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Booking Challenge: TNA Bound For Glory 2013

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The booking challenge is back, the question as always are you up to the challenge? Today, objective is to book the best Bound For Glory 2013 card. The max of matches remains 10. You can use anybody on the current roster of TNA Impact Wrestling. I'd also like to see the X-Division/Knockouts/Tag team/World title all be defended on each BFG card. Other than that do what you want. For those who don't understand the point of the booking challenge, please read the explaination right under this opening beside the *. For the booking challenge vets, here is my TNA Bound For Glory 2013 card:

*The point of the booking challenge isn't to predict what the actual card will be. It is to challenge wrestling fans to give what card they want to see. Give the best card that not only they want to see, but others would like to see as well. There is no fun in predicting what the wrestling card will be because every card will be basically the same. The point is, you are the booker and you got the keys to the car. People complain all the time including myself about wrestling product. Put your money where your mouth is. You give me the card better than the actual card and dare I say attempt to have a better card than mine. Forget current storylines, give me your storylines and your best card you can deliver in the comment section below. Creates that competitive environment I want, I want the readers to compete with me. Give me their opinion on my card and I'll give you my opinion on yours. That is the booking challenge!! This will be copy and pasted on every single booking challenge since some still don't understand how it works.

1.X-Division title Ultimate X match: Manik(C) vs Greg M. vs Kenny King-I don't like the fact Manik won the X-Division title at Destination X, but he did. So he has a decent meaningful run, he keeps it til here. I wanted someone different with a new era to begin in the X-Division such as Dutt winning it for the first time would have been cool after all those years. Greg aka Trent Barretta, at least I believe it was him winning the belt. Greg M. wins here, hopefully they keep him around for X-Division action.
2.Tag titles: Gunner/James Storm(C) vs Bad Influence-Sad to see how the tag division has fallen. Tag champs facing the best tag team TNA has is obviously being saved for Bound For Glory. Bad Influence is currently stalled in the BFG series. Just give the belts to the best tag team and get it over with. Storm needs to go back to where he was on his own. Sad to see the way they have used him. He is one of the big disappointments for 2013 in TNA. Bad Influence wins!
3.Bobby Roode vs Chris Sabin-To make it short and sweet, history is there between Roode/Sabin. Both have faced off in the tag division, Beer Money/MCMG 2 great tag teams. Both have been around since basically the beginning of TNA. They finally broke through over the past couple of years. Roode takes shots at Sabin's title reign in comparison to Roode's which is the longest in the history of TNA. Sabin's obviously only lasted a month which begins the feud....Sabins gets the W showing he belongs in the main event.
4.Monster's ball match: Abyss vs Devon vs Knux vs Mr.Anderson-Everyone should know my distaste for Joseph Park. Abyss returns to finish off Aces & 8s for good. Aces & 8s basically breaking up slowly, but surely including in this match turning on each other. That allows Abyss to come up with the W in this match.
5.KOs title:Mickie James(C) vs Taryn Terrell-Top heel in the division vs top babyface obviously makes sense on the biggest stage TNA has, Bound For Glory. Taryn is simply looking for her first KO's title in her career while Mickie is looking for bigger things. She is looking to capitalize on TNA's biggest event Bound For Glory. The birthplace of the Knockouts division in 07, to win at that stage will not only recognize her as the best Knockouts champion of all-time, but sell more albums in her other career. Deck is stacked against Taryn as everything is in the favor of Mickie James. Mickie defeating virtually every Knockout on the roster along with experience. Experience not only wrestling much longer, but in the big moment on the big stages. Despite that, Taryn wins!
6.Jeff Hardy vs Magnus-How long has Magnus been in TNA? You are young. Be patient and wait your turn they tell me. Sick of waiting and ready to make an impact. How does Magnus do that? By defeating TNA's top guy, Jeff Hardy. The same guy Magnus claims hasn't paid his dues, even embarrassing the company. Magnus believes he deserves Hardy's spot. Hardy argues he has earned everything he has received. In any case, Magnus wins with a schoolboy grabbing the ropes.
7.Kurt Angle vs Austin Aries-Aries dubbed himself, the greatest man that ever lived while Kurt Angle has been dubbed the greatest wrestler of all-time. By defeating Kurt Angle should allow him to be dubbed both. This is the main event I wanted for BFG last year with Aries winning, but we got Jeff Hardy instead. He has achieved every goal he has had in TNA, this is just the current #1 on the checklist. Kurt Angle is going to show Aries why he is called the greatest of all-time. Kurt Angle wins at BFG, however, Aries wins the rematch and grudge match.
8.Sting vs Samoa Joe-Joe:Why Joe why? Why did you turn on Sting and the MEM? Sting is a very good at what he does, but I will never forget why MEM was created. It was originally created to teach young guys like myself a lesson. Bound For Glory 2008, the veterans of the MEM cost me the TNA world title. Sting and his boys took what meant most to me. MEM target was to get rid of guys like me. You think I forgot Sting? MEM killed Joe, I was never the same after that. I ended up making the mistake of joining the guys who rid me of everything I've earned. Come BFG 2013, I'm gonna be doing the killing! Sting, Joe's gonna kill you!! Sting: You are wrong Joe. You joined MEM because you respected me and you realized Joe can't beat me. Joe hasn't been the same since stepping in the ring with me at BFG. My track record speaks for itself especially on the big stages which is BFG. In comparison to yours Joe, I blow you away. BFG is my event, I'm Mr.October! Joe wins time to get Joe back on track with win back over Sting.
9.TNA world title:Bully Ray(C) vs AJ Styles-Bully Ray:A TNA original vs the biggest bully wrestling has ever seen. This TNA world title is mine and no one, not even AJ Styles will take this strap away from me. No one is saving this company from Aces & 8s. AJ: This is all for me. No one stood behind me, no one believed in me. When I get accused, lose matches, and even when I take a break. They continue to question AJ Styles. It isn't about the fans, Dixie Carter, or what TNA wants. This is about what AJ Styles wants. He is winning the TNA world title for himself and by himself. He needs no ones help. Come BFG Bully Ray, you will see the AJ Styles NO ONE will see coming. Fans cheer as if it is a good thing. AJ wins, the whole TNA roster comes out to celebrate as confetti falls, but AJ leaves the ring. Goes up the top of ramp with the belt on his shoulder, looks back for a second, and keeps going.

