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Loose Cannon: League of Prosperity

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Ladies and gentlemen; welcome to another edition of Loose Cannon. In my last blog entry; I informed the EWN readers about Night of Bloggers 2013 in which will be an interesting development to say the least. In this blog; I will blogging about the league of Prosperity. This article will be devoted to us the EWN readers and bloggers who do not have so much freedom on this sight. This is basically a rant of what the "higher powers" should change and put into affect on this website. Hopefully this rant does not bother anyone on this website; just a blogger who wants change in the development of this website. Without further anticipation; welcome to the the show that is devoted for the fans, for the fans, and forever for the fans; welcome to Loose Cannon.

I read many intriguing blogs on this website daily. Whether it is Coffee Talk or What Really Grinds my Gears; I believe these blogs should be given more credit on this website. One of my few ideas were acknowledging these blogs on Loose Cannon; but I think it should be elevated to a point; a point of prosperity. Unfortunately; we get blogs from Joe Burgett which are good not to say the least but we the people want something out of the ordinary and the column section/blog section is not cutting it. We the bloggers should be good enough to have a blog published on the main page/news section but are overlooked countless times by Mr.Burgett blogs. As Kylos would note that really grinds my gears. Every week I read an exceptional blogs but they have little notice because of latest headlines. It is stircly obnoxious of the website to treat it's bloggers in this way. A few months ago; we had no column section in the News Section but we have one know by the same blogger.

For the EWN staff; here is an idea. Why do you not post the best blog of the week on the main page and acknowledge it! Instead of the reporters links which is a bunch of BS; there should be a little acknowledgement section acknowledging blog entry by myself, Kylos, Dashing Rachel, etc. It will get rid of the BS and bring the best out of the bloggers as they make improvements in their blogs to make it to the main page/news section weekly.

The next topic has been eluding this website for many years now. The idea of not keeping the readers interesting into the site. After reading the blogs and forums; we need a broader approach at the readers. An idea might be letting readers post there own videos about a certain topic; maybe in the video section that has repeat videos from WWE and Bleacher Report.

EWN take a Bleacher Report approach. For many years; I always wanted to see a information video from reporters such as Ryan Clark. We get the misconception of this reporter and he should make videos about lots of topics like Big Nasty on Bleacher Report. For many of you reading and thinking I am a Bleacher Report fan; I am just giving suggestions because it would be awesome to see the website with videos like Bleacher Report; that can be put in the Video section.

I will say it right now; I dislike reporter's links. It had been eluding this website since it's conception and it cannot get worse by day and day out. EWN scrape the reporters link as it has many false ads such as "the return of Evolution" (a fan boy dream; right!) and "Undertaker will not wrestler at Wrestlemania 30." It is the reporter's links that mess up the experience on EWN and should be replaced by advertisements of blog entries; as I explained before.

Speculation. Everytime I hear that word; it really grinds my gears and it reminds me of EWN. In the news section; we are eluded or lured into believing that Christian will win the WHC at Summerslam. We also get the same BS "at this time, creative plans can change." I do not know what it is; will the website flourish if they get one more read because luring your readers into a article is not helping the website but destroying it.

Now you ask yourself; what is too be done about these problems. I have listed all my suggestions but it is up to the "higher power" to deal with the problems on EWN.

On the next edition of Loose Cannon; why *SPOILERS* are ruining the basis of Wrestling.

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  1. weems's Avatar
    I love your idea. However, I am going to play devil's advocate as to what determines a good blog? Quick disclaimer: I also want to make it clear I do not work for this website or any wrestling website. In fact, I enjoy most of your work Assassin and would love to see some of our blogs posted on the "main section" one day. However, I think these questions must be answered before that becomes a possibility.

    Are you suggesting if the blog gets a 4 or 5 star rating, it deserves to be on the front page? Unfortunately, very few people rate blogs with the star system. I am willing to bet that less than 1%.

    Are you suggesting that if a blog gets a high number of hits it must be good? The number of reads may have nothing to do with the quality of the blog. In fact, I believe the number of reads for most blogs result in how long the blog remained on the front page and when the blog was posted. Blogs posted on Saturday and removed Monday will not get many hits. Meanwhile, blogs posted 5 minutes after a PPV ends and remain on the front page until Wednesday will get lots of hits. On another note, sometimes a shitty blog just gets a lot of hits because it has a catchy title.

    Do the number of comments correlate with how good a blog is? Sometimes a great blog receives little feedback. Meanwhile, sometimes a shitty blog receives a ton of feedback just b/c it covers a controversial topic.

    Next, this website probably does not want to publish any blog on their "headline" section that uses profanity, has grammar errors or that lacks journalism 101. Chances are most of us do not have the writing skills of Joe Burgett. Posting a blog that appears to be amateur on the "headline" section could negatively affect the reputation of this site.

    Lastly, a lot of people enjoy reading the professional blogs by guys like Joe Burgett. I am guessing their are some readers that would prefer these professional blogs opposed to our amateur blogs.

    Anyways, if these things can be figured out, maybe our blogs can get on the main section. The fact that the site posted this blog shows that they may at least be considering it.

    Overall, great idea!
  2. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Thank you for the Coffee Talk shout-out.

    As for your ideas. I think they're great. The only thing would be, who is to determine who the best bloggers are? I like to think that Coffee Talk is a decent blog and if it was featured in the headlines, I'd be beside myself with joy. However, I also know that, just like what @weems has said, I'm an amateur. And while I'm outspoken and, a lot of times, controversial in my views and content, my writing isn't anywhere near the quality of let's say, Yes! Yes! Yes! The Raw Review, who's blogs, while generally only a review of the show and not pinpointed on one specific topic, is well written and supreme in format.

    I think the men and women behind EWN have a lot to consider. Your ideas are good. Perhaps they can be implemented somehow.
  3. JoeB's Avatar
    Nice read. I thought I'd comment on this as I am just now seeing it.

    I have a few ideas for the Blogs and how you guys can get noticed more. I will say that you are a bit luckier than I. The Columns do not have a section on the website where they can stay up and be seen for a while. Clark loves to update the news section frequently, which is great because that is what this site is all BUT the thing comes down to this, while the Columns do relatively well in the news section, they have such a short time to be seen. Your blogs get far more view time.

    The cool thing that we can do is, when the new design is ready, push some of your ideas. When the new design comes, chances are that the Column section will be featured more often than the Blogs. So by then, we'd have a shot to do these ideas to better the concepts of them. Of course, after talking to the boss, it could take a while to see the new design. It is currently underway, but it takes time of course.

    Sorry for that.

    What I'd enjoy doing however, is maybe a "Joe versus" series with you guys. Where you give opinions on topics and so do I. The winners are determined by the vote of the commenters. Doubt I'd win that of course, lol. But it would give you guys more view time.

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