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Loose Cannon: How to revive Impact Wrestling!

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Ladies and gentlemen; welcome to another edition of Loose Cannon. In the latest edition of Loose Cannon; I blogged about the WWE Battleground 2013 card which is a new ppv installment by the WWE in attempt to bring new obstacles and matches to WWE superstars. In this edition; I will blog about the revival of Impact Wrestling! Welcome to the show for the wrestling fans, from a wrestling fan, and forever for wrestling fans as Loose Cannon will begin monumentally.

TNA know establish as Impact Wrestling is a striving wrestling promotion that came into fruition in 2002. During the time; it has faced harsh remarks from critics and a loss of superstars/financial problems. It also shriveled in some attributes such as the X-Division; Bellator athletes such as Rampage Jackson/Tito Ortiz and legends such as the icon Sting and Hulk Hogan. During it's time; TNA has broken through boundaries and delivered good to excellent matches. Even though it is still a promotion scratching and crawling to compete against the WWE; it has sunk to Rock Bottom as ratings to an all time low! Who do we blame with this overgrowing epidemic? It is not Hulk Hogan, Dixie Carter or creative; it is Impact Wrestling in a whole.

How to revive Impact Wrestling?

X-Division: The X-Division is one of the main reason I love Impact Wrestling alongside Bully Ray and MEM. During this period of time; the X-Division is at it's all time low with Impact Wrestling paying less attention to the Division and more attention to one specific storyline; which is the A&8's and MEM. During the period of time I have watched Impact Wrestling, the X-Division fascinates me all the time with names such as Manik, Sonjay Dutt, Kenny King, etc. Why is Impact Wrestling paying less attention to the X-Division. I have no idea; but this is a ship that is sinking quickly and if Impact Wrestling is unable to fix the X-Division than simply get rid of it. For a promotion such as Impact Wrestling; it would be hard to do that as it is not at a level with financial backing and wrestlers such as the WWE. To renew interest into the Division; have more X-Division matches instead of one a week on Impact Wrestling or devote a show via Hulu Plus or YouTube to the X-Division. I do not applaud Hulk Hogan decision of X-Division matches being one on one but if it is suitable to Impact Wrestling than it is fine with the promotion.

Stop Impact: Impact Wrestling has a major flaw in it's ever growing promotion and that signing old WWF/E talent. It is an obnoxious flaw that Impact Wrestling does as it fails simultaneously with names such as Road Dogg and Billy Kidman; jumping ship to the promotion after their best days were far behind them. Instead of signing talents in the WWF/E caliber; start signing talents in developments such as ROH and OVW. If Impact Wrestling signs talents; it gives them a longer life span in the business as they are long and fresh. By fixing this flaw; TNA does not need to worry about the future as it is long in development.

GM's: Why does Impact Wrestling need a GM. It is a ridiculous reason because Hulk Hogan has no control over the rampage of A&8's and Tito Ortiz. If Impact Wrestling wants to fix it's promotion; Hulk Hogan does not need to be GM of Impact Wrestling or anyone in that authority figure.

Mainstream: Impact Wrestling needs to go mainstream. Unfortunately; it is losing that battle as WWE has already acquired most of the mainstream attention.

Monday Night Fight: If Impact Wrestling wants to beat Monday Night Raw; then simply move Impact Wrestling back to Monday Night's. While doing this it acquires more fans to get involved in the product as it is battling Monday Night Raw. The only way Impact Wrestling can get into a scuffle with Raw is by signing new talent; new time slot (opposite of Monday Night Raw) and fire the first shot in the new generation Monday Night Wars. This would help both WWE and TNA step up competition and give the fans excellent matches.

Video Game Franchise: Impact Wrestling has flopped when it comes with Video games. It's first installment TNA Impact was a excessive game to play but lacked capability of fun and excitement. During the time; TNA made Impact Cross the Line which eventually flopped with bad graphics and not a large selection of superstars. It is no reason Impact Wrestling is unable to fix this problem as they need to acquire a developer that is experienced in creating video game franchise and making it mainstream such as EA Sports. With EA Sports making Impact Wrestling; it can have better AI's; better graphics, and excessive game play that is fun and exciting to play with a friend while watching Impact.

