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The Summer of Our Discontent

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This could have been a special party of the summer. This could have been the PPV that we have all been waiting for. But because of WWE's lackluster creative team, we will succumb to another PPV that makes me resort to watching pay-per-views via online streams. When I look at the card, there are only three matches I'll be tuning into:

Kane vs Bray Wyatt
John Cena vs Daniel Bryan
CM Punk vs Brock Lesnar

These are the only three matches that will bring any sort of reaction from me, and from the live crowd. Allow me to break this down. This year's Summerslam looks good in the eyes of so many, and I have sen so many wrestling fans gloat over how "well" this year's Summerslam was booked. I do not see it that way. So sit back and enjoy my rant as it has been a long time since i have done this.

Now, my issue here is obviously the booking. I will start with Cody Rhodes vs Damien Sandow. This match has absolutely no incentive to it for both superstars. This feud is all on the basis of the Smackdown MITB briefcase. But it's not on the line. No ladder match for it. I am not sure why WWE is afraid to put gimmick matches on PPV's that do not call for such things. Both men do not have any momentum going into this match. Cody Rhodes just lost clean to the WHC on Main Event. Damien Sandow, on the other hand, has been busy doing the job to Randy Orton. Now two people coming into this PPV losing will collide together. The match itself should be somewhat decent, but there is nothing to make it tuned it. And besides, what goes on for both men when this is done? If Sandow wins, he gets much needed win as his wrestling record from doing the job has been completely pathetic. If Sandow loses, he recieves yet another loss but retains his MITB briefcase to cash in on a tired Christian or Alberto Del Rio and can still leave as World Heavyweight Champion. Had WWE creative made this a ladder match, which it should have been, for the MITB much more people would be in tune. But since Cody gets nothing out of this feud, unless they decide to extend it, then this feud was destined to be doomed from the start.

As I look upon the card as currently constructed, I also see a match that shouldn't even be on the main card. Natayla vs Brie Bella. Now any backstage segment involving Divas are bound to be no good. But this match was just slapped there on the final second. Now apparently, 1.5 million people tune in to watch Total Divas based on their last ratings report. Apparently, that is enough for WWE to think that this show is destined to be a top notch show. If there is 1.5 million watching Total Divas, that means over 300 million people in America aren't watching it. Who's gonna take credit for that? This match would be more suitable on the pre-show, or better yet, a dark match. But Total Divas needs to get as much popularity as they can. So instead of seeing a match people would rather see, like Rob Van Dam vs Dean Ambrose, people are gonna have to pay to see this match, which will most likely be a bathroom break to most.

The Wyatt Family should not be called the Wyatt Family. They should be called Bray Wyatt and The Hillbillies. Those two country meatheads who follow Bray have absolutely no charisma and no in-ring ability as far as I'm concerned. Compared to The Shield, they definitely have a more interesting persona, but in terms of in-ring work, mic work, and stuff such as that, The Shield absolutely destroys them. Now this inferno match featuring Kane and Bray Wyatt is a very welcome addition to the card as it is reminds us of the good old days in the Attitude Era. What i don't like is how people such as Michael Cole stress that the fire is only destined to keep them in and not pose any physical threat. For most people, the point of a "ring of fire match" would be to use the fire as your best friend and at least somewhat burn your opponent. But since this is the PG era and safety is at a much higher precedent in WWE, this sort of took away some of the drama for me.

Dolph Ziggler is the show-off. And he is doing a good job of showing off he is destined to become an upper mid carder in the near future if this keeps up. Ever since he dropped the title to Alberto Del Rio at Payback he has been inserted into a feud between his bodyguard and ex-girlfriend. Now as I look at this we have seen Dolph Ziggler and Big E go at it two straight times in the past month and we have seen AJ vs Kaitlyn on two straight PPV's. Now they are making it a mixed tag team match, which is essentially making two matches into one. Big E recently went over Ziggler. Then on RAW the next week, we see Ziggler watching Big E and AJ lose cleanly to the comedic tag team of The Great Khali and Natayla. So now this tag team is being billed as weak and have no momentum going into this match. And they are the heels. Meanwhile Ziggler and Kaitlyn have resorted to their losing ways as Layla went over Kaitlyn as well. This match is just a big mess and it doesn't matter who wins. They both come in as a bunch of losers and may very well continue to do so if storylines don't improve effective immediately.
I even have issues with the main event matches as well.

