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BLOG #100: My top 10 Dream Matches

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To make blog 100 the biggest of any blog yet, I decided to give my top 10 dream matches of all-time. This isn't a normal top 10 list though. I set a rule here, I can't use the same wrestler 2x on this list( Austin vs Punk along with Austin vs Hogan. Just 1 Austin dream match). I also left off dream matches that have happened aka Ric Flair vs HHH has happened which means no prime bs. I bet this list will surprise some by the use of some of these guys. A lot of great performers I left off that I would have loved to have on this list. However, here is the list (remember the rules) top 10 dream *singles matches of all-time:

HM:Dolph Ziggler vs Mr.Perfect; Randy Orton vs Jake "The Snake" Roberts; HHH vs Harley Race

10.Kevin Steen vs Dusty Rhodes-Steen vs either Foley or Dusty Rhodes would be great dream matches. I chose Dusty because of the nicknames mainly. I'm a bigger fan of Foley's, but Dusty is the bigger star of the two if you ask me. For those wondering, yes Kevin Steen is currently in ROH. I loved it when he won the world title at Border Wars. Big fan of his, he is "Wrestling's worst nightmare" vs "The American Dream"!! See why I had them face instead? Do I need to say who would be the heel or face in this match? I think it is pretty obvious here. If this is a 1x thing, I'd say Dusty wins. If grudge match were involved, I'd say Steen.
9.Taz vs Samoa Joe-Taz made his debut in TNA becoming the manager of Samoa Joe. He saw a guy in TNA that reminded him of himself. The choke out artists they were in their primes, Taz in ECW, and Joe I'd say 06-08(didn't watch ROH stuff.) would be a classic. I'd have Taz win simply because he is the smaller one of the two with a Tazmission. Sucks that neither had successful WWE runs. I do however, believe Taz's debut is one of the best all-time in WWE history.
8."Macho Man" Randy Savage vs CM Punk-I love me some Macho Man Randy Savage. I'm a huge Punk fan as well, however, the most overused phrase in wrestling today has got be "Best in the world". Tired of hearing that now. I like the tributes Punk gave to Macho Man including adding the elbow to his moves list. Much props to him for that. Glad someone in WWE knows, Macho Man existed. Us fans know and loved him. We all hope he gets in the WWE Hall of Fame at some point in the future. I hate the Lanny Poffo situation because I don't believe Lanny deserves the honor of being inducted in the Hall. I also believe Macho Man being one of the best this business has ever seen should go in on his own. I mean, would Poffo Family on the marquee sell as many tickets as Macho Man going in the hall? I don't think so. In any case, I'd have Macho Man win this one.
7.Ric Flair vs Daniel Bryan-Could you imagine the humor we could get out of a program with Flair/Bryan? Not only that, but probably the best match on the card. Daniel Bryan in my opinion, has the best finisher in the business right now. I made a blog in the past talking about what wrestling moves would actually hurt the most. Not being disrespectful or anything because you heard the comments....don't believe they hurt....get in the ring. What move looks the most painful not even you would want to receive? I certianly don't want to receive the 600 pound bonsai drop from Yokozuna on my chest nor do I want to receive the no-lock. A submission type of bout that we don't get as often as I'd like. I'd have Bryan win, putting him over like Flair does with everyone making them a star.
6.Brock Lesnar vs Batista-Monsters, beasts, animals, and unhuman like strength is the words you use to describe these two superstars. It sucks that Lesnar didn't stick around longer during his prime years. Batista/Lesnar both came into the business around the same time in 02. Batista was the older of the two getting in the biz while Brock was young. When Brock came on your tv screens, he just dominated anyone in his path with Heyman in his corner. His first major feud was against a tag team, my favorite tag team of all-time: The Hardy Boyz! As great of a tag team as they were, they couldn't handle Lesnar even with a chair which got him over. From there beat every top dog in his path. Batista came in slower, but became main eventer defeating the leader of Evolution HHH which he was part of. Ever since 2005 this has been a dream match for me. This is one of the few matches on this list that could still happen, however it is a must to happen in the near future for it to be possible. I'd have Lesnar win simply because I think Brock was better. If you'd ask me in 05, I'd probably have Batista win!