There you have it!! My TNA Bound For Glory 2013 card. Love or hate my card? How would you book TNA's biggest show of the year Bound For Glory? Leave that and more in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!! NEXT: BLOG 100!!

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TomJarvis100
    The mma guys need to win if they have matches at bfg to make them look credible and like they are a big deal. Although I don't actually think they will have singles matches I think it would be good if they did. Angle,sting & Anderson would be good people to pit then over and it wont hurt them and they could always win rematches.

    I personally don't want to sew hardy near the whc picture in the near future because I find him a bit boring atm. I thought he would be put in the MEM but since he hasn't and he isn't involved with aces&8s. What match is he in at bfg? It would be a very good match vs chavo in ultimate x. Mixes it up a bit rather than the same xdiv guys we have. And U could set the story up quite easily with hardy wanting the xdiv title for a future whc shot.

    Yep hope Aries vs roode does happens but think it would be predictable for roode to win and think Aries needs the ppv win more. Roode would be on a bfg losing streak which could help set a story up for next year.

    I don't sew what's wrong with 3 4 ways that are all completely different. Makes it more exciting and tna always put lots of multi man matches on anyway. Moat of the small roster should be on the card otherwise what do U do with them for the big Ppv
    Can you imagine the backlash from wrestling fans if all those MMA guys came in and beat all TNAs top guys virtually. I mean, Angle and Sting are TNA hall of famers beat on TNAs biggest stage in virtually their first ever match vs 2 of the best performers of all-time. They need Ws to look credible? That is like having a celeb come in and beat Austin or Rock at Mania. Just shouldn't happen.....go out and beat younger wrestlers on the bottom and build them up. If you want them to look credible, don't have their first win in the company over the best TNA has to offer. This is wrestling damn it, not MMA. You actually want them to work 1 on 1 matches. Rampage looked like a fool in that tag match when he was delivering offense. Just imagine if the focus is totally on is a huge turn off. It isn't like they are drawing viewers any way. You actually think Rampage and the rest of the MMA crew are going to have long wrestling careers to build off of? Plz....they arn't worth it.

    I don't either which is why I have him vs a different dude. Losing to Magnus should push him down the card. Who in the X-Division is credible to be defeating Jeff Hardy? No one in reality which is why it is a bad idea. I wouldn't mind seeing Jeff challenge for the belt vs AJ and lose. Changing it up? You are making the top money maker in the company at the bottom of the card with a dude who can't get booked on Impact on the biggest show of the year. That my friend is the issue....Jeff and fans of his deserve better than that. He deserves to face a top guy because he is a top guy. You don't put Stone Cold vs Regal at Mania just to mix things up a bit over the IC or European title.

    Aries has beat Roode how many times in a row now? If you ask me, Roode is the one who needs the Ws. He was beginning to look weak at the beginning of the BFG series til he formed that stable with Bad Influence. Aries has won the most important matches while Roode really hasn't stepped up to the plate.

    Most of the guys you have on the card wasn't on there last year. Let the Knockouts do their things, no need for jobber involvement to ruin the only good division TNA has.
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