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6 ways TNA can be better than WWE

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6 ways TNA can be better than WWE

With the WWE’s tag team division in pretty good health and WWE Total Divas a success on the E! Network, it isn’t as simple anymore, when asking the question: What does TNA do better than WWE? To simply site the tag team and knockouts division as examples. The fact is that WWE is really good shape at the moment, it covers many different bases, larger than life heroes and villains like John Cena and Ryback to please the mainstream audience, along with pro-wrestlers like Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Antonio Cesaro, Seth Rollins ect to please wrestling fans. TNA cannot be a challenge to WWE simply for having guys like AJ Styles, Austin Aries & Samoa Joe on their show. But the question I ask in this blog is what can TNA develop and strengthen in order to be better at it than WWE?

1) Strengthen the X-Division: Although the X-Division plays host to some good wrestlers in Kenny King, ManiK, Petey Williams & Sonjay Dutt, there is no doubt that it is nowhere near as strong as it could be. TNA, since Bischoff and Hogan arrived have seemed scared that the X-Division might be the only reason somebody would watch TNA, but why? It was the matches of Daniels, Joe and Styles that brought so many fans to the product. Moreover, WWE still neglects the idea of “cruiserweight wrestling” and If TNA focused on making the X-Division must-see, that would provide viewers both hardcore wrestling fans and mainstream viewers a reason to tune in. This would mean introducing guys like: CIMA, Ricochet, Low Ki, Prince Devitt, and Noam Dor, all great talent that the wrestling world would be interested in seeing, and would make viewers tune in on a Thursday night to see the next gravity defying highspot.

2) Keep the Knockouts hitting