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The New Corporate Angle: The way they need to approach it!!!

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Hello Everyone,

This is my first time writing a blog for this site but I think it will be good. As a long time WWE fan I think something needs to be addressed about the New Corporate angle. You can take it for what it is worth but as an editor I think make some sense. This new angle is what the WWE Executives and the Universe have been waiting for. The angles and storylines have been so dry the past couples years. It has been the same 4 people winning championships. The same superstars stuck in characters that go nowhere.

The New Corporate angle has been great. Having HHH switch to a heel at the end of Summerslam was amazing, especially since it was with Randy Orton since the rumor mill was saying he wanted another WWE title run as a heel. Now these two superstars have been around a really long time. They have had tons of success because they are great wrestlers and because they know how to change around the crowd on a dime. Now with Cena out Daniel Bryan is the guy. But he has already been the guy. Ever since last Wresltemania, and even before that his chants and the crowd reactions when he walks in have been amazing. He is the guy in WWE now, everyone loves him. Including back in Mr. and Stephanie McMahon part time is great because like HHH and Orton, they know the wrestling crowd and they know how to piss people off.

With this new angle there has to be a stable that goes against the New Corporation. Especially sense The Shield is the hired guns. Side note I think that however The HOJ carries this bodyguard role will determine their success in their careers moving forward. Now we have all seen how recently D-Bry, Ziggler, Big Show, and RVD have been pummeled by the Shield. Here is the basis of a anti-corporate faction right here. And with the inclusion of a couple other faces on their side, as well as heels on the corporate side I think that this could carry on for awhile like the Corporation and Alliance storylines in the attitude era.
Here are a couple storylines that would make this angle worth something of the WWE Fanbase time:

  1. First Scenario – Leading up to NOC the NC (New Corporation) keeps punishing superstars and each week they gather on the ramp to watch helplessly. Now we all saw last night that HHH kept eye-balling Big Show. I think that in leading up to NOC the Big Show gets fed up with watching, let’s say D-Bry is getting tuned up before NOC so that he is not 100%. Big Show is sick of it and starts walking down the ramp. HHH says you better not or you will get fired. Big Show turns around and gets other superstars to join him. This includes lets say those who have been attacked recently Ziggler, Mark Henry, RVD and maybe Cody Rhodes. They run down and beat up the Shield and Orton and HHH get away. HHH shouts I warned you or whatever. At NOC the members of the Corporation interfere with the new anti stables matches and this builds on itself after NOC till the next PPV.
  2. Second Scenario – As NOC approaches or even during the even, the Corporation helps heels in their matches so they can be new members of the corporation. Lets say it is Sandow, Del Rio, and the New Americans. This will give some wrestling power to the NC because Steph and Vince can not wrestle. During the NOC the new recruits interfere in matches, and especially during the WWE title match. Here the NC is making sure D-Bry does not win. They knock out the ref and lets Steph puts a referee shirt on. Now this is when another good time when the anti stable and come about. The new stable comes down and starts fighting with the NC. Ziggler and Ambrose, Big Show and Henry against Rollins and reigns, The Usos/ Prime Time Players against the real Americans and RVD against Del Rio, and Rhodes Sandow. Now I really think that HHH and the big show should go at it so I think another mid carder like Kofi and Mark Henry at this point take on the Tag Champs. With this happening Ricardo Rodriguez comes down as the ref or brings one down and gives D-Bry the change to win the title. HHH or Mr. McMahon tries to come in and stop it but they cannot. The show ends with new stable in the ring and the NC walking up the Ramp pissed with D Bry on the turn buckle holding the title.
  3. The last one I think is that during NOC all the matches are interfered with again and D-bry is screwed, new heels are recruited etc. Next Raw he is punished again and BIG show gets into it on the ramp with HHH and then knocks out HHH. Then he gets some superstars to help him take out the NC that is joined by the new heels and they fight.

The third one is a little shorter but it kind of involves the first three.
I repeat again I honestly think this is the angle creative really needs to pick up the ball with. Everything has been dry and the WWE Universe need a reason to watch both RAW and Smackdown again every week like during the Alliance days. With 2 minute vignettes recapping the week and the show previous. I loved that and I think that if they cannot use this miracle they were given with this new angle they are seriously going to screw the pooch. I mean how many other WWE fans were sitting on their seats last night waiting for people to jump in. Lastly I think that this should be the Stables.

NC – HHH, S. McMahon, V. McMahon, Orton, The Shield, Del Rio, Ambrose, New Americans….and when Sheamus comes back he joins the NC if he comes back in time.
Anti-NC- Daniel Bryan, Big Show, Mark Henry, Ziggler, RVD, Prime Time or Usos, and Cody Rhodes.

Thanks for reading everyone. I know that this is just a blog but I think this would be amazing for a life time WWE watcher.

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  1. Makaraily's Avatar
    I need to ask, what the hell is The HOJ? :S As for this storyline I personally think it's been awesme so far but creating an entire ani-corporation stable leading up to NOC seems a little bit rushed to me. I can see the Big Show helping Bryan the Raw before NOC only to be fired by Hunter, then he'd appear at NOC whilst Bryan is being jumped but the numbers game would be too much and Bryan fails to win whilst Show gets battered. The ani-corporation group could start forming towards Survivor Series which would make more sense but here again the group needs to fail in beating the corporation. Let's say it's 5 vs 5, Team Bryan vs Team Orton, just as it looks like Bryans team will win some NEW members of the corporation take Bryan and whats left of his team out. Once again, the odds are stacked against Bryan. Bryan should eventually go on to win the Rumble and face Orton at Mania and only then should he win, only to be attacked. I can see this storyline going on for a long while, let's buckle up!
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I don't see much of a problem with the storyline. Besides Shield being used the way they are used. That is the only problem really that I have.
  3. AJ1981's Avatar

    The HOJ = The Hounds of Justice, The Shield's nickname
  4. Akshat's Avatar
    HOJ might be Hounds of Justice.... I agree with what u say but i dont think bryan will be attacked after winning at ManiaHOJ might be Hounds of Justice.... I agree with what u say but i dont think bryan will be attacked after winning at Mania
  5. Makaraily's Avatar
    Ahh of course, that makes sense, i just got thrown off cos he called them the Shield then "on a side note, the HOJ..." I've never read anybody abbreviate them as the HOJ before lol You've got a point actually, it will be Wrestlemania and there needs to be a feel good moment, however imagine the hype there would be if Bryan won and Cena attacked him at the end of the show and joined the corporation...the next night on Raw would be HOT!

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