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Dashing Rachel

The Evolution, Part Deux Begins...

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Effective this Monday, a new regime will be taking over Monday Night RAW as Triple H will be making some serious changes now that he has entered the dark side after ruining Daniel Bryan's WWE Championship reign by having Randy Orton cash in his MITB Briefcase to become the new WWE Champion.

And so without further delay, here's what to expect:

Triple H fires RAW GM Brad Maddox, replaces him with John Laurinaitis. Let's face it: Maddox was very boring as RAW General Manager as he lacked some real personality IMO. In a desperate move to reinforce the power struggle against his father-in-law, Vince McMahon, Triple H decides to fire Maddox and replace him with Laurinaitis. Having Laurinaitis as RAW GM helps the feud between Triple H and Daniel Bryan as Lauriniatis is the guy that would no doubt make life miserable for the Yes Man.

A potential John Cena vs. Randy Orton feud. Cena is expected to take some time off as he will have surgery on his elbow in the coming days. But once he's recovers, I expect him to rekindle his feud against Orton perhaps as soon as the Survivor Series
PPV on Sunday, November 24th.

Anarchy in the WWE? With the power struggle looming on the horizon, expect various WWE Superstars in a fight over who should dominate the WWE? The babyfaces or the heels? We shall see...

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I don't want Orton/Cena! Cena/Bryan 2 Survivor Series for the WWE title!!
  2. temencer's Avatar
    Why would Orton and Cena happen? Orton didn't take the belt from Cena, he took it from Bryan. The more obvious feud would be Orton/Bryan.

    Honestly, this feels like they're trying to build the whole Corporation Vs Austin feel from the 90s. Make Bryan the new Austin. His wild personality is similar, except he's not as rough around the edges. He's way over with the wrestling world and has the talent to back it up. I loved his promo on Friday where he dissed John Cena (Whom I do respect) but thought his maniac expression was awesome.

    In the end, I love factions. If they re-hash Evolution I'd be fine with that. Especially if they can figure out a way to bring in new blood ... evolve the stable, so to speak.
  3. mr wrestling fan's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Rick BoA
    I may have to find a website to stream RAW from.
  4. lucidreamer's Avatar
    HHH, Orton, Big E, Roman Reigns Evolution Part 2
  5. Rebel Lion's Avatar
    How do you write a blog about Evolution without actually talking about.....Evolution?? New G.M., Orton vs. Cena, faces vs. heels......nope, no Evolution. I am going to have to consider this blog a fail.
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