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My Delusion: The New Four Horseman

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ok well ever since Ric Flair left TNA and made his return home to WWE i've thought to myself, i'd love to see Ric create a new Four Horsemen. i have many reason for wanting this, 1 being aside from nWo and original DX, Horsemen were my favorite faction and considering the last time the group was reformed it included Chris Benoit, now i know different people have different opinions on him, i'm not really gonna get into that, but personally i don't like last being the last incarnation of the group and would like to a new Horsemen to replace that version.

So then i got thinking, who would i put in a New Four Horseman? i just couldn't make up my mind, then WWE kinda started the ball rolling for me. now of course Ric Flair would be involved, just not as 1 of the 4, he'd be in that JJ Dillon role as manager, so it's only fitting that since he is sorta mentoring The Miz(storyline wise), gave him the figure 4, my 1st member would be The Miz. now i know there are a lot of Miz haters, but as a heel, Miz sorta reminded of a Flair, dirtiest player in the game kinda thing. i know it may not be popular decision, so it's a good thing this is just in my head.

so next i took a look at the Roster and thought Dolph Ziggler. at the time he was still heel and i thought he's fit in perfectly, just has the look and attitude for it.

finding the 3rd guy for the Horsemen was easy, for some reason Cody Rhodes just stuck in my head, there is something about him and there was something fitting with all the battles Ric and Dusty had over the years for his son to be a part of Ric's New Horsemen.

That is as far as i got, i couldn't figure out anyone to be that 4th member, no one to fill that Double A Arn Anderson Enforcer role. nobody seems like "that guy", so i gave up.

Fast-forward a few months, i'm watching the end of Aug 26 2013 Raw. We have the New Corporation(they don't have an official name, so that's what i'll call them) which seem to include Randy Orton, The Shield and i guess you could say managed by HHH. That's a pretty impressive group.

Daniel Bryan is great, but to go up against those guys? he needs back up and WWE seems to be leading up to give him said back up. now original it was rumored that it would be the team of Big Show and Mark Henry taking on tag champs Rollins and Reigns of The Shield and Dolph Ziggler will go against Dean Ambrose of Shield. well from what i can tell, that's changed a bit given who was interviewed during that Raw ending segment were Dolph Ziggler, Big Show and MmmmMiz, so i was a little confused, i would have thought Mark Henry would have been talked to.

FF to Smackdown which airs tonight, i've seen it, i'll try not to spoil anything if by some fluke this blog is up before you've seen it, so the only point i will make is that again Dolph Ziggler, Big Show and Miz were link together, no still no Henry. so leads me to believe we'll be getting a ShowMiz reunion at Night Of Champions perhaps?

So Miz and Dolph, 2 of my picks for a new Four Horsemen and then Big Show, as intimidating as they come, make for an interesting trio having Daniel Bryan's back in the weeks to come.

having the 4 of them, just having each others backs, just isn't enough when going against a unified stable, take every combination of superstars WWE has thrown together to face the Shield, all fail, well almost all, but you see my point. plus there's HHH, he may just be the C.O.O. or whatever of WWE, but it wasn't that long ago that HHH was battling Brock Lesnar and he won 1, so Corporations "manager" can still hang.

Then it came to me...The Four Horsemen, what a better way to turn this feud into something epic. Maybe the 4 of them(Daniel, Dolph, Show, Miz) go against the Corporation in their individual matches and all lose and HHH has a hand in all the loses, that leads to Ric Flair getting involved, we could have an epic segment of Raw with the 4 in the ring after losing, maybe showing signs of frustration, the Flairs music hits, he comes to the ring and tells them he knows why they lost their matches, he goes on to talk about how they're not a cohesive unit like The Corporation, then maybe go on to talk about HHH knowing what he's doing having learned much from Flair as a part of Evolution, then maybe him telling them but evolution wasn't the only group he was a part of(without saying the actual name 4 Horsemen), he point 1st finger a Miz, goes on to add his another finger as he points at Dolph, 3 fingers point at Show and then turns to Daniel Bryan and put up 4 fingers, the sign of the Four Horsemen.

i personally think adding Horsemen/Ric Flair to this storyline would be just good TV and who better to be the opposing "Manager" to HHH than Ric Flair, the mic work, the in ring work, everything would be top notch.

anyways that's just one of my delusions, probably won't happen, but really cool if it did.