Take for instance the World Heavyweight Championship match between Christian and Alberto Del Rio. Here is the rub. Alberto Del Rio is the worst World Heavyweight Champion since the title was founded in 2002. Of all the champions I have seen from Edge to Batista to Orton to Triple H to the Undertaker I have never seen someone so non-charismatic as ADR. The man does not know how to cut a promo, he doesn't elicit a very good reaction, even as a babyface and I feel as though tries too hard to get the crowd to get into his matches. Now here is the thing. Christian has beaten ADR twice. Twice. He also lost to Rob Van Dam, which makes me question why he isn't in the match to make it a Triple Threat instead of seeing the same match but with the title on the line this time. Now, Vickie Guerrerro can get more heat than ADR and if you can allow that, you must truly suck. But he did recieve somewhat a decent response for his attack on Ricardo Rodriguez so don't be surprised if he somehow interferes. And don't be surprised if the Intellectual Savior of the Unwashed Masses gets involved somehow. Yet another match that could have been made much better.

Rob Van Dam vs Dean Ambrose which was once a dream for me but now has come true. But it is on the pre-show which is making me begin to think that The Shield are becoming the kings of the pre-show. And i don't want that happening. This match should be on PPV. Even if we see this match for free, not only does it de-value the title, but it also devalues a stellar person such as Ambrose as well as a returning Rob Van Dam, though it is much better treatment than what he was getting in TNA.

Now for the main event. John Cena vs Daniel Bryan. This feud should have been just between those two. No member of the Mcmahon family should have been involved, and now the storyline has shifted to their internal struggles rather than the most important thing, the WWE Championship. I often call Triple H triple ego because that's how big he thinks he is now. People will be focusing on him being the special guest referee rather than the incredible match we will expect to see. Did anyone see their promo on Monday? If you did, then it could have been seen from a mile away that if they got more time in the same ring spewing insults at each other, than this could have been a special feud. A special face vs face feud. But no. The Mcmahons, who should be long gone has to stick their nose into it. The plans to turn Triple H heel does not intrigue me in any way. Triple H is a retired wrestler yet he has to involve himself in the WWE Title Picture by being the ref. Now that's where all the focus is going to go as opposed to the actual WWE Championship. Thanks a lot you caniving Mcmahons. You stank up the joint once again.

As of this writing, Randy Orton, Mark Henry, Big Show, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, The Usos and Curtis Axel, the Intercontinental Champion, is not on this card. Maybe they will just randomly add matches throughout the rest of this week to make this card respectable. But the booking to me has been lackluster and could have made this Los Angeles bound PPV so much better. I have stated to you guys the facts of each and every match and the truth hurts. This PPV will be decent, but just picturing how much better it could have been if not for lazy and lousy booking, we could have had a PPV that maybe could have challenged, dare I say, WrestleMania.

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  1. mr.onemanband's Avatar
    I'm looking foward to Christain vs ADR but that's cause I want christain to win they need to separate the shows again that's the last time wwe has had anything intresting
  2. RatedRKO's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by THE_CRIPPLER
    Cody Rhodes vs Damien Sandow
    This match has had some good build. I havent seen many matches not involving the main event guys and not involving A world title get a decent story and time to develop.... I dont see Why the MITB would be on the line. Why would Sandow put his MITB on the line? What would be the purpose?. I always hated when people put their career or No. 1 Contenerdership on the line for no reason or no gain, Especially if its a heel doing it which makes no sense.

    If Cody beats Sandow and Sandow cashes in his MITB then Cody Rhodes is automatically put in the title picture and we get to see some fresh deserving talent in the main event picture.

    As for Del Rio being the Worst Champion since 2002. Del Rio has been working his ass off and having some good matches on TV with Christian and Randy Orton, I think Del Rio is doing a decent job with what he is given.
    When he learns how to cut a promo, contact me. He is a great athlete. But a lousy WHC IMO.
  3. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by RatedRKO
    When he learns how to cut a promo, contact me. He is a great athlete. But a lousy WHC IMO.
    Del Rio doesnt speak english very well but im wondering whats Dolph Zigglers excuse. His AJ promo was Cringingly bad.
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