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In Defense Of: Sid

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I wrote my in Defense of Blog a few days ago about The Ultimate Warrior and surprisingly I found out that a lot of people feel the same way about the Warrior as I do. The Warrior is no ones favorite wrestler but certainly doesn't deserve the criticism he gets for his 1 WWF Run... Today I'am gonna blog about another controversial figure in wrestling and that is Sid/ Sid Vicious/ Psycho Sid/ Sid Justice or what ever you prefer to call him.

Sid is a very rare occurrence in Professional wrestling, Sid is one of the only wrestlers I know that in his prime, no matter where and when in prowrestling you put him he would be a main event star. Would Ric Flair or Hulk Hogan from the 80's work in today's wrestling? Probably not, Would Steve Austin be the huge Mega star he was if he came around in the early 80's? Doubtful, Would the Undertaker be Phenom in the early 80's or 70's? In the words of Gorilla Monson "Highly Unlikely", But for some reason If Sid was in wrestling in the 1960's or 2060 he would be a main eventer. Sid had a Presence and look that has never been seen before or after, Has their been a Wrestler bigger or with a better build than Sid? Of course, But Sid had that "It Factor" and he was captivating. Sid's Promos (which were not Classics by any means) were perfect for his character. Sid looked like a Psychotic monster and his mannerisms, Move set and promos complimented him perfectly..... Before anyone misunderstands my blog and take it another route, I'am not implying that Sid is more Talented then any of the men I mentioned Above. I simply mean that no matter what promotion or what time line you put Sid in, If you just drop him in the middle of the ring a Crowd would react to him.

No matter how much a company trys to bury Sid, Sid has a uncanny ability to be over no matter what. I remember in the mid 90's, The WWF wasn't happy with Sid for several reasons (Fake injuries to play Soft Ball, also some drug issues and maybe some attitude problems etc) They were Jobbing Sid to Henry Godwinn and a bunch of other lower mid carders. Then the WWF brought Sid in as a last minute replacement for The Ultimate Warrior at International Incident IYH to team with Shawn Michaels and Ahmed Johnson against Vader, Bulldog and Owen Hart and Sid blew the roof off the place. Sid was easily the most over guy in the ring and the fans reacted in such a huge way to Sid that it forced WWF to change their whole booking for the next 7 monthes and put Sid in the main event picture, Give him 2 title reigns and a Wrestlemania main event spot. Sid's popularity was so huge it forced Shawn Michaels to be a heel for 1 night at Survivor Series.

After the WWF used up Sid and pretty much seen his popularity was dying down and he ran his course they let Sid go. It looked like Sid's main event days were over and Sid end up in WCW two years later and sure enough the people reacted to Sid in such a way that WCW had no choice but to put him in the main event picture and put multiple WCW championship reigns on him... Sid had a surprisingly interesting feud with Goldberg in his last WCW stint and even though Sid was heel, Sid was so over that his cheers were trumping over Goldbergs and Goldberg was the most over guy in WCW at the time.

Sid set the standerds of a big mans move set in wrestling. None of the wrestlers in WWF or WCW at the time of Sid's debut were using high impact moves like the choke slam or Power bomb. Sid changed the tired old ways a big man would wrestle in America and introduced High Impact power moves to the American audience. If you look at most big men in the 90's all the way up til now, Their move set is a variation of Sid's move set of Choke slam, Big Boot and Power Bomb, Just look at Kevin Nash, Kane, Undertaker and many other main event big men.... Back When Sid was in the big leagues most big men wouldn't do much more than slam, Bear hug, sit on his opponent or choke and sometimes you get a lack luster drop kick and thats it. Sid was a trail blazer and ushered in a new way a big men wrestled.

With all that said, I will now talk about my favorite part of Sid, The Sid Behind the scenes. The legendary Stories we all heard on the internet. The Sid Safety Scissors incident, The Sid Squeegee story, The Sid squirrel story and last but not least the Sid Shit in his tights Wrestlemania 13 story... I could listen and read about Sid stories for days and not get tired, Sid's botches in front of the camera and behind the scenes stories are legendary. The truth is the wrestling world is a much more interesting cause of Sid for many different reasons.

I wasn't much of a Sid fan in the 90's, sometimes I quoted Sid or got excited for him but it wasn't some one I really rooted or got behind, but as I got older I appreciated what Sid was in wrestling. Most people on the internet and wrestlers will say Sid was overrated and didn't deserve the career he got. But I think the opposite, I don't think Sid really gets the respect he deserves. Think of it, Sid was over in the end of the 80's, 90's and 2000's, In NWA/WCW, WWF, ECW USWA and just about every federation he step foot in in 3 different decades. That is unheard of. Look at Hogan who had a ground breaking stint in WWF and changed the face of wrestling but moved to WCW and had a disappointing run until the NWO and heel turn. Ric Flair was a NWA/WCW legend and made the jump to WWF and no matter how perfect the situation was and how hard the WWF pushed him Flairs run wasn't exactly what people expected. Same goes for Bret Hart who shined in WWF and just bounced around in WCW. It is a testament to Sid to be in both WCW and WWF in 3 different eras and still remain over and relevant.

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  1. weems's Avatar
    I commented earlier but I failed to mention I enjoyed the blog and look forward to more "in defense of" blogs from you in the future. Maybe one on Lex Luger or another former wrestler that fits the bill.
  2. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by weems
    I commented earlier but I failed to mention I enjoyed the blog and look forward to more "in defense of" blogs from you in the future. Maybe one on Lex Luger or another former wrestler that fits the bill.
    Actually I was working on a Lex one. He was the first I had in mind but I wanted to do Sid and Warrior first. Thanks for commenting
  3. old school 1982's Avatar
    Sid was one of the greats. the man was/ is huge and that entrance he had was as great as undertaker's. He looked like a guy at the bar would not mess with or give a dirty look too. Even with the injury he suffered in WCW he still got a pop out of the WWE crowd when he kicked Heath Slaters ass. Too me he was the only wrestler I was ever afraid of I saw him in person a couple of times wrestling for WWE. Its true that if you brought sid back in his prime right now he would be taking on John Cena even if no one knew who sid was.
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