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Superstar Chris Sabin: "shocked the wrestling world by winning the TNA world title"

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I know a lot of folks will quickly slam me for having Chris Sabin labeled "superstar". Cut me some slack here, this series is to talk about wrestlers and would like for readers to show Sabin a little bit more respect as well. Why Chris Sabin of all people? Well I'm not only a WWE fan, but I'm a fan of TNA even though the comments I have given on recent product hasn't been all that great. I've been a fan of Sabin's for a long time and he recently won the world title on a special edition of Impact. Some compare it to Mick Foley winning the title back in the day over The Rock. I can see why some people compare because I didn't believe he would win the world title. Which is why Chris Sabin is the topic of the superstar series. Talk about him winning the world title, his career, becoming a fan of his, among other topics. Here is my opinion on "Superstar" Chris Sabin:

Sabin joined TNA in 2003: Sabin came in to TNA competing in the X-Division. The X-Division before the glory years(AJ/Daniels/Joe rivalry). Sabin was to me, one of the best ever to grace the X-Division. He was the Ultimate X King. At one point at least, competing in and winning the most Ultimate X matches. I like Sabin a lot because he was different. He wasn't just some young guy coming in with this cocky attitude. Sabin had this determination about winning each time he came to the ring. You could see it in his eyes, it was time for his opponent to Hail Sabin! That is another reason to like Sabin. No one really done that other than a King ask people to hail him. Sabin didn't need no crown all he needed was to say it.Which is what I thought was cool. 1 of my favorite fueds I enjoyed every single week involved the whole X-Division led by Sabin vs Team 3D. It was very entertaining stuff that was actually humerous. It isn't like some of the garbage like call 1-800-Fella. D-von/Bubba Ray dieting, cheating, and testing themselves at stores with a bunch of goodies. Got to lose weight to face the X-Division guys, which shockingly happened. I was most shocked when Bubba Ray passed to be able to compete. Team 3Ds quest to destroy the X-Division was great. During Christmas time, Team 3D had midgets in the ring basically dressed up as Jay Lethal, MCMG, and so on. Sad or not, it was one of the most entertaining feuds TNA has ever done. Well to me it was!

MCMG formation, I liked them both seperately for a period of time. I really found humor in Shelley's camera when he was Nash's sidekick or when Jarrett had him follow Sting at his house. I already explained Sabin. I did enjoy MCMG feuds with Beer Money, Young Bucks, Team 3D, among others. Some idiot posted a blog saying, TNA never has had a better tag division than they have right now. No, what upsets me about the tag division is where it is comparing to where it was. MCMG was one of the reasons why TNA had the best tag division in the biz for a while. The MCMG became one of the best tag teams not only in TNA history, but in the past decade. If not top 5, I'd say top 10 likely in both categories. They first won the tag gold at Victory Road vs Beer Money. Injury and departure cost us MCMG team. Sad thing about it is the way the team ended with Sabin's injury. Shelley decided to leave TNA after their last tag team match together at Lockdown for the tag titles vs Joe/Magnus in which they lost.. Sabin got hurt again, this time in a Ultimate X match on Impact in a triple threat match featuring Ion and Aries. I like most thought, not again.

While Sabin was gone, an oppurtunity presented itself. Not only for him, but other X-Division stars, the oppurtunity to cash in the X-Division title for a world title match. The motivation to come back was clear to come back to achieve something he has yet to all these years in TNA.....the world title!! Step #1 which he did win the X-Division title at Slammiversary in a triple threat Ultimate X match. The match was set, whoever wins on Impact would go on to face TNA world champion at a special edition of Impact Destination X. Lost it on Impact, but turned out being Aries under Suicide's mask. I was upset with TNA because I wanted Sabin to face Bully Ray for the world title. Got a rematch and won back the X-Division title. They did this to make Impact must see. I hate those type of title reigns that end in a short period. This is why we have so many time world champions today.

Winning world title: I stated several times that Sabin wouldn't win the world title, but he ended up doing so. I was shocked when he beat Bully Ray at Destination X. He cashed in the coveted X-Division title and won the world title. A lot of people were happy for him, but I wasn't at first. After a week or so, I was used to it and believed he deserved that world title. However, he did lose the world title back to Bully Ray at Hardcore Justice after a month long title reign. It was short, but many including myself expected him to lose it back. I didn't believe he would hold on to the belt going into their biggest ppv BFG. I expected like others World title will and should finish ppvs including the biggest show of the year. Sabin, I don't believe has main evented a single ppv in his career with TNA. That my friends is why, I didn't believe he'd retain or hold the world title that long.

Final thoughts: A TNA original from the bottom took 10 years to get where he is today winning the world title in the main event. No one believed he would reach that level including myself. Chris Sabin, the night of Destination X 2013, shocked the wrestling world by winning the TNA world title. Sabin proved the doubters wrong and I was happy for him. The great story behind it along with a great moment. A moment that will last forever in the minds of TNA wrestling fans. Looking back, it will be in a countdown of the greatest moments in the history of TNA. It was no easy road for Sabin that is for sure. I wish Chris Sabin nothing, but the best going forward. Keep "shocking the world" Chris Sabin! For the haters out there, I've got two words for ya....."Hail Sabin!!"

There you have it! What are your thoughts on Sabin winning the world title? Did you believe he was going to win it? Are you a Sabin fan? Leave that and more in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!!

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  1. niafv1's Avatar
    Triple H was established for 2 years as a future talent. He led D-Generation X, being in top matches on many PPVs and winning titles. His believability when he won the title was there even though I agree, he wasnt getting the response they wanted.

    Who did Sabin beat? Kenny King, Austin Aries and Manik? Saying he was injured for 2 years isint an excuse, if anything it hurts his believability. He came back from an injury and went straight to the Main Event, despite never being near there before and not getting great reactions. Sabin is only getting decent reaction, even after he won the title....mainly because his character is "Oh my poor legs".

    Comparing the two is laughable. In 15 years time, you will remember at least one of those Triple H title reigns(likely begrudgingly) and likely forget the Sabin month? And I am a TNA fan, but Sabin is not in the Top 15 in the company right now and definitely not a "Superstar". If he "shocked the wrestling world" and didnt change anything, was it really that big a shock?
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