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Loose Cannon: Wrestlemania Dream Card

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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another edition of Loose Cannon. In the last edition of Loose Cannon, I blogged about how TNA can revive it's own promotion Impact Wrestling. In the latest edition of Loose Cannon; I will blog about my Wrestlemania Dream Card. Welcome to the place for the fans, from the fan, and forever for fans. Welcome to Loose Cannon.

Wrestlemania Dream Card
Ford Field
Sold Out Capacity: 65,000
"Where dreams come true!'
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jesse Ventura

Pre Show: NXT Free For All- It is a free for all 15 minute match for the NXT Championship. As the fans are coming in and out of the building; we see many competitors mixing it up on the limelight; the grandest stage of them all; Wrestlemania.

Wrestlemania Dream Card

"Ladies and gentlemen; welcome to the grandest stage of them all; welcome to Wrestlemania" -J.R
''You could feel the love, hate, and tension in the air as we we have reached our final destination'' -Jesse Ventura
"Let's start our opening contest!" -J.R

1) Andre the Giant vs Big Show: We start the evening with a colossal match with the WWE biggest giants in the history of sport's entertainment. Can the universe withstand these giants?

Projection: Big Show
Objective/Reason: At 42 years of age; Big Show can still go in the WWE ring. With Andre the Giants leg given up on him, the giant capitalizes with a Knockout punch.

2) Tito Santana vs Alberto Del Rio: After a few run in's; Tito Santana say's he wants one more match. A arrogant ADR comes out and leaves Santana knocked out with a steel chair.

Projection: Alberto Del Rio
Objective/Reason: In order to move on with the future; the future must up rise and this is ADR chance to move up the ranks in the WWE.

3) Diva's Championship: A.J Lee (c) vs Lita- Two different generation of diva's clashing at one each other for the Diva's Championship. A girlhood dream to vs her idol; A.J Lee would do anything to regain the championship and have a match with Lita. What generation is better and who will prevail in the long run?

Projection: A.J Lee
Objective/Reason: A.J Lee like ADR will move up in the rankings in the WWE with a win from a respected superstar.

4) Ricky Steamboat vs Daniel Bryan: Who is the true "Dragon" in the World Wrestling Entertainment. A clash of respect leads to one dragon get burned.

Projection: Daniel Bryan
Objective/Reason: It gives Steamboat a match at Wrestlemania but if Daniel Bryan loses his momentum; he loses his edge!

5) Ultimate MITB: Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit vs Kurt Angle vs Matt Hardy vs Jeff Hardy vs Edge vs Christian- The ultimate MITB with seven competitors that have lots of experience in ladders matches with the exception of Kurt Angle. Who can win this all time MITB?

Projection: Edge
Objective/Reason: The ultimate opportunist will indeed shine in the Ultimate MITB. With Kurt Angle inches away from the briefcase, Edge hits him with the briefcase making Angle fall from the ladder.

6) Fabulous Moolah vs Trish Stratus: Who is the ultimate diva of all time? Trish Stratus the unspoken multiple time Women's Champion clashes with the diva who held the championship for 28 years. With momentum on her side, Stratus uses cockiness to boost her ego to the old timer.

Projection: Fabulous Moolah
Objective/Reason: A surprising win after a mistake by Trish Stratus has Moolah captivate the crowd with a stunning DDT.

7) Macho Man Randy Savage vs C.M Punk: "It is a childhood dream, Savage." Those were the exact dream for C.M Punk to vs the Macho King at Wrestlemania.

Projection: C.M Punk
Objective/Reason: A win for C.M Punk will indeed uphold him as the best in the world!

8) WHC: Batista vs Goldberg (c) vs Brock Lesnar: Three monsters and one championship. Who will reign supreme!

Projection: *New Champion* Batista
Objective/Reason: Batista uses a low blow with a distraction from the referee to win the the championship.

9) Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Undertaker: A dream match to the fullest. SCSA comes back to the WWE for one more match and he wants that match against the Undertaker. The deadman wants SCSA as his next opponent.

Projection: The Undertaker
Objective/Reason: The Undertaker streak stays alive after three stunners and mutiple chair shots. The former corporate bad boy could not get the job done and eventually is tombstone to end the match.

