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WWE Raw 8-26-13 Hits and Misses

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Overall Score: 7.5


After another stellar Raw following a PPV last week the comedown show came upon us. Although it was a comedown, this week's Raw was pretty good. It wasn't great, but it wasn't bad. The continuation of the development for the two big rivalries were well done, and two minor storylines were born.


Opening Segment: I was never a fan of Triple H talking down talent, but for this rivalry and since he's a heel I'll give him a pass. I like the usage of The Shield as the body guards. Now, most of you probably don't but I see it as a rejuvenation of their strength. Both H and Bryan were great on the mic, but Orton fell a bit flat. I didn't like the kid on Christmas routine he did when the car was presented. Overall, not a great way too start off Raw, but it was passable.

Curtis Axel vs. CM Punk: I'm not a huge fan of Axel taking Lesnar's place in this feud, but I'm glad Punk-Heyman is continuing. It's a very well thought out Storyline if you know of Punk's past before he was a mega-star. The match was ok to good, but the aftermath was fantastic. Heyman running only to have referees and guards throw him to Punk was great. I didn't like Axel saving Heyman as it made the Pre-match stipulation non-existent, but it set up the brawl. Heyman is really playing his part well in this Storyline. As for Punk vs. Axel and Heyman at NOC, eh.

AJ Lee Promo: Very, very strong promo here. If you read my blogs you know that I believe AJ is the best diva since Trish and the only thing keeping this division alive. I think she proved it last night. I have no idea how the face-heel dynamic will work when the divas get in the ring with AJ, but I do want to see this Storyline unfold.

Rob Van Dam vs. Alberto Del Rio: The match itself was sloppy at times, but I like the story told. Keeping Ricardo on the payroll is a great idea in my opinion because he is a great manager. Again, I don't see the logic behind Ricardo-RVD, but whatever. Personally, I see Ricardo screwing Van Dam at NOC and realigning with Del Rio.

Christian vs. Randy Orton: A very well done TV match. This could've even been a passable PPV match. With how well Christian performs with any opponent I think he deserves a World Title run. The match was fun and well paced, but the ending was kind of stale with Orton just raking the eyes into an RKO. As for the"Yes-calade", it was predictable that Bryan would do something to the car, and with all the other car related things to happen on Monday Night's, it fell a little flat.

Wyatt Segment: I like that they kept the Wyatts in the broadcast. Although I think they should be trying to start another feud, the exclusive was well done and gave a little insight to Bray's backstory.

The Gauntlet: Seth Rollins vs. Daniel Bryan was amazing and PPV quality. The rest fell flat with two DQs so I will now shift to the post match. Where some people thought a mid carder making the save would've been tremendous, I see it different. I don't disagree with that, but I think that kind of kills the Storyline too quickly. The whole story is Hunter taking control and ruining the roster only to have them rise up and overcome him. In the future you'll see Show, Henry, and Ziggler rise up and fight back so just wait. As for Show's iron clad contract, Storylines from a heel character don't carry over to when they become a face.


Fandango vs. Cody Rhodes: What's there too say? Match was less than two minutes and only served the purpose to set up the next miss.

The Miz and Cody Rhodes vs. Fandango and Damien Sandow: Speaking of that miss, here it is. I could care less about a Fandango-Miz rivalry because I could care less about The Miz. This match didn't do anything to elevate anyone, so yeah. Nice to see Rosa's still employed though.

Natalya vs. Brie Bella: This match really only set up AJ's promo. It did nothing whatsoever. I will say that Jojo makes a believable announcer and could be the replacement for Lillian.

Titus O'Neil vs. Jack Swagger: Although I'm glad to see a rivalry between two tag teams that's not over the championships go on, this match was just eh. Also, Zeb Coulter has really lost whatever mojo he had. He only ever talks about immigrants anymore. Also, I didn't understand how the PTPers are wrong with America.

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  1. Makaraily's Avatar
    Another good Raw, The Shield as henchmen have helped elevate them again but imo Daniel's opening promo was a bit meh, he was being too goody goody in my eyes, he needs to be more pissed off, Triple H and Randy Orton have screwed him out of the WWE Championship...I want some anger, but i'm sure we'll get it soon. Heyman's attack on Punk was awesome, Brock Lesnar needs to be in this feud though, Curtis Axel just doesnt seem like a threat :/ AJ's pipebomb was awesome, hopefully Natalya gets a shot at the championship. RVD should beat Del Rio for the title only for Ricardo to cost him the title down the line, or maybe cost him the title at NOC cos Del Rio doesn't really need ANOTHER title run. As for the yescalade, I kept hoping for Bryan to pull out a bat and start smashing the windows, shame The ending was awesome, when this anti-corporation group emerges it's going to be mayhem! We need Steph and Vince along with Trips though, makes them look like a powerful group, I'm sure they just wanted the scene to be different from last weeks though, I expect to see them next week on Raw

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