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WWE Raw 9-2-13 Hits and Misses

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Overall Score: 5.5


This weeks Raw wasn't bad, but it was no means great. I'd say maybe just average. The only storyline that got any attention was the new corporation. Heyman was barely shown on TV and Punk just gave a generic 'I'm pissed off' speech. The World Title feud wasn't properly handled this week, and no mid card titles got attention. With that said, let's go to the hits.


Opening Segment: Now this is only getting a minor hit. It basically was last week's opener except Triple H didn't talk that much. Orton had better mic work than last week, but he still isn't thriving as a heel on the mic yet. I really did enjoy Bryan's emotion though. Usually top babyfaces, looking at you Trips and Cena, never show emotion in their promo's but Bryan does a great job at that. Finally, I was glad they brought up Big Show's contract, but after how they explained it, I wish they wouldn't have.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Ryback: Again, another minor hit. The match itself was okay, but the storytelling was good. I like that they're using this corporation storyline to elevate mid card guys like Ziggler. He deserves it. I also like the possibility of an Ambrose-Ziggler feud. Some fun matches are going to be in store if they continue it.

Wyatt Vignette: Still no Wyatt's live, but another great vignette. I'm suspecting that they're waiting to bring back Wyatt when Kane comes back to further their feud so I'm glad they're at least keeping him relevant.

Cody Rhodes vs. Randy Orton:
Finally Cody got treated like a face tonight by the crowd. I just loved the emotion Rhodes was showing. Obviously he knows he's not actually "fired" so to make it look like he is without overselling it a la Big Show last year was great. Orton and Rhodes always have great chemistry in the ring and put on great matches. In fact, I think Orton can have a good match with just about anybody, not taking away from Rhodes though. It was also a nice touch to have the whole locker room looking on during the match. I loved that they gave Rhodes a couple of nearfalls to seem like he would pull it off. Great storytelling. This sets up Vince "rehiring" him later when Vince turns face to set up Rhodes as a main player.

CM Punk Promo: Yeah sure in the overview I called this generic, but I liked it nonetheless. Punk showed great emotion per usual like a face should. I like that he's saying you should buy Night of Champions to see Heyman get his ass kicked. Might sell it. I will say that it was a little weird to see Punk give an over the top face promo like Cena usually delivers.

Cody Rhodes Promo: Again, loved the emotion. I also love the touch of the security team escorting him out. It was also great to hear him talk about the legacy of his family and how they're good wrestlers only for the WWE to paint them as freaks. Don't get me wrong, I loved Goldust, but he has a point.


Fandango vs. The Miz: What happened to Rosa!? Actually, I don't care. I mean, the match was fine, but it did nothing to advance the feud. Hopefully it can be over. Also, that was one awful Figure Four. Wooo!

Stephanie McMahon Promo: Although Steph made some good points about Show, don't necessarily know if they're kayfabe, I just didn't like the promo. She made the biggest guy in WWE look like an idiot. It also got just a bit too personal for me. There was also a lot of logical gaps. Like this one, how could Show have been mentoring Steph backstage when she was younger when he debuted in the WWE in 1999? Also the whole thing that Show mentored her when she was 12 was stupid. They're only 5 years apart in age. I don't think Big Show was a mentor when he was 17 and not even a pro wrestler yet. I mean, I may have had a C average in High School, but I'm not that stupid.

3MB vs. Prime Time Players: I'm all for a PTP face turn and push to face Shield at NoC, but I don't like to see them in filler matches. Plus, this went on a bit too long for my liking. Also, that ref almost botched another match. He clearly counted 3 before Jinder kicked out yet the match continued? Fire him already.

Triple H and Paul Heyman: Isn't Triple H supposed to be heel? Enough said.

Natalya vs. Brie Bella vs. Naomi: I would've liked to see this match go on a bit longer before AJ got involved. I'm all for the Divas division getting revamped and everything but still. Also, I would've liked to see a better clarification on the number one contendership.

Damien Sandow vs. Rob Van Dam:
Is it just me or does Sandow not even seem like he has a Money in the Bank briefcase? Eh. The match was just fine but it did nothing to hype or promote RVD vs. Del Rio at NoC. Del Rio just standing on stage is supposed to make me want to buy the PPV for this match? Nope.

Daniel Bryan vs. Big Show: Usually I don't give the opening and closing of the show a miss, but this was just a mess. The match was eh and it just fell stale. The storytelling was still good, but what is this doing for Big Show? Is he turning heel soon? I don't know. They need to let Bryan stand tall before NoC next week or this story will fall flat. Unless they're planning on having Bryan win at NoC which I see highly unlikely.

As usual, leave your opinions on this weeks show down below in the comments. Thank you for reading and see you next week!

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I was waiting for this blog to show up on the board.

    I actually watched all of Raw on Monday. I did it with this blog in mind. I tried determining on my own what I felt were hits and misses on the show.

    What I found was that the segments involving Cody Rhodes, and the match w/ Orton, was the only hit of the entire night. I didn't find anything else even remotely intriguing. With this New Corporation storyline, Raw has ended the same exact way for 3 straight weeks. I find that hardly entertaining.

    Plus, Daniel Bryan's mismatch against The Big Show only serves to show that, in all honesty, and in all respect to Daniel Bryan as the underdog and the road he travelled, he's not a top guy. He's over with the crowd but I don't see him as someone who can potentially be a long term Top Guy. There's nothing realistic about that concept.
  2. AJ1981's Avatar
    Agree for the most part but I'm started to get annoyed by fans complaining about how the Corporate storyline has been played so far. For years fans have been complaining that WWE hasn't been presenting long term storylines and now they are doing one they want them to hotshot it. The new corporation has only existed for 3 weeks so now's not really the time for them to show weakness and the weekly beatdowns are very similar to what the McMahon-Helmsley regime did every week back in 2000. It's all building to a good payoff and I hope they take their time. Another thing to consider is that Randy Orton only turned heel at Summerslam and he needs to build himself up as a heel. I know that will bring criticism from some but think of it this way, although fans in the IWC have been waiting for Orton to turn heel since late last year and some fans find him boring, Orton was very over as a babyface with casual fans (just listen to the pops he used to get) and he needs time to re-establish himself as a heel after 3 and half years as a face. I'll be tuning in each week to see what happens
  3. Cross's Avatar
    The Cody Rhoes interview and match with Randy Orton was tremendously done. Just being able to have a tangible emotion towards his ambiance in the ring and mic was great.
    For the WHC feud between RVD and ADR has been poorly and I mean POORLY built up. I have no interest for their match at Night of Champions whatsoever. I feel like the WHC is not much of a title with this feud.
    I am gonna disagree with the Divas match. No doubt I get your point and agree they should have had a longer match as well as a clean finish, but what they did in having all 3 of them getting to face AJ at NoC was fine with me. And since when do Triple Threats have DQs? Changing the rules WWE.
    Lastly, since when does Big Show care for Daniel Bryan? I get why he is against the Shield, but Daniel Bryan is the reason Big Show is the shortest reigning WHC in the history of the WWE. Why cry that Daniel Bryan is getting beat up?
  4. jelle1809's Avatar
    Great blog, couldn't agree any more.

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