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Eric Francomano

Save North American Pro Wrestling

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The way to save North American pro wrestling
By Eric Francomano

Over the past year pro wrestling in North America has taken a turn for the worse. TNA wrestling has taken a huge fall from prominence and the ratings in a prime television slot have fallen to all time lows. Ring of Honor has put on great wrestling shows but have had all kinds of IPPV issues and can no longer broadcast live shows. WWE puts out the same product week after week with no viable competition to push them towards new ideas and new talent. To be honest I am sure they are less interested in putting on a wrestling show as to putting on a stage play or a soap opera. I have always been a fan of great wrestling and after watching the G1 Climax tournament from New Japan this year it has reinstalled my faith in the fact that there is still wrestling in the world and a main stream television market in America is clamoring for it and I have a way to make everyone happy.
All the research I have done leads me to believe that TNA has a 5 year deal with Spike television and I know that Spike has an investment in the program so they are not going to do anything to end that relationship themselves although they want to move more towards more of a MMA presence. The problem with TNA is that they are in financial trouble and there are so many things wrong at the top. You take a minute to look at the people in charge, Eric Bishoff and Hulk Hogan. The question I have here is this? I would like anyone here to name a Pro Wrestling company ever run by Eric Bishoff that has not failed miserable? Just one? Why does anyone think that this man can be a successful director of a direction of a wrestling company? He and Hogan have always been out for just themselves and when the ship sinks they will just jump off and go and try to find another way to stay relevant. If TNA wants to survive and they have the national platform that ROH would kill for then they need to make changes right away.
You can’t just toss everyone out right now so you blow it all off at Bound for Glory. Book Hogan off television and you can use Bishoff in the angle as well, providing that their egos will allow them to do what is right for business. TNA was founded on wrestling and if you want people to watch you need to have matches that people want to watch and no one wants to see anything with these aces’ and 8’s. It’s boring and going nowhere. Also, with the WWE going to a new development center that will end the path for any independent wrestlers to have a path to the WWE. Without viable competition the WWE will never have to change and the product will just get worse.
I read that Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards are heading to the WWE for a tryout and that makes me sad. They are both amazing wrestlers and will get lost in the shuffle if they are signed and spend years in NXT, never being brought to the main roster.
TNA steps to getting their company back together are as follows.
1. Fire Bishoff and Hogan and bring in Court Bauer to turn the television product around
2. Bring back the 6 sided ring; it is one of the things that made the company different.
3. Rid the company of many of the WWE style wrestlers and contracts. Loose all of the aces and 8’s, loose Jeff Hardy, loose Sting, loose Kurt Angle and loose Abyss.
4. Bring in talents who an wrestle the x division style that put TNA on the map to begin with such as Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards, Roderick Strong, Chris Hero, Michael Elgin, Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly, Kevin Steen and Colt Cabana.
5. The entire buzz about summer slam was the main event where Daniel Bryan and John Cena had a strong style match, like a New Japan match; with the TNA roster almost everyone can work that style with the changes.
6. Give up on a woman’s division. Almost no one cares about it.
7. Replace the bound for glory series with a G1climax style tournament to establish a new X division champion and a new number one contender.

Some would argue that the style I propose will not draw ratings but if you look back at 2005 TNA for example when they had their only 5 star match ever between Samoa Joe, AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels everyone has gone out of their way to see that match. ROH has a huge following but is seen rarely on television. Bring that style of wrestling to a national audience and you can expect in the beginning ECW on Spike ratings and only better days ahead. People will flock to it and WWE will have to pay attention. Fans will come out and watch great wrestling. A ROH show in Baltimore has a better crowd then TNA is putting on television. Changes can be made.

I don’t know if anything will change though. I can’t imagine that Panda energy can just turn a blind eye to the money pit it currently has as a holding company. They want to make money as well I am sure and right now they are not. Lose the dead weight, change the programming and the people and the advertisers will come. By default the WWE product will get better as well and a new golden age of wrestling can be here for all to enjoy. I welcome your comments.

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  1. Warai.VII's Avatar
    1. yes! hogan and bischoff need to go! and along with Bauer, Gabe Sapolski from DGUSA/EVOLVE would be a great addition to the creative team.
    2. I've heard that the wrestlers have a hard time in the six sided ring because it's hard to judge exactly where you are. don't know if that's true or not, but I would go along with their wishes since it's where they will be working.
    3. I'd get rid of all of them except Angle, who I'd use as my new commissioner. Angle has a rep as a real deal bad ass shooter, and would be perfect as an authority figure who could wrestle the odd match. BUT, I would never have my authority figures dominate storylines the way the WWE and TNA does. someone else I'd keep is Taz, who would be used as a manager. he would have to go back to his ECW persona as a shooter though, because right now he's terrible.
    4. all great talents! maybe do a talent exchange with one of the Japanese companies too.
    5. strong style is hard on the body, but when the time is right during big shows....hell yes!
    6. agreed. I would love too see a lady manager and valets though.
    7. if they're going to do a tournament, then the G1 is the one to emulate. the G1 takes place over 11 days so I'm not sure how they'd do that. maybe use 4 episodes of Impact and the finals on PPV?
    8. I must add that I'd change the name from TNA to something like Impact Pro. something more sports sounding.
    Updated 08-30-2013 at 11:40 PM by Warai.VII
  2. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    Number .1, This blog is how to save TNA wrestling, You give tips on how to better TNA's product ( in your opinion) but say nothing about ROH or WWE bettering their product.

    Number 2. Your advice is for TNA to go back and do the same thing they were doing 8 years ago that wasn't drawing money to begin with? Why wasnt anyone flocking to the product in 2005?. This is not a way to save wrestling in north america, No this is more of what you wanna see.

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