10) Corporate WWE Championship Match: Randy Orton vs The Rock: "Do you smell what the Rock is cooking." Those were the exact words of The Rock who was then violently attacked by the Shield. Does Randy Orton have The Rock at his boiling point or would The Rock retain his WWE Championship for the 8th time.

Projection: The Rock
Objective/Reason: The Rock wants to lead the new corporation and a viral attack by the corporation and HHH turns the Rock heel for the win/WWE Championship.

11) HBK vs HHH: It is a street fight; similar to the one the two had at WWE Summerslam 2002. HBK is fed up with the way that HHH is treating the WWE Universe but is attacked by the Shield and multiple attacks by a kendo stick.

Projection: HBK
Objective/Reason: After HHH is about to win, a run in by Randy Orton causes HHH to be super kicked and hit with the kendo stick multiple times to end the reign of the Corporation.

12) Seth Rollins vs RVD: An encounter that never got to the boiling point has finally happened.

Projection: Seth Rollins
Objective/Reason: As RVD is about to win the match, Roman Reigns spears him and Rollins captivities the crowd with a frog splash off the top rope.

13) Hell in the Cell: Dean Ambrose vs Mankind: Mankind was brutally attacked by The Shield after an appreciation match but was trapped after a run in in hell; hell in the cell!

Projection: Dean Ambrose
Objective/Reason: The Shield has undoubtedly did it again and attacked Mankind. He falls through the cage and unto the ring. Ambrose does a super bulldog and wins the match.

14) Main Event: John Cena vs Hulk Hogan: John Cena needs to solidify himself as the top of the company so he challenges Hulk Hogan to a match live on Hogan Appreciation Night.

Projection: John Cena
Objective/Reason: John Cena earns the respect the is needed and Hogan rides into the sunset.

Pre Show (Live on Hulu)
Cody Rhodes vs Bret Hart (30 Minute Ironman Match)
Chris Jericho vs Damien Sandow
WWE Hardcore Championship Free for all

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September 1st 2013

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Is this like your top 14/15 dream matches?

    Ricky Steamboat/Daniel Bryan dragon vs dragon would be cool. I made the last minute replacement of Flair for the entertainment factor he'd bring. I also am a bigger fan of Flair's.

    Del Rio wouldn't be part of my dream card nor would Santana even though he was very good in the ring. Just not entertaining.........

    AJ vs Lita is good, but I'd rather see AJ vs Stephanie which is what I hope happens at WM this year. I doubt it will happen though....that will be on the booking challenge when WM30 season comes. That match will be on mine.

    Andre vs Big Show is a dream match more so for the sight of two big guys as large as they are face to face. It isn't a top 15 dream match of mine, but certainly would be cool to see.

    I don't want to give away a spoiler alert for my top 10 Diva dream matches that is set a month from now. That will certainly be at the top of the list.

    Next 2 were on my top 10 dream matches list. So you know how I feel about those.

    I don't want Stone Cold vs Taker. I understand him challenging the streak, but I'd rather not. Why not Wyatt Family or Shield vs Taker. That right there would be a great challenge facing 3 guys or simply facing 1 with the other 2 outside the ring causing distractions. Of course Cena is my top 1 to face Taker. However, Cena vs Hogan is a top 2 dream match of mine which is your main event. Stone Cold vs Goldberg was the top 1.

    Rock vs Orton is the only real match I would want to see if Rock would return. Other than HBK vs Rock of course.

    I wanted HHH vs HBK at WM26 in his career match. Didn't happen at Mania, end it on a great rivalry vs his best friend.

    Surprised Seth Rollins vs RVD is so high up on the card. Didn't see Rollins ROH career which may have impacted your decision.

    Ambrose vs Foley was scheduled to take place, but of course didn't happen because doctors wouldn't allow it. I'd rather see Foley vs Steen or Bray Wyatt to be honest.
  2. wsm1996's Avatar
    A bonefied dream card but instead of mankind vs ambrose, I would love to see bray wyatt vs mankind in a hell in a cell match
  3. mr.onemanband's Avatar
    I feel like these wm dream cards are so over done gotta think outside the box

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