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The Wyatt Family vs. The Shield: An In-Depth Comparison

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The Shield and The Wyatt Family are the future of WWE. These two trio factions have made their present felt in distinct ways. But now that they have each gotten at least one PPV appearance I think a comparison is in order. And I am here to do just that. The other day I called The Wyatt Family Bray Wyatt and The Hillbillies but they will now be compared as a unit. I will be comparing everything. And i do mean everything. From entrance to promos, let's compare these two groups.

Catchphrase: "Follow The Buzzards" vs. "Believe In The Shield"

The Wyatt Family may have not officially made this their catchphrase, but it's the only shortened slogan that fits their persona. So we'll put it in here anyway. Now, the slogat of the Wyatt Family have this eerie feel to it. Follow the buzzards. We don't know what to make of it, but that's what the point of it is. Just to leave you wondering what their true ambitions are. Meanwhile, The Shield's catchphrase is more down to the point. Believe In The Shield. And if you don't, well, you can ask them what their response is. Overall, they are both very intriguing in their own right. But honestly, the Wyatt Family's slogan just has a bit more mysteriousness to it, so i'll give them the edge here.

Winner: The Wyatt Family

Ring Gear/Presentation

This may seem like a pointless comparison, but to me, how a wrestler presents themselves tells a lot about them. We have seen Cena's vintage shorts and age-old sneakers to Rey Mysterio's mask. These two groups have different looks that fit them. The Wyatt's are more rural and country like with their look while The Shield looks like a bunch of undercover agents. But if you ask me, The Shield's presentation gives a great feel as to how they are. I am a sucker for the all black attires. It just fits them so great. Meanwhile you have Erik Rowan's sweaty tank-top and just looks like he finished doing some outside raking in the outside sun. So The Shield takes this one.

Winner: The Shield

Ring Ability:

Okay, there isn't really much to debate here. The Shield clearly have the superior wrestlers. They are just more athletic and this is especially aimed at Roman Reigns who is advertised as the powerhouse of the group. Meanwhile the Wyatts just have Bray, and two dudes who do nothing but shoulder blocks and big boots. Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns clearly have the better movesets in their arsenals and are each capable of putitng 5 star matches on an individual basis. Rollins vs Bryan. Ambrose vs Rob Van Dam. Reigns can hang in there with Orton as well. The Shield blows The Wyatts away in this regard.

Winner: The Shield

Theme Song: "Broken Out of Love" vs "Special Op"

Both of these theme songs are brilliant. This one is something I had to think long and hard about it. And when it finally came to me, I decided that The Wyatts have the edge here. It's not that The Shield's theme sucks. But when I listen to their theme song, it sounds like a generic heel faction theme. Meanwhile, when you have the Wyatts you have a song with actual lyrics which absolutely makes no sense. And i love songs like that. Just like their slogan, their mysteriousness gives them the edge once again.

Winner: The Wyatts

Debut/First PPV Match:

Both teams had great debuts. The Shield made their first appearance in the main event of the Survivor Series last year, with no one aware of their arrival. They interfered in the WWE Title Triple Threat match and helped CM Punk reach 1 full calendar year of being WWE Champion. Meanwhile, we saw vingettes of Bray Wyatt on television after WWE decided to bring him to the main roster from NXT. Those vingettes were probbably the best vingettes I have seen on television since they did them for Sean O'Haire (WWE dropped the ball big time on this one. Did you see his promos?). But if you ask me to pick, i gotta give it to The Shield. Why do I do that? When The Shield debuted, they were the talk of WWE. They were getting involved with top notch stars already and quicker. Their first PPV match at TLC last year was a match of the year candidate. In the first ever 6 man TLC match, The Shield held their own against three of the top faces at that time and got a clean victory. They weren't the cowardly heels. They managed to powerbomb Ryback through a table as a group, Roman Reigns speared Kane through the barricade and Rollins smashed Daniel Bryan's face into a chair using his leg. Let's not forget Roman Reigns' top rope jacknife to Daniel Bryan though a table. That's how you make a statement.

Meanwhile, i believe The Wyatt Family's debut was good, but not great. The "we're here" made me sort of mark out. But then the crowd started chanting "Husky Harris" which means that they remember who he was two years ago. As if he is just returning. Their entrance was golden, i'll give them that. Their, well, Bray Wyatt's first PPV match was great in terms of facing Kane in a ring of fire match. But he didn't really show of his stuff because of Rowan and Harper's interference. He really didn't look strong in it either. But we haven't seen them as a group yet. But already this tells me that i think WWE has more faith with The Shield as a tag team as opposed to the Wyatts. They'll have more time, but this is just how I see it.

