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Ringside Ramblings: The Return of Anyone?!

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Hello and welcome to my second ever blog, and the second installment of 'Ringside Ramblings'. I'd like to start this week by apologizing to the EWN community as i made some stupid and inconsiderate comments in the forums regarding SummerSlam spoilers and was subsequently banned. I'm not sure what i was thinking but i was being incredibly selfish and i vow to make sure it won't happen again.

So on to this weeks topic of discussion which I've decided to title....

The Return of Anyone?!

So as we get near the halfway point in our 'WWE Season' the obvious rumors start to swirl about who we can expect to be involved in next years Wrestlemania and it seem this time round, the answer is 'Anybody'......and for good reason. This is Wrestlemania 30, this is the biggest its ever been and its 30 years of history in one who do we want there?

There are the obvious names to start with: Austin, The Rock and Taker.

I think the only one of these guys we can definitely say will be there is the dead man, lets face it, unless he suffers a bad injury, he'll be on the card. The Rock may show his face but i don't think it will be anything like the last couple of years, it doesn't need to be. You've had your comeback Rocky, now go enjoy Hollywood. So then we have The Texas Rattlesnake, the man everyone wants to see go at it one more time and the only 'return to the ring' that could truly make this the biggest mania ever. In my eyes Austin & Punk have to go at it. Its a dream match that's very realistic and i think Vince knows how much money it will make him so he'll definitely try to make it happen.

Then the not so obvious ones: Goldberg, Batista, Jeff Hardy, Angle & Hogan.

The rumors about Bill Goldberg being at WM30 really don't mean anything to me. To be honest i was never a huge WCW guy and his run in WWE was pretty poor so i don't care to see him again. Batista is a guy i would like to see come back for a little run but maybe not just for Mania, again i don't think its the right stage for him (maybe the night after mania like Brock did).

So then the little more unrealistic Hardy, Angle & Hogan. Now i'm pretty sure that none of these guys will be at the show but I've learned to eat my words over the years. Jeff Hardy, for me, doesn't deserve it. Even if he is clean i feel like he let the company down too many times when they put him at the top and there are too many guys that work hard for him to be given a 20th chance. Now Angle is the only other guy i'd really want to see other than Austin. He's spent too much time in TNA for my liking and needs one more go at the top before he's too old to do sort yourself out Kurt! Hogan has to be on the list because he's Hogan and its Wrestlemania 30. Who wouldn't want to see him pose for 15 minutes just for the sake of it?!

There are obviously others that i'd like to see involved in the show in some capacity and they're all pretty obvious too. HBK, Edge, Flair, Foley & Shane McMahon are a few that everyone would enjoy i'm sure.

Now i'm sure i will get comments suggesting that i'm living in the past and that i need to get out of the Attitude Era but for me, this Mania should be about a changing of guard. There are so many new superstars emerging in WWE today and i think a Wrestlemania where the new faces reign supreme over the old heroes that we know and love, will be a real statement of intent for the future. So WWE, bring the guys we want to see back for Wrestlemania 30, but don't make the show about them.

So that's it for this week folks, I'd love to hear you thoughts and what you'd like to see going forward so get commenting.

Till Next Time.

Mr Audit.

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I doubt Hogan will be wrestling if he does decide to return to WWE when his contract expires. If he would, Cena is the obvious one a fan would want to see him face after losing out on it at WM25 thanks to that surgery clinic in Florida.Well according to Hogan.

    I believe The Rock has wrestled in his last match. If he hasn't 2 guys who I would like him to face would be HBK(not coming out of retirement) and Randy Orton. Very similar especially now with Orton being corporate like Rock was back in 98-99.

    Austin either vs Cena or Punk. As far as will he return, I have my doubts especially if he doesn't do it this year. The only real chance I think Punk can main event a Mania unless they would decide to make the world and WWE title unified where Punk would be in the finals like at Vengeance in 01.

    Taker of course, but I want his last Mania match in the main event vs Cena. So if he decides this Mania is it, it should be against Cena the man. Who should he face at WM30, well I plan on creating a blog later this year about who I'd him to face. That includes top 5 opponents, but I figure he only has at most 3, but I believe 2 Mania matches left in him.

    Goldberg vs Ryback, Taker, Cena, Austin....will he return? Doubt it, but it would be cool for him to attempt to have a better performance this go around than his last at WM20.

    I would love to Jeff Hardy to return, but I think he likes TNAs schedule so he can focus on his other passions that includes art, music, among other things. Who would I like him to face? I'd like for him to get a W over Punk in a return bout.

    Batista vs Lesnar has been a top dream match of mine since 05. So if he would return, I'd like to see him face Lesnar at Mania. Will he? Again, I doubt it.

    Angle is a future possibility. Don't know when his contract is up, but I figure he'd like to end his career on a note at Mania. I would have loved for Angle/Taker at WM22 instead of No Way Out. That is still 1 of the best matches if not the best in the past decade.It would have been a top WM match all-time as well. It probably would have made my top 3. Who he'd face? Don't know, like to see him vs Ziggler since the similar attributes of HBK. HBK vs Angle is a favorite match all-time of mine in Mania history. Daniel Bryan probably would be my top one again a wrestler similar to probably Kurt Angle's greatest rival in his career.
  2. MrAudit's Avatar
    Man i'd love to see Angle and Taker go at it again. I saw them at a Smackdown house show in London in 2003 (i think) and it was definitely the best match I've ever seen live.
  3. Rick BoA's Avatar
    I have always loved Goldberg, but I don't know why. He no sells everything and is not very good in the ring, but I would still like to see him come back for something.

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