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In Defense Of: The Ultimate Warrior

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I decided to start a blog on defending Wrestlers that the IWC to tear to shreds. The IWC are a weird bunch, We will completely overate some wrestlers and undeservingly bury another. So today I will be defending a man who has been a punching bag for Internet wrestling fans since the Internet was invented and that is the one and only Ultimate Warrior.

One of the complaints people have with the Warrior is that he was pushed to hard and too soon. well lets actually take a look at The Warriors WWF career. The Ultimate Warrior started his WWF career in 1987 and he got his first title shot in 1990, That is 3 years the Warrior threaded mid card and upper mid card waters and continued to stay over and get more and more popular as time went on.... The Ultimate Warrior deserved his Wrestlemania 6 spot in the main event, The WWF fans were very vocal on what match they wanted to see at Wrestlemania 6 and that was Hulk Hogan vs The Ultimate Warrior and if Vince Mcmahon and the WWF bookers at the time didn't book that match they would of been the most clueless bunch of morons to ever run a company, It was a sure fire money maker that no one could of ignored. The Ultimate Warrior was without a doubt the most popular performer in the WWF at the time so it was the right call to put the title on him at Wrestlemania 6. The fans deserved to see Hogan vs Warrior at Wrestlemania 6.

The Warrior Gets alot of deserved criticism for his wrestling ability. But what alot of Wrestling fans don't understand is that to be a great performer you don't have to be a Great technical wrestler. The Warrior may have not been The greatest performer but to say the Warrior hasn't had great matches in his short WWF career is just plain uneducated. The Warriors matches with The Macho Man and Hulk Hogan were some of the best WM matches of all time. The Ultimate Warrior Also had some really good matches With Ravishing Rick and back in the 1980s and start of the 90's The WWF was not putting on 4 or 5 star matches and The Warriors matches was definitely not the worst on the card, Actually at the time The Warriors matches felt like something different... What I don't understand is how the IWC can praise Rowdy Piper, Dusty Rhodes and Wahoo McDaniels as being legends but Can anyone think of any Great matches these men have been in? Dusty had some ok matches with Ric Flair but nothing I call classics. Don't get me wrong the Build for Dusty and Flairs matches were great but the matches fell flat and didn't live up to what they should of been. As for Rowdy Piper, Other than Bret Hart I cant think of a Great Rowdy Piper match, So What I dont understand is why People consider The Ultimate Warrior such a terrible performer and even call him one of the worst ever but The Warrior has much better matches in his portfolio in a much shorter amount of time Then a Dusty Rhodes, Rowdy Piper or a Andre The Giant, So Why hasn't these men been called on out on their lack of great matches like a Hulk Hogan or Ultimate Warrior has been. ( Please understand I'm not burying Rhodes or Piper in any way, Piper and Rhodes were Great on the mic and made excellent and iconic characters but they were not great in ring performers by any means).

Other criticisms the Warrior has is his backstage attitude. It's hard to critique someones work as a performer by who they are behind the scenes and the same goes for professional wrestling, because mostly Wrestlers are immature Jerks who will bully and try to destroy someones career cause they didn't shake hands the right way or didn't ask a veteran if they wanna cut in front of them in baggage check. So its hard to take a wrestlers word on who is a ass and who isn't behind the scenes. but from what I seen myself from Warriors interviews and Youtube channel is that he is a insane arrogant jerk. The Warrior is a weird Human being but that shouldn't effect his legacy in the wrestling business.

My point on The Warrior is that weather you like him or not he is a legend in the wrestling business, despite what you consider to be a "Good Wrestler" or a "Bad Wrestler" The Warrior has had few great matches and some good ones, Not many but some. The Warrior was no Technical marvel but he was a breath of fresh air. The Warrior was unique and stood out and that's what made the fans cheer him and that's what made people take notice. Many great wrestlers like Christian and Daniel Bryan will lay claim that The Warrior was their favorite wrestler growing up and one of the reasons they watched WWF.

In closing, Was The Ultimate Warrior The Greatest Chacrator in WWF History? No. Was The Warrior a Great Wrestler? No. Should Warrior be considered one of the Greatest of all times? Hell No. But is The Warrior really as bad as everyone says he is? Definitely Not.

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  1. ejorbit's Avatar
    I loved the warrior as a kid and he was perfect for the era he was in. He was colorful, intense, and had an incredible gimmick. Within the context of his era, I have no problem with him.

    I do think his backstage reputation does come into question when a guy of his drawing power is fired twice within 2 years. Then his stints in WWF in 96 and WCW right after were over before they started.
    Updated 08-24-2013 at 11:35 PM by ejorbit
  2. darkflint's Avatar
    I agree,UW was the biggest star in the company but since he is a bit odd(certainly no more than Bob Backlund-did you see HOF?)he's been buried.He deserves his own DVD as well as HOF(more than Koko b.Ware or baron Miguel Sacluna).
  3. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    I'm not a huge Warrior fan by any means but he is treated so unfairly, The IWC and some wrestlers calling him the worst wrestler in WWF history or saying how bad he sucked. Warrior is not nearly as bad as people make him.
  4. Kajmere's Avatar
    I think most would call Warrior a great performer, it was his professionalism that had often been questioned.
  5. dafunks's Avatar
    Who are these people and what are their names? I know nothing of these ignorant people you need to defend UW from. UW is a legend and one of WWFs greatest of all time. He may have been a crazy gimmick but he was a great one. He fitted perfectly with the times. Like many from those days they look dated. I am sure the cream of today will look the same in 20-30 years.

    These IWC sound like children who need to be ignored. I see no evidence of such silly stories.

    Let us all walk away from these deluded fools and laugh at them.
  6. niafv1's Avatar
    Unproffesionalism cost him.
    He was an amazing performer, but was a terrible wrestler.
    Dont ever put him on the same level as a Piper/Rhodes in that regard.
  7. jalsbury77's Avatar
    The Warrior certainly put butts in seats and was marketed with a stroke of genius. A person would have to experience it first hand but guys like Piper, Rhodes, Blanchard, Magnum T.A., and many many others had the southern territories on fire in the early to mid 80's. My father was a Coca-Cola representative so I was able to follow him around from event to event. The crowds inside and outside of the arenas are something that I'll never forget. I wonder how often the WWF/WWE had people camping in parking lots days before an event during that time period? There wasn't a building the NWA couldn't have sold out back then. In wrestling, there has always been a difference between what we see on television and what we see in person. Piper/Valentine and Blanchard/Magnum T.A. matches in any city during that time period had a five times better feel than anything The Warrior was ever in. They just didn't get the television hype that the WWF/WWE product received.
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