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WWE's Fault with Darren Young.

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Darren Young is one half of the Prime Time Players, a heal tag team that would do the job every week. Then one day from the airport from TMZ, Darren Young announced that he was a homosexual. Then everything changed. The entire tag team turned face. Fine. Darren Young's fist singles victory was against Antonio Cesaro. That is where I cross the line. I felt like WWE has really treated this the wrong way. Now sure if you want to acknowledge the homosexual announcement then fine. But why, pray tell, is he going over a man who recently put on a five star match with Daniel Bryan not too long ago? Darren Young isn't even the most charismatic on the tag team. Titus O'neil as the most potential that has yet to be unlocked. Darren Young is a respectable in-ring worker but by no means in the class of Cesaro. How he can go over him just because he made an announcement is beyond me. Just why? WWE has given him a reward for his bravery when in all actuality people coming out of the closet shouldn't be that breaking anymore. Like honestly, why should a man be given a face push just because he has come out of the closet? Is that the requirements for success in the WWE these days? Because if it is, Curtis Axel better come out now and spill the beans. WWE has made Darren Young's situation like he won some sort of award and should get some incentive for it. Young and the PTP should have been given a push for the Tag Titles back when Kofi and R Truth were the tag champs. But they squandered the potential of a young team. But giving Darren Young a pinfall victory over cesaro of all people is beyond me.

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Brian Cice
    okay but devil's advocate here. So what if, Darren came out and he never got a push ever. People would complain that Vince was homophobic and stuff. I rather like this push for the PTP because while backstage the reason for it is clear, they aren't using the actual coming out as a gimmick or whatever. It's been used properly and respectfully by the WWE.
    That's where the gray area comes in. Before coming out, he wasn't pushed much at all. So if he came out, and still wasn't pushed, not sure it would truly be that way. But on the flip side of that, I'm sure some people will view Vince McMahon as a homophobe or hater or whatever if Darren Young doesn't eventually become WWE Champ. There's really no win here.
  2. #BITW's Avatar
    he shouldnt get pushed due to him being gay, he sucks ass and him being gay won't change that.
  3. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    I agree with alot of what you said. Young going over Ceasero made me sick to my stomach.

    But what I dont agree with is WWE trying to cash in on his gay announcement.... I think WWE is pushing Darren Young out of fear. They are affraid if he didnt get a win after his TMZ appreance then everyone would label WWE homphobics.

    If you wanna blame anyone for Darren Young getting a huge push then blame the over sensitive public and WWE fans who are looking for any reason to call people a racist or homophoic cause they feel like if they over react and label people unfair labels then that makes them better people.
  4. hbk2416's Avatar
    Giving Young a push just because he came out is just as wrong as punishing him for coming out. PTP we're basically glorified jobbers before the announcement, now he has a victory over Cesaro who is a great young talent.
  5. TempestH's Avatar
    Imo, The PTPs should have stayed heel and joined the Corporation. Then HHH can talk about how tolerant ad progressive he is, ad how DarrenYoung coming out is good for business.
  6. Van-Wilder's Avatar
    As triple h would say, "it's what's good for business". Darren Young attracted a lot of media interest. People are watching to see what happens next with the PTP. And besides, anyone who's been watching any of WWE's YouTube shows (backstage fallout, inbox) will know how entertaining these two are. They have a lot of charisma and personality and I for one think it is about time these two got a push. They deserve it, gay or not.
  7. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    First of all, this entry is completely disgusting.

    Even before Darren Young came out, the PrimeTime Players were more tweeners (Half Good/Half Bad) than Full Fledged heels.

    WWE hasn't acknowledged the announcement on any episode of RAW, NXT, Main Event, or SmackDown. Which is why the Be A Star Campaign is where it is today.

    The PrimeTime Players aren't going anywhere anytime soon, and just one loss by Antonio Cesaro gets you all worked up? You need a reality check my friend. I don't remember everyone getting all worked up when Maven threw Undertaker over at the Royal Rumble...

    "Being in the same class as Antonio Cesaro"...
    WWE could hire a chimpanzee and put him in a match with Cesaro and that would still be classifies in the same class.
    If you were talking about Heavyweight's, Cruiserweight's, or Diva's, then that'd be one thing, but there aren't any levels of class based on the superstars themselves.

    If that's honestly the way you feel about Darren Young, then you don't deserve to be called a fan of Sports Entertainment let alone have a place blogging about it.

    It's people like you that give the IWC/Wrestling Fans a bad name.
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