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Dashing Rachel

The Evolution, Part Deux Begins...

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Effective this Monday, a new regime will be taking over Monday Night RAW as Triple H will be making some serious changes now that he has entered the dark side after ruining Daniel Bryan's WWE Championship reign by having Randy Orton cash in his MITB Briefcase to become the new WWE Champion.

And so without further delay, here's what to expect:

Triple H fires RAW GM Brad Maddox, replaces him with John Laurinaitis. Let's face it: Maddox was very boring as RAW General Manager as he lacked some real personality IMO. In a desperate move to reinforce the power struggle against his father-in-law, Vince McMahon, Triple H decides to fire Maddox and replace him with Laurinaitis. Having Laurinaitis as RAW GM helps the feud between Triple H and Daniel Bryan as Lauriniatis is the guy that would no doubt make life miserable for the Yes Man.

A potential John Cena vs. Randy Orton feud. Cena is expected to take some time off as he will have surgery on his elbow in the coming days. But once he's recovers, I expect him to rekindle his feud against Orton perhaps as soon as the Survivor Series
PPV on Sunday, November 24th.

Anarchy in the WWE? With the power struggle looming on the horizon, expect various WWE Superstars in a fight over who should dominate the WWE? The babyfaces or the heels? We shall see...

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  1. Dashing Rachel's Avatar
    What do you think of a potential Evolution, part two stable? Anyway, I can't wait to watch RAW tonight!
  2. Rick BoA's Avatar
    I may have to find a website to stream RAW from.
  3. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    Just to prove to you that it's pretty easy...

    I don't see Johnny Ace being brought in as the GM of Trips choosing. I see him bringing in Flair to do it. Flair GM, Trips CEO, and Orton Champion is the perfect position for this "Corporate Evolution" you speak of...

    Also, Thanks for not caring about your fellow users and posting spoilers where ever and whenever you please. Glad to know you only care about people paying attention to what you have to say... Not what others might think.
  4. PSOjedi's Avatar
    you really want to see one more time Cena vs Orton ? don't understand why people always want to see the same things again again & again
  5. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    With all due respect to Dashing Rachel,

    This is one of the worst storyline suggestions that I have ever heard!

    WWE has 20 Million viewers in a single week, Daniel Bryan right now is the is the greatest thing since sliced bread, you have everybody and their Grandma watching WWE Television right now, and you want to talk about bringing in John Lauriniatis?!

    You must an avid TNA viewer aren't you? There is a reason why stables aren't in WWE right now. Evolution is dead! Buried! Zippo! Gone! History! Nada! No More!
    The only way Evolution would make a comeback is if Ric Flair came back to WWE Television and aligned himself with the two, which is highly unlikely.

    John Cena also has to deal with the baseball that is currently stuck in his elbow right now, so he'll be out for the next several weeks.

    Get some FACTS, and then come back and see me!
  6. AssassinBlade's Avatar
    Excellent blog topic but to tell you the truth it is too short. This would have been a great forum topic but I will discuss that later. Furthermore, why do we need John Laurtanis back and he technically is hated by most of the WWE universe and demolish the storyline that is currently going on between Evolution and Danial Bryan. I see a Evolution return because anyone would be happy to see that and bringing back Ric Flair as a manager would be awesome. Currently, I would love to see another John Cena/Randy Orton rivalry but Cena is currently going out to recuperate his elbow; which is not awesome because he is the best in the world! Only problem I have with this is a John L return and this blog entry is too short which should belong in the forums. A okay read through.

    -Assassin Blade
  7. John Lonce's Avatar
    Triple H......Beat up by wife and 4 1/2 years later, I'll help you win the WWE Title
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