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Coffee Talk: Daniel Bryan and the Ties that Bind

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Hey everyone. Savior here with another edition of Coffee Talk. This one is going to be a little different than usual. This one will have one main focus, and that's Daniel Bryan and the main storyline in WWE right now. That main storyline being reminiscent of the main storyline of the Attitude Era where Stone Cold had a long lasting rivalry with Vince McMahon. But, I'm sure everyone has seen SummerSlam and Monday Night Raw, so I don't need to do any recapping. This is going to be what I feel would fully maximise this storyline in the hopes that it's not just stop gap until Cena returns.

So grab your cup of joe, latte, steamer...yada yada all know it by now, and let's enjoy some Coffee Talk!

So as the title suggests, this will be about the Ties that Bind. So what do I mean when I say that? Well, that's what this blog is about.

Daniel Bryan is currently facing insurmountable odds. He has to chase Randy Orton for the title, all while Orton has the endorsement of HHH and the McMahons. I'm not sure it's a foregone conclusion but The Shield looks to be playing a part in this as well. That's quite the stable with the McMahon backing. How can Daniel possibly win this battle? The obvious and popular idea is that he creates a stable of his own. I do agree with this but after reading some ideas on the forum, I have to disagree with the direction that suggests guys like CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler be a part of it. I've also read a lot of Big Show and Mark Henry involvement. My thought is this. If you want this storyline be something memorable and legendary, you gotta go much MUCH bigger than Ziggler and Mark Henry. So, here's what I propose...and I'm not taking anything into consideration, and am only basing this off of what i think would be nothing short of special.

So the Ties that Bind. The meaning behind that is that what I'm proposing are people and situations with ties to one, two, or all three focal points of this storyline. Bryan, Orton, and HHH. So, we know that early in Bryan's pursuit of professional wrestlng, he trained under HBK himself, Shawn Michaels. Obviously Shawn Michaels has ties to HHH, and even though they're friends and Shawn always has his back, he's also voiced his displeasure on more than one occasion to HHH about his life as a suit. He can't be happy with the way HHH was a sell-out and underhanded in giving Orton the title. That would be a great addition to the storyline. HBK coming to get Daniel Bryan's back.

The Ties that Bind. Who hates Vince McMahon's dirty tactics of doing business more than his wonderful wife, Linda McMahon. She's the CEO of WWE. She gives Daniel Bryan a political ally in this whole thing. How many times has Vince screwed Austin, just for Austin to align himself with Linda and get an edge somehow. I know she runs for office and all that, but like I said, I'm not taking other factors into consideration here. And while we're at it. Many times, there were TWO McMahon allies for Austin. So, bust out a little, "Here Comes the Money", and bring Shane in a few times as well to mix things up.

The Ties that Bind. Let's top off this little faction to battle The Corporation with the one man who knows more about battling with Vince McMahon than anyone else. The Rattle Snake himself, Stone Cold Steve Austin. I can picture it now. Daniel Bryan is in his third straight week of a Shield beating after constantly being forced into handicapped matches and stuff. He fights valiantly but the numbers game is too much. Suddenly, the Glass Shatters. Two stunners and a running Daniel Bryan running dropkick later, the Shield heads for the hills and HHH and the McMahons watch from the stage and stare in disbelief. I'm confident that there's not a single person reading this who wouldn't get goosebumps if this happened.

So let's put his all together. The New Corporation, which comprises of Randy Orton, the WWE Champ, The Shield, HHH, Stephanie, Vince McMahon, and the Raw GM, Brad Maddox. There's a lot of power and political power and corruption there. Way too much for the "YES" man to handle on his own. If he gets Dolph Ziggler and Show and Henry, well, that's underwhelming and really doesn't give Daniel Bryan a chance at gaining an edge. Besides, I think it's better to not have other piggy back on Daniel Bryan's success. So, it's only logical for Daniel to surround himself with people who can give him an advantage in some situations. How do we play this all out?

Let's say, Night of Champions, The Shield screws Bryan out of win. The next night on Raw, HHH and company are in the ring bragging, saying Daniel will never get another shot at the title...the crowd yelling "NO! NO! NO!". There's no other real logical contender for the title at this time, so they gotta keep Daniel in this thing. He comes out. HHH verbally humiliates him again but Daniel just smirks. McMahon gets mad and yells, "What are you smirking at?". Daniel stands aside and out comes Linda McMahon. Fill in the blanks on the rest. Board of Directors this, abuse of power that...etc.

Another week or two goes by and The New Corporation find ways around Linda's threats. Orton is chased out of the building by Bryan and later, Bryan is cutting a promo and HHH interrupts and comes down to the ring. They mouth off and The Shield's music starts. They don't show up though. Suddenly, HBK's music hits and out he comes to confront HHH. HBK slaps HHH, Daniel Bryan punches him a few times, and HHH turns right around into a SuperKick. Raw ends with them celebrating. Bryan is still the focal point of all of this, not being overshadowed by anyone.

There's a lot of possibilities here that will make the storyline interesting and keep Daniel Bryan as the focal point. Hell, there are others that can be brought in, such as Mick Foley, who's had his issues, with The McMahons, HHH, and Orton, and is also Austin's friend. Bring Jim Ross in, who's had plenty of crossings with McMahon and then Jerry Lawler can join his side and there's a rift being caused at the announce table between JBL, who's all for this HHH/Orton union, and King, with Cole as the mediator. The extent this storyline can go is endless, and it wouldn't really involve too many other of today's stars getting involved. The Shield can handle their business with Show and Henry, and maybe even Ambrose and Ziggler can feud since it's pretty clear Ziggler is out of the title picture for now. But Shield's feuds can be separate from this storyline as they play enforcers.

So what do you guys think. This storyline is just kicking off and I'm hoping it's not a stop gap while Cena's away. I'm hoping this isn't just a way to lead to Cena and Orton over who's the face of the company. That is my fear.

Well, my cup of joe is now finished. I hope you enjoyed this edition of Coffee Talk. I'd love to hear your ideas on how this storyline can progress moving forward.

Thanks for reading everyone. Be Safe!

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I would like to see that happen, but it won't. Stone cold isn't going to come back just to team with Bryan just 1 night. I hope Bryan wins the title back before Survivor Series. HBK isn't coming back to do that, at least I doubt he will.
  2. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TheGreatOne
    I would like to see that happen, but it won't. Stone cold isn't going to come back just to team with Bryan just 1 night. I hope Bryan wins the title back before Survivor Series. HBK isn't coming back to do that, at least I doubt he will.
    If Stone Cold did return, i wouldn't expect him to wrestle at all. Same with HBK. My motivation behind this thinking is that, the presence of Stone Cold, HBK, even Foley, maybe even JR, would be like a support system. Push the feud out of what we ordinarily see. Give it reason to really extend past the next two PPV's. Just Bryan losing and getting screwed isn't enough to keep it interesting IMO. Adding these elements, keeps it interesting. But like I commented earlier, Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton NEED to be center stage for this. Otherwise, it's all for not.

    Thanks for reading man.
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