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Wrestling Fan's Predictions- SummerSlam 2013

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Hi there guys, well I'm here to do what most people are doing and that's stating their predictions for SummerSlam 2013! This is the third time I have posted predictions for a PPV, and when I did WrestleMania and Money in the Bank, I was right on over half of the matches, so let's take a look at the matches that will take place tonight...

Pre-Show- United States Championship- Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Rob Van Dam-

I would have prefered RVD in the World title match instead but at least he's competing at SummerSlam, even if it is in the pre-show. They needed someone to face Ambrose for the title and with RVD as being that guy I can see this match as being very entertaining and something that should get the fans in attendance hyped for the SummerSlam event! I'm going with Ambrose to pull out a sneaky victory in this one and retain his title.

My Prediction- Dean Ambrose retains the title.

Cody Rhodes vs. Damien Sandow-

Personally I am really looking forward to this match and think the WWE have done a good job in building up this feud in the past weeks. I think Rhodes as a face is slowly working but he'll definitely be a top face in the months and years to come. Sandow is doing great also and I can't wait for him to cash in and become the World champion. Even though the briefcase is not on the line in this match, I can see it being on the line at Night of Champions seeming 'every title is on the line', so why not Sandow's briefcase for a change aye?

My Prediction- I see Cody Rhodes winning this and then there being a rematch at Night of Champions for the briefcase.

Dolph Ziggler & Kaitlyn vs. Big E Langston & A.J.-

This is another feud that has been built up good in the past few weeks in my opinion and I am looking forward to this match too! A.J. vs. Kaitlyn was getting stale so by putting them in a Mixed Tag Team match is a good move, but I still see a 3rd PPV match between the two at Night of Champions. This should be an okay match with Kaitlyn getting the win for her team on A.J. I would have preferred this to be an Intergender match so that A.J. could have been in the ring with Dolph, but oh well, I'm sure we'll see her try and attack him anyway!

My Prediction- Kaitlyn & Dolph win with Kaitlyn getting the win.

Kane vs. Bray Wyatt- Ring of Fire Match-

Well I never saw this type of match coming, a Ring of Fire match- well basically an Inferno match, but with a few different rules to make it 'PG'. The only way to win this match is by pin fall or submission and you can't put the other man on fire to win, like previous Inferno matches. I don't see this one as being a great match but it should be entertaining and be interesting to see how these two men interact with one another with the fire surrounding the ring.

My Prediction- I actually see Kane getting the win in this one as none of the Wyatt family can interfere, but I don't think that the feud ends here.

Brie Bella w/Nikki Bella & Eva Marie vs. Natalya w/Cameron & Naomi-

I see why there doing this match as they want to promote Total Divas, but I am not looking forward to this match and don't think it will last long at all, maybe around 4-5 minutes. I see Brie getting the win in this match thanks to some outside interference, but no Twin Magic.

My Prediction- Brie Bella gets the win.

World Heavyweight Championship- Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Christian-

I am so glad that Del Rio got rid of Ricardo 2 weeks ago on RAW. When I watched Del Rio come out with Ricardo I said to my brother, man I wish he would just go, and my prayers were answered and Del Rio shoved Ricardo to the shelf. People may think Del Rio is boring and I believe that too partly, but he is a good worker and this match has the potential to be a really good match. We've seen these two face off twice recently with Christian getting the win, but I'm really not sure about how this one will go. I can easily see Del Rio retains and then actually defend his title in a Championship Scramble at Night of Champions (which probably won't happen but I think would be a great idea) but then I see Christian getting the win thanks to a Ricardo Rodrigeuz interference. Hmm I'm gonna go with Del Rio retaining the title with Ricardo still interfering, but still not being enough for Del Rio to lose the match.

My Prediction- Del Rio retains the title.

The Best vs. The Beast- CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman-

This match has been brewing ever since Paul Heyman came back last year, and it was only a matter of time before this one would happen. I thought they were going to save this for a WrestleMania but no, they're doing it for SummerSlam and why not? Why make us wait longer? I'm not as excited for this match as I thought I would be, but still it's gonna be a good match but not as good as many people are thinking. It will be interesting to see how Lesnar actually wrestles again as we've seen him brawling most of the time and having gimmick matches, so this will be a nice change. I can see this match going either way again like the Del Rio match but at the end of the day I don't think Lesnar can afford another lose and needs to look strong for his next feud. I don't really see a rematch between these two so I see Lesnar winning to end this rivalry. I don't see him winning decisevely though, maybe a quick F5 out of nowhere to get the win or a sneaky roll up?

My Prediction- Brock Lesnar wins the match, probably with the help of Paul Heyman.

WWE Championship- John Cena (c) vs. Daniel Bryan- Triple H is the Special Guest Referee-

This will no doubt be the match of the night, simply because you know both of these men will want to put on the best match. We all knew this one was coming and this is the match I'm looking forward to the most! The electricity in this match wil no doubt be amazing and I'm sure that this match will be the last on the card. I would have preferred if this match was just one on one, Cena vs. Bryan with a standard referee, but once again Triple H has to feed his ego and put himself in probably the one of the greatest matches we have ever seen. Expect there to be interference from Vince McMahon to try and cost Bryan the match, but for Triple H to send him to the back. I'm thinking WWE will try and do something to surprise us in this match and this is what I'm hoping for. Bryan wins the match and then Orton comes down to cash in with Vince McMahon by his side! Orton comes to the ring and tells Triple H to be the referee, but Triple H instead Pedigrees Orton and the show ends with Tripel H raising Bryan's hand in victory, with McMahon looking on in astonishment! But that's just my wishful thinking, if something like this happens, I'll be very happy, but whatever the case, you know that Orton is going to be involved. Whatever happens, I at least see Bryan beating Cena for the title, whether Orton cashes in or not, that's another story.

My Prediction- Daniel Bryan wins the WWE Title for the very first time!

Well there you have it, my predictions for SummerSlam 2013! When the SummerSlam event was first introduced, there was always one memorable match that you would remember. The first SummerSlam with the main event of The Mega-Powers vs. The Mega-Bucks, '91 wtith Bret and Mr. Perfect, '92 with Bulldog and Bret and '05 with Hogan and Michaels. This year I believe we will get another one of those moments and great matches with John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship! I'll be watching this no doubt and will be hoping for a great show!

Tell me what you guys think and share your thoughts and opinions below, I welcome any comments and will respond to them all!

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  1. PSOjedi's Avatar
    Cody has been too dominant in the feud actually so for me, Sandow wins. Same for Bryan, he has been too successfull IMO and at Summerslam Cena retains. Christian wins the WHC, thanks to Ricardo. For Kane I really don't know if WWE will make him win vs Wyatt, at his 1st ppv. For the rest I'm OK with what you say
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I agree with everything besides Kane and Lesnar winning.
  3. benfenton96's Avatar
    Well the show last night was awesomeee! On the main card I got 5 out of 7 right so I'm happy about that and I thought that it was actually quite a good show, especially the Lesnar/Punk and Cena/Bryan matches, especially the ending of that match, Triple H and Randy heel again...finally!!!

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