long, but I would show her off while you have her. I mean how long before she's done with being a ring announcer? She should have at least had her first match by now.

Sarah Backman

A physical specimen. She would be an easy favorite on the show. She could be one of the newcomers. She would simply be one of the focal points of the show & give off a large presence because she is very muscular & would give the other Divas a hard time, or the other way around. Every reality show should have its bossy character & the Bella Twins & Cameron at times fail to be just that.

Sara Del Ray

Sure, why not the trainer back in Florida? Her job entails practicing with the other Divas in NXT & those who come to train. While many think she is not that good-looking, she is sure to have an interesting daily life & interesting things to say as well. I sure would not want her to be another background character like "Sharon" or "Jane", but she could be a staple character because she, of course, is a wrestler too.

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Thoughts and Opinions


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  1. Brian Cice's Avatar
    I could see AJ being a big piece if she was part of the show. I mean she has that "geek" mentality so I always wanted to see how that affects her friendships in the wwe.
  2. Tommy Thunder's Avatar
    I agree with keeping The Bellas and Natalya on the show. I've actually enjoyed watching The Bellas on it. We've learnt that Nikky is a bitch while Briana is the nicer one, plus her and Bryan make such a cute couple lol!

    Natalya's like an old woman haha! So old fashioned!

    I agree that the Funkadaktyls are unlikely to return. If one doesn't return then neither will IMO, and I couldn't stand seeing Cameron back on the show, since she is arguably the stupidest woman I've ever come across, and her boyfriend, well, don't get me started, the guy's a complete douche and a tool.

    As far as the 'noobs' go, I can see them keeping Eva Marie on for a second season, but I don't think we'll see Jo-Jo. On that subject, Jo-Jo is incredibly naive from what we've seen too.

    I'd like to see Kaitlyn on the show. I don't think we'll see AJ since she recently cut a promo about not being a total diva and all that, so it would be a bit contradictory of her to be on the show. Kaitlyn though I could definitely see being on it. On of my favorite divas too, so would love to see her on.

    Sara Del Rey would be cool to see too, but I doubt it somehow.
  3. mrbluto's Avatar
    I agree with what you said. I do want to see more Diva's added for the second season.
  4. browne81's Avatar
    I don't think AJ would work for the show because of her crazy angle. We all know that they are playing characters but with AJ she is playing an extreme character in which she is sorta loony or alot loony depending on who you ask.

    To see her totally sane IMO would not work. The other divas play their certain characters but its not such a drastic change from the way they really are.
  5. Vandarius's Avatar
    Layla is 36? O.O
  6. Guest's Avatar
  7. VanillaCreme's Avatar
    I personally like Trinity (Naomi), especially with Jon. They made the show (to me) more enjoyable. Ariane (Cameron) though... Not so much. I can do without her. And while the Bellas may be boring at times, I do enjoy seeing a different side to them as well. Natalya is definitely a favorite of mine though, and I'm glad she's being seen in some sort of way, even if it's through a reality show.
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