5.Bret Hart vs Kurt Angle-The Hitman, The best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be, Bret Hart vs The Wrestling Machine and only olympic gold medalist in WWE history, Kurt Angle!! In any case, if a match with these two greats in the middle of the ring, would probably go down as one of the best matches ever. Both arguably the best of their generations as far as in ring competitors very few if any were better. Could you imagine if Angle showed up during Bret's Canada vs USA in 97. Fireworks, however, I believe Angle was the better of the two as a heel and Bret was the better face. Battle of two of the best technical wrestlers of all-time would be a classic. It should be on any top 10 list if you ask me. If it were Canada vs USA, Angle would have to win this bout.
4.The Rock vs Shawn Michaels-1 of the greatest in ring performers vs 1 of the best sports entertainers of all-time. Who wouldn't want to see these two go at it? Hell, Shawn has stated publicly in the past he wants to face the Rock. Hell, on Rock's top 3 guys he'd like to face in his HOF speech listed HBK. I would have to have HBK as the heel here vs the cool babyface Rock. Everyone should know how big of a fan I am of The Rock's. Who isn't a fan of HBK? I'd have to have The Rock lay the smackdown on HBK here.
3.Sting vs Undertaker-The match everyone has been talking about for years. 1 mania goes by and the next one still the buzz craving for this match. This dream match between two foes who captured our love and admiration by their dark side. I'm talking Sting from 97 with that bat pointing at the Deadman. Could you have imagined if he was the one who faced Taker at WM14? I've stated in the past, Sting was my favorite wrestler in WCW. Taker is one my favorites as well. Match should be on most everyones top dream match lists. Who would win? Undertaker. I'd like to see Sting win though, but Taker tapping to the scorpion deathlock is a no no. Taker will win if the match does happen, but it isn't a likely scenario.
2.Hulk Hogan vs John Cena-This match was scheduled to take place at WM25. Hulk Hogan has sued a company who screwed up his back costing him x amount of dollars because he wasn't able to compete vs Cena. Both top faces of the company. Biggest babyfaces ever seen in the WWE. Comparisons have been made between the two. Some say Cena is the modern day Hulk Hogan of todays wrestling. Everyone got tired of Hogan which led him to turn heel back in the mid90s. Which is why it would be just as big if Cena did so today. Being that kiss baby babyface coming off of an era of flipping birds and breaking rules certainly did Cena no favors. If they were to have had that match at WM25, it would probably be one of the biggest most talked about matches in WWE history. It certainly would have went last on the show and not be the Orton/HHH 1000x. Passing of the torch type of deal here with Cena winning.
1.Stone Cold vs Goldberg-We got all these dream matches with Austin, but 1 was talked about more than Hogan/Austin, CM Punk/Austin, among others. It was Goldberg vs Stone Cold Steve Austin. The year of 98, everyone wanted to see it. Who wouldn't have? Undefeated Goldberg vs the toughest sob in the WWF. Both bald and on top of the wrestling worlds in WCW and WWF. Austin/Goldberg era was experienced in that year. What would have happened if we had that match? Goldberg has experienced a stunner in the past and should experience one again because I'd have Austin win if I were booking this bout. Hell, Austin said if he gave 1 last stunner to anyone on the roster(03) who would it be? He said Goldberg!

There you have it! The top 10 dream matches of all-time for me. I gave you the match along with an explaination with it. What did you think of blog 100? Did I deliver? Are you up to the challenge with the rules I made? What does your top 10 dream matches look like? What did you think of my list? Leave that and more below. Just so you know, I kept singles/tag/divas seperate because I think all deserves their own spotlight which is why the next 2 top 10 will feature dream matches of Divas and tag. So get your guys lists ready!!

