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OO: Ozfan's Opinion - Superstars Who Need A Push

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Hey everyone! Welcome to Double O! I am Ozfan and I am here with another opinion of mine. This time, by request of someone who wanted to be annonymous, I will share with you my opinion on superstars in WWE who should receive pushes. I hope you enjoy.

[B]Justin Gabriel [/B]- TURN HIM HEEL! Much better as a heel and whenever he wins a match CLEAN as a heel using his devastating 450 Splash, it makes Gabriel that little bit better. Gabriel has the look, the in-ring ability and the charisma to be champion. Face or Heel, he always amazes people when he hits the 450 Splash. Even if he is a heel, I could probably see Gabriel getting the fans behind him in a title match against a Face Champion.
[B]Title being pushed for: Intercontinental Championship[/B]

[B]Tyson Kidd [/B]- He's apart of the Hart Family. He may not be blood, but he's got that Hart Family attitude in him. He's been out with an injury but once he returns, I think he should be turned heel and be pushed in the mid-card title division. He should win the U.S. Title first because I think he'll be back pretty soon and he would make a great opponent for Dean Ambrose if Ambrose holds the title for long enough. He should hold that title for at least three months and then once he drops it, he should go for the Intercontinental Championship a few months later. I have a feeling he would make a good opponent for Curtis Axel and perhaps even become a 'Paul Heyman Guy'.
[B]Title being pushed for: Intercontinental Championship and United States Championship[/B]

[B]Curt Hawkins[/B] - Hawkins has been with WWE for a while and hasn't gotten nowhere. He debuted with Zack Ryder and the two of them sided with Edge and quickly won the WWE Tag Titles. Since then however, he has not done a damn thing! He teamed with Tyler Reks, who was in the midst of a push himself, but the duo got turned into a joke and fell down in the rankings. When Reks left WWE, the only major thing Hawkins has done was get a haircut. I think as long as Hawkins is performing in WWE, he needs to go for and hold onto a championship at least once. The U.S. Title would be good.
[B]Title being pushed for: United States Championship[/B]

[B]Darren Young & Titus O'Neil [/B]- These guys have been Tag Teaming for a while now. They deserve a shot at the WWE Tag Team titles. When they get it, they should win them. They should hold onto them for a few months and once they eventually drop them, they should go their seperate ways. Titus O'Neil would be a great U.S. Champion in my opinion, the same with Darren Young being a good potential Intercontinental Champion. Them winning tag team gold would give them that push and momentum they need to go further in their careers and win some singles titles.
[B]Title being pushed for: WWE Tag Team Championship, United States Championship (Titus) and Intercontinental Championship (Darren)[/B]

[B]Rey Mysterio[/B] - For God's sake, what happened??? Mysterio is a former three time World Champion, so why is he going DOWN in the rankings? I think Mysterio should be at the status he was at in late 2007 to early 2008 where he was receiving title shots. I think Mysterio should be main eventing Pay-Per-Views. I think he would be a great opponent for Daniel Bryan, if Bryan ever wins the World Title again while in WWE.
[B]Title being pushed for: WWE Championship OR World Heavyweight Championship!! [/B]

[B]Kofi Kingston[/B] - Kingston was in the mid-card title division practically since Day 01. WWE had him win the Intercontinental Championship off a former multiple time World Champion in Chris Jericho. He's won the title three other times, the Tag Team titles three times and the U.S. Title three times also. He needs a push in the World Title direction and FAST! Ever since he returned from injury, yeah he changed his look a bit, but that's about it. He's lost some of his 'edge'. He doesn't have to necessarily win, but he still deserves a couple of shots at glory.
[B]Title being pushed for: World Heavyweight Championship[/B]

[B]Tensai [/B]- Believe it or not, I was glad when they had him go over the likes of John Cena and CM Punk. He came back, was dominant, squashed jobbers and then got pushed. As soon as he lost his first match under his current name, Tensai lost most of them. Not until he sided with Brodus Clay did he begin winning matches but he became a joke. He was built as 'A former WWE Superstar who left and wrestled in Japan for 8 years and came back'. And now he's doing the Digging dance and getting squashed by The Shield! No! Tensai needs to turn heel again, he needs to go back to his dominant Japanese persona and get pushed in singles championship paths. He's a former Intercontinental Champion when he wrestled as Albert/A-Train and since they cannot break kayfabe by referring to his past in WWE, he needs to win that title back. Either that, or go back to being A-Train so they can refer to his past and then go for another title. Perhaps the United States Championship.
[B]Title being pushed for: Intercontinental Championship or United States Championship


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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Mysterio/Tensai you mentioned I disagree with. Other guys deserve a shot at becoming stars. Mysterio is where he has been at because he is injury prone. Tensai is where he is at because he had friends push for him to get his job back even though he really brings nothing to the table other than experience, size, and ability to probably put someone over which he has yet to do so. Maybe it will be Clay. Who knows?

    Guys like Hawkins simply need something. I'd rather see him tag with Ryder again so they both at least get used from time to time instead of being wasted doing nothing. That is what they used to do back in the day. That is why Bret wanted to team and create the Hart Foundation. Neither was going no where. Just make them a team and see where it takes them. Took them to 1 of the greatest tag teams of all-time.

    I agree with the rest needing a push especially since I'm a huge fan before he came out and still am of the Prime Time Players. I have a feeling they will be the ones dethroning the Shield of the tag belts. I just been having that feeling here lately.......

    Been high on Gabriel since the Nexus thing. Just been wasted since it was over. Hopefully he gets a shot to do more soon. Heard heel turn rumor based on what happens in the upcoming Total Divas shows.

    Tyson Kidd? I like him and have since his ECW days. Especially when he was part of Hart Dynasty. I'm hoping for him to be the one to take the IC belt off of Axel when he returns on a Raw or something as a shocker.

    Kofi has been a guy, I just don't find entertaining. In ring, like his moves and all, but he is boring. Maybe it is because all he does is smile and doesn't say a word. How I'd book him? Why not the next Heyman guy or simply join Team Punk at Survivor Series. Turn on him causing his team to lose the match. Thus, a heel turn along with a feud with Punk.
  2. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    I never heard anyone wanna "PUSH" Rey Mysterio when he barely loses.... I think the list of people you wanna push is lack luster. Kofi has been in mid card cause Kofi hasnt changed since his debut in the WWE, The Kofi Kingston character is not a main event character, Kofi needs a complete main eventer make over and honestly I dont think Kofi is a main event guy.

    There is much more talented guys in WWE that deserve a push to the top and 1st person that comes to mind is Antonio Ceasaro, He is one of if not the most talented men in WWE. His match is always a high point on WWE TV.
  3. JOHNY Kool's Avatar
    kofi has worked hard for a push and WWE needs to give him one

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