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Dolphins1925 and the Great (Non) Controversy

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“Do what’s right for business. Please stop the leaks. #RAW”

Spoilers aren’t new to the wrestling industry. As long as there’s been someone who’s wanted an inside scoop, there’s been someone there to provide it. Back in the early days of the Monday Night Wars, WCW provided their entire audience with RAW spoilers in order to pull in extra business. The thought process being, “if people already know what’s going to happen over there, they’ll be better incentivized to check out what we’ve got going on over here.” There are dozens of sites (including this one) that supply live recaps/reviews of every televised WWE event and even some house shows. So the question is, is there a problem with any of this?

Dolphins1925 wants to be wrestling’s version of Anonymous. He wants to facilitate change, or at least make a point, through thief-in-the-night tactics. He wants to be heard, but not seen. To be honest, I don’t follow Anonymous all that closely, but I associate them with cyber activism (“hacktivism”). They wage online war against the likes of major corporations, governments, and organized religion. It’s their way to effect change, level the playing field. Dolphins1925 has a different sort of end game in mind. He (essentially) wants to restore the illusion of kayfabe.

So here’s the deal. Dolphins1925 and his compatriot are fed up with the WWE’s inability to run a tight ship. He’s sick of the leaks. He’s tired of potential story line plans hitting the web weeks in advance. He wants change. But wanting change in one thing, making it happen is a whole other matter. Well, turns out Dolphins1925 has a guy on the inside willing to dish out the dirt. The mission is simple; turn the proverbial leaks into a flood by divulging pay per view results. The goal is to back the WWE into a corner where they are forced to react. They’ll finally drop the hammer and put a concerted effort towards protecting the sanctity of their product. Almost seems kind of noble, right?

Here’s the thing, there are two types of wrestling fans: those who put more stock in the journey, and those who put more stock in the destination. To find out which you are, take a match that’s considered to be 4 or 5 star quality but didn’t have the finish you wanted. For all the Cena naysayers, a good/recent example would be Cena v. Lesnar from Extreme Rules 2012. A very intense/physical match that felt like a big deal. As good as it was though, many people felt “the wrong guy went over.” For some people, if the guy they want doesn’t get the W, then the match automatically becomes a dud. “Oh that guy won, I don’t even care then.” I’m not saying a bad finish can’t hurt a great match, but they rarely ever ruin them.

I’m a guy who cares more about the journey. I could care less about Dolphins1925 and the fact that he posts spoilers. Before writing this blog, I had never read a single one of his posts. He thinks he’s defending wrestling but he fails to notice that the issue that plagues wrestling isn’t spoilers, it’s curiosity. Leaks are avoidable. In fact, wrestling fans actually have to go out of their way to get the scoop on what’s around the corner. Leaks will always be there, spoilers will always be there. It’s up to fans to read or not read whatever they choose.

Personally, I make a choice beforehand if a wrestling PPV, on paper, is worth my money. I never have a problem giving the WWE my money if I feel they’ve earned it. I know there are live stream options as well as near-instantaneous live updates on any number of sites. If I’m invested in a story, I’ll hand over cash to watch it unfold. I don’t believe the same can be said for fans that latch onto Dophins1925. It’s like grabbing a book from off a shelf but only reading the synopsis and then skipping to the last page. You were never going to buy the book. You were never going to spend the time or money to become truly invested. You just wanted bragging rights and the opportunity to dish out your complaints before anyone else.

So no, Dolphins1925 isn’t ruining the wrestling industry. Fans choose the type of experience they’re looking for and for some that involves spoilers. But, in my opinion, those same people who want to be ahead of the curve aren’t the ones who would shell out hard earned cash to watch your show. Until Dolphins1925 starts posting spoilers in pop-up ads, I’d say the WWE is safe.

Thank you for Reading. Feel free to leave praise, constructive feedback, or troll. If you're going to troll though, please have some style.

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  1. RobVelcoff's Avatar
    Hi ejorbit, I always enjoy reading your blogs because they're well thought out and mature, and they hit on topics above and beyond what we see on TV. I'm sort of in between the "journey" guys and the "destination" guys. I never read spoilers because I'd prefer not to know what happens at the end of a match. Still, even if I did know who wins, I'd still watch a match because I do enjoy the actual wrestling. I'd probably enjoy it a little less, however, if I knew the final results. What bothers me is why some people go to great extent to find out what's going to happen in the future. It's almost like a game with them, that they "win" if they find out the results ahead of time so they can post them to the internet wrestling folks. That they somehow got one over on everyone else. But that's just moronic! Who cares if you know who's going to win? Keep it to yourself. I'd prefer not to know who the surprise Royal Rumble entrants are going to be until they actually appear in the match. So I never read the spoilers. It's fine that spoilers are listed, for people who like them or who miss a show. I come to wrestling sites such as this to find out some back stage stories that I otherwise wouldn't know, and to hear from other wrestling fans what they think about certain things. I don't get people who have to know what's going to happen in advance. Learn some patience, and enjoy the show without worrying about every little aspect of it.

    Looking forward to your next blog.
  2. weems's Avatar
    I agree with your thoughts for the most part. If you want to go out of your way to follow Dolphin1925 than that is your choice. This is nothing out of the ordinary in the entertainment business these days. Every reality show that has a winner such as Survivor or The Bachelor have spoilers online as well.

    On another note, Dolphin1925 is not good for the online betting sites. Yes, you can bet on WWE PPV matches on some betting sites, for those that are unaware. However, there is a $50 limit and the odds are very accurate so it would be tough for anybody to make any of these sites "go broke" despite how much inside information they have. However, if you do an 8 match parlay for $50, you could make over $1,000. I have never bet on wrestling but I am guessing some of the readers on this site probably have. That being said, I would hate to see Dolphin1925 ruin the pleasure that some of the other wrestling fans get out of betting on PPV matches.

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