Blogs coming up(subject to change):
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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by walldo 3:16
    Gd selections m8 .. Aj styles v hbk would be a classic
    All kinds of great dream matches you could have here. Hell, I wouldn't mind seeing that match or AJ vs Jericho. I did have more, I almost got to 25 than I began to cut it down. I had a description for honorable mention, but cut it because I thought it was too long. Jericho was on HM in the top 15 vs Larry Zbyszko. Of course, laughs and giggles because of real life disliking of each other.
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Rebel Lion
    I'm normally a cynical bastard.....but great blog. Loved every match you proposed.
    thanks for the props, much appreciated.
  3. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by PSOjedi
    Bret Hart vs Kurt Angle is also one of my dream matches.
    Bryan vs Rick Flair, I'm glad this is not possible. Flair is just awful. All what he does is awfull and he is one of the most overrated guy in this business. Daniel Bryan is 1000x times better and deserves better than Flair as his opponent
    I was originally going to have "HMs" next to wrestlers such as a name next to a wrestler who would be the #2 guy I'd like him to face. I thought it would create too much confusion which is why I didn't do so. Ricky Steamboat was the guy I was thinking when creating the list. Realized Flair wasn't on here, so I replaced him. I respect Flair much more than you do obviously. Thanks for the feedback....
  4. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by weems
    You left out Great Kahli vs. Giant Gonzalez. Kidding of course. Good blog, can't argue with any of your selections.
    I was thinking of creating 1 for this humor factor, however decided against it. Thanks again for the props.
  5. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ejorbit
    2 stars? People voting on this blog are on one.

    I'd be down for all those matches save maybe Lesnar/Batista. Maybe a dream encounter but I would not look forward to the match.

    I'd be down for a Taz (circa 97)/Davey Richards (present day) match.

    I'd also love to see an adam cole (present day)/shawn michaels (circa 2007) match. Cole has a long way to go but huge potential.
    LOL! It was worse before I gave myself 5 stars because it was 1. I was afraid to read the comments at first which is why I'm delivering my responses so late. This is why I don't take ratings seriously. This is the first time in a while since I got a rating. At least folks can do is give me the reason why they gave me the 1 star. Maybe it is because my responses to their blogs. LOL! I've been trying to be nice.

    Davey Richards vs Kurt Angle would be cool as well. I've been thinking Cole or Elgin will win the world title tourney. Yea, that match would be cool as well.
  6. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by big poppa pump
    Owen hart vs eddie guerrero
    I made a huge list of possibilities(20+ matches) that didn't make the blog. Eddie vs Rick Rude was close to being on the HM mention list. I think it was last one that was cut off. I forget who I had Owen vs in my dream match list. It think it was vs Edge. Owen vs Eddie would be great too. I enjoyed Owen's work. I watched that documentary that was included when I purchased Bret's wrestling with shadows. So sad, I don't think I want to see it 2x.
  7. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by rhyno535
    Good blog. I like your picks, maybe Lesnar and Batista would not be on my list.

    HBK vs The Rock was one match i would like to see. Angle vs Bret Hart is another dream match that my eyes want to look at.

    I have a couple of dream matches of myself. Jericho vs Ravishing Rick Rude or Steamboat in his prime. Benoit vs Owen Hart or Benoit vs Daniel Bryan. Almost every single guy who was technical i would pair up against each other. Dont forget we have many japanese wrestlers like Kobashi and Misawa. I have watched a couple of matches between them and against others. Owen Hart vs Kobashi? Kurt Angle vs Misawa?

    And of course we have the ultimate dream match, CM Punk vs Austin.
    The guys you mentioned are the ones I was talking about along with TNA and ROH talent. Don't watch japan wrestling nor do I know how to have access to it. I don't even know if I'd be able to understand what would be going on. I did however, seen Kurt Angles match he had at Global Impact on his DVD.
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