Winners: The Shield


The Shield entering through the crowd vs The Wyatts with the lights out with one lamp. Now when The Shield enters, they are looking everywhere to see where they will come from and that adds to the anticipation. But the Wyatts get the edge here to me. The "we're here" followed by lights out and the Wyatts walking gingerly to the ring with nothing but a flashlight. Another interesting aspect of their entrance is the sheep's head in the back which stirrs me up every time. The Wyatts take it here.

Winners: The Wyatts


If you ask me, it should really be just Bray Wyatt vs Dean Ambrose because they do most of the speaking. But if you ask me, I'll take The Shield on that one. Backstage at an undisclosed location looking into a camera makes it look like they are sending a death threat before a bomb goes off. And guess what? They all speak. The Wyatts can't say that. Only Bray can. They just can't do it like The Shield. And Dean Ambrose, just saying, is going to be one of the best speakers in WWE history by the time he retires. Guaranteed.

Winners: The Shield


The Shield are giving the renegade, rebel-like, fight the system gimmick in regards to justice. Meanwhile The Wyatts have a gimmick of coverting opponents to the beliefs, "follow the buzzards". I will take The Wyatts. Why? The Shield's gimmick is kind of worn out. Since they debuted, they have taken out, defeated in matches, and went after John Cena, Sheamus, Randy Orton, Ryback, Big Show, Mark Henry, The Usos, Sin Cara, Rey Mysterio, The Great Khali, Triple H, Ric Flair, The Rock, The Undertaker, Kane, Brad Maddox, Daniel Bryan, Justin Gabriel, Zack Ryder, Mick Foley and Christian. The only big name i could think of that they haven't gotten is CM Punk. But hopefully Ambrose and Punk will feud as Punk has stated that he wants to. They have beaten everyone there is to beat today. But if they wanted to really fight the power, shouldn't they go after who's responsible for all of this? Vince Mcmahon? Anyway, now they hold most of the midcard titles and are looking for opponents. If you ask me I would tune into a Shield vs Cesaro/Swagger match.

The Wyatts have a more interesting gimmick and based on how they carried Kane to the back makes me anxiously lie in wait as to who their next victim will be.

Winners: The Wyatts

Leaders: Bray Wyatt vs Dean Ambrose

The two ring leaders do most of the talking, most of the in-ring work, most of everything. Ambrose is mean Joker with a feel for promos and a great in-ring work record. Bray Wyatt has worked hard the past two years to shave off some excess waist and I am glad he is back for one. They both have bright futures, depending on how WWE creative treats most of them. But when it comes down to it, Ambrose takes it. He just looks like a heel Triple H in his prime back in 2000-2006. He has the entire package. We have already seen Bray Wyatt in a different form and it didn't work out. I can't wait to see how he develops. But Ambrose's ceiling is remarkably high right now and he will bring prestige to some of the World Titles.

Winner: Dean Ambrose and The Shield

As you can see, both of these factions will dominate WWE until they go their seperate paths and inevitable chase their own singles success. They have made their impact and I for one am looking forward to it. Now obviously, this comparison may be somewhat incomplete because we have seen The Wyatts for no more than two months whereas The Shield have been here since last year. But if you ask me who I would pick right now? The Shield dominates when it comes to performance such as promos and ring work where as The Wyatts obliterate The Shield in terms of appearance and gimmick. Well, i would advise you to Believe In The Shield. But this is all speculation. Comment who is better and why. Be respectful please. No harsh language. I will see you all the next time.

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  1. Hurtts101's Avatar
    Pretty much nailed it (though I didn't think the Shield had a leader). I do have to give credit to The Wyatt Family; I didn't think the gimmick would work past NXT but they are pulling it off. I have a feeling The Shield will be working for the McMahons for a bit, but see them turning face perhaps around Survivor Series at which point maybe we'll get a feud between the factions. But for now 2great groups with plenty to look forward to.
  2. nothingmusic42's Avatar
    Am I the only one who gets less of a Duck Dynasty feel, and more of a Texas Chainsaw Massacre/ hellbilly clan feel from the Wyatts?
    Kane's going to be Bray's Leatherface....

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