On the next Loose Cannon: How *SPOILERS* are ruining the Wrestling fan base.
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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I concur with a lot of what you said. It's no secret I'm an avid TNA fan. There are so many things that need to change in order to improve it. I wouldn't really say "revive" because it never was a major player. That's the end goal. Become a major player. Improve the look and quality of the show. Make people want to watch...more importantly, make talents WANT to sign there.
  2. niafv1's Avatar
    This article made my head hurt. Clearly you are not a fan or have no idea of the real world and have a false reality of what "mainstream" is.

    Yes the X Division worked...4 years ago. Having a show exclusively on Hulu doesnt get them much $$$ so it would be throwing cash into a black hole.

    I dont remember Billy Kidman in TNA? Having notable stars is good as it gains them some attention. The way they use them is the issue, not signing them. Also note, the last ex-WWE guy was Chavo Guerrero, 14 months ago.

    Hogan as GM makes sense, as bad as it is to say, if people are flicking channels they have a better chance of stopping if they see Hulk Hogan than an AJ Styles. FACT. And yes, he didnt have any control over A&E, WELCOME TO WRESTLING.

    Going mainstream is A LOT EASIER SAID THAN DONE. If it were easy for everyone to "go mainstream", everyone would do it AND IT WOULDNT BE MAINSTREAM ANYMORE. This point is stupid as it doesnt offer anyway to garner mainstream attention.

    Monday Night Wars are over. Move on. They already tried, didnt work.

    The Video Game sold well but its bought by its fans. Making a game wont make something go "Mainstream".
  3. weems's Avatar
    Not sure I agree with much of this other than your thoughts on the X Division. First, TNA just had a ton of roster cuts and is unlikely to be signing former WWE talent as they don't have the budget. Personally, I was happy to see Trent Baretta go over to TNA. Also, I am glad Bully Ray and Kurt Angle are in TNA as well.
    Next, all wrestling promotions have an on air authority figure. I am not loving Hogan's role as GM but I do think it is better than the revolving door of authority figures we see in WWE. Mick Foley is the GM of Saturday Slam for God's sake.
    What do you mean when you say, "Impact needs to go mainstream?" Likewise, you give no examples of how they should go mainstream in that section.
    Can you actually imagine if Impact moved to Monday Nights! VKM would buy ads on Spike TV promoting Raw. Meanwhile, Impact's ratings would drop even lower as their viewership may turn to Raw, football or other alternative programming.
    Why in the hell would EA put a bunch of money into a TNA video game? In theory, this is a good idea to help TNA have a better game. Realistically, this would be like THQ putting a bunch of money into a CFL game to compete with Madden.
  4. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Disagree with ya on the X-Division as it just recently was the main event of Impact in a triple threat match for the belt to see who would face Bully at Destination X. I agree however, X-Division has been less interesting especially with every match being a triple threat match. However, the worst time for the X-Division to me was when Robbie E kept battling with Jay Lethal. Lethal winning it so many times and Robbie E is just Robbie E. That was basically the X-Division until Aries brought it back to heights it once was.

    I don't like seeing all the WWE guys on TNA either on Impact. However, if they were former WWE talent that were misused like Roode, Trent, among others.....I don't see what hurts by bringing them in. As far as Road Dogg which was ages ago, he was one of the reasons I kept the channel where it was. It is like, are you going to a local wrestling event if you know 0 guys on the card? How about if they had someone like Flair or guys who you used to love on the card? Yea, I'm more likely going to purchase ticket if guys I know will be there.

    How else do they schedule matches with no authority figure?

    I certainly don't believe moving to Monday Nights will help. Wrestling fans will choose between the two, I certainly would choose to watch Raw over Impact on Mondays like I did last go round.

    I've always wanted TNA to make a new video game since they made their first one.

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