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  1. Rebel Lion's Avatar
    Of course there will never be another 4 Horsemen like the original. With that being said, and ignoring current face/heel affiliations, my new-age Horsemen would look like this:

    Leader: Dolph Ziggler
    Enforcer: Ryback
    Mid-card: The Miz
    Wildcard: Wade Barrett
    Manager: Ric Flair

    Now I know Flair has somewhat "mentored" The Miz, so people are tabbing him to be the leader, but if you grew up watching the Horsemen in the 80's like I did then you will quickly realize that Ziggler is cut from the same mold as Flair: cocky, brash, flashy....throw a Armani suit on this guy and you got it, down to the bleach-blonde hair!!

    I see Ryback as the A.A. of the squad: 100% aggression & seriousness, a heavy hitter that will be the protector of the champ while acquiring several titles of his own.

    I can see The Miz as more of the Tully Blanchard of the group: a brash guy who is easy to hate but handles his business.

    I like Barrett as the wildcard. Her reminds me more of a Barry Windham than a Ole Anderson, but I prefer Windham's Horsemen over Ole's anyway (although the version with Lex Luger as the 4th member is my favorite).

    I could see that group working......if only it wasn't a dream scenario!!

    Now that I think about it, why couldn't this be a face stable?? Hmmmm
    Updated 08-31-2013 at 03:14 PM by Rebel Lion
  2. Kashdinero's Avatar
    I know it's, like, way out there, but, imagine this team actually existed, or came into existence.

    The absolute perfect group to oppose them would be a team led by Paul Heyman. CM Punk, Kofi Kingston, Antonio Cessaro, and Kassius Ohno.

    I know it's a major stretch, but damn that would be a great feud. Like, maybe the best ever lol.
  3. Y2JLionsault's Avatar
    I like the idea of those 4 guys as a face faction to take on Trips and co. But the idea of them as the new horsemen doesn't sit well. Everyone is going to compare as seen in the comments. This person needs to be like that original horseman and all that, rather than these guys being themselves. The original horsemen were themselves which is why it worked.
    Quote Originally Posted by jalsbury77
    The problem with a resurected Four Horsemen has always been believability. The ones of us that remember the original Horsemen would expect no less with a rebirth. That's why the last believable new member was Windham. Everyone after him was just plain garbage in their roles. Evolution worked because Orton and Batista were relatively unknown to us at the time. Of course players like HHH and Flair for instant credentials didn't hurt.

    You need two bruisers to begin with. There's no one on the active roster who can deliver that. We already know everyone and a sudden role cast of being either Ole or Arn isnt't fair to any on the active roster. Neither would they be believable. Fulton and Rusev from NXT could possibly fill the roles. They both look the part and could come in with ready-to-go gimmicks.

    There's also no Blanchard. People forget just how good Tully was. A ring magician and one of the heels that every fan wanted to beat up. Flair was always cheered to a point but Tully was always hated. Speaking from a technical standpoint, the only one that could fill that role is Daniel Bryan and he's cheered way too much, plus he's not a backup to anyone. The only option is finding another Windham and good luck with that. I'd go with Titus O'Neil if I just had to quickly fill the role. He's in desperate need of a gimmick change and has the size and skills to be a singles wrestler.

    Ziggler's days of being a heel are long gone. He'll never be booed again so putting him in is impossible though he'd be the perfect mid-eighties Flair. Del Rio could be the pompous leader that can't win without help. I'm not sure if he can be a strong enough leader though. Sandow would be my ultimate pick. It would be a stretch but he has the arrogance down pat for sure.

    I wouldn't want Flair having any part in this. It would only be a reminder of what we will never see again. Arn Anderson would have to be the motivator of the group. That way we see a group of enforcers, hand selected by the ultimate enforcer. It's less show and more down and dirty. Of course the group would have to be a Heel. Did anyone actually enjoy the nice Horsemen other than for nostalgia? We loved the four on one group that would beat anyone and wherever they wanted. True, there's no room for another Heel group right now but since it's all imaginary then I suppose it's all right.

    ric flair.......the miz

    arn.........bray wyatt

    tully......dean ambrose


    all heel turns
  5. CM Sizi's Avatar
    Maybe it is just me, but I think Cody Rhodes would not be a fit. I think there is something in creative for Cody as a face and what better than to have the Horseman re-birth start with taking out Cody. Think of the wars Dusty had with Flair and the Horseman. Playing on history is a way for creative to keep people like me that remember the past interested in the new school product.

    I see your point about the Miz, Ziggler would be a much better face for a Horseman re-birth, but neither of them need to be in the Horseman to make their careers go.

    I liked the suggestions above for Wade Barrett as well. If you watched the WWE dvd on the Horseman, they talk about it being a lifestyle. Living it 24/7. Barrett would be a perfect fit as he has that look of being a brawler and would be perfect in the role of Arn.

    The other two that I think could fit that mold are Sandow and Cesaro. Sandow already looks down on everyone, hes great on the stick, and would be an easy transition to the Horseman. Cesaro would be that Tully type of guy that is a great wrestler with underrated power and skill. They have been looking for a vehicle to get him more experience and more tv time and the Real American angle just isn't believable since he isn't from this country.

    Here is a way out there suggestion, Johnny Curtis. The Fandango thing, to me, is just dumb. I'm not talking about the gimmick, I am talking about the way he is being handled. He doesn't say anything other than his name. He got to debut at Mania and than they haven't done anything with him. He keeps Summer Rae, which personifies what the Horseman were about.

    Sandow is in the position to be Flair since he holds Money in the Bank and some storylines that could make sense down the road with Cody. Barrett as Arn Anderson works really well. Cesaro as Tully works in my mind. And Johnny Curtis as Ole gives creative more to work with so he can get on tv.

    I would like to see that...
  6. 5 Finger Death Punch's Avatar
    I love the idea and scenario. I love that we agree a faction is needed to rid the evil Corporation. Your plan reminds me of an idea I had a few months back, hoping to battle and end the "reign" of the Shield. This plan had former members of the Nexus being dismantled one-on-one until they were united by CM Punk. Wade Barrett battled match after match for the US Title of Dean Ambrose, while the high flying South African (name escapes me) and Daniel Bryan battled for Tag Team gold...each time thwarted by the other members of the Shield. Ultimately...Barrett gets revenge against Ambrose, by winning a match with a distraction assist from Daniel Bryan. Bryan and Barrett a beating and are run off by the South African. As they leave...Barrett challeneges the Shield to a match at (Insert Pay-per-View). As that match is beginning...the Shield members are seen chatting how small and weak the group is...going to be a squash. With the Shield in the Ring, lead now by HHH, the music begins for Wade Barrett as he stands at the top of the ramp, then Daniel Bryan, then...there is a pause...the music plays an old Nexus track, that takes on an NWO remix followed by the newest member of the group...Ryback (Skip Shefield). As they begin down the ramp, to the surprise of the Shield...the remix track because, the Cult of Personality! With Punk at the top of the ramp, he introduces the "CULT". They all attack the ring, HHH included and battle til they are separated by security. The war begins.

    I love your concept, similar as it is...I'd love for the Horsemen to happen as well, with Ziggler, DB, Miz and Dean Ambrose...lead by Ric Flair. 2 show men and 2 technical wrestlers. DB and Miz are tag team worthy, Ambrose as an enforcer and US champion...with Flair grooming Ziggler as the kiss stealing, jet flying, wheeling dealing son of gun, searching for the World Title.
  7. Anyrysm's Avatar
    I like the idea, but I'd rather not have Flair on TV anymore. I just do not find him entertaining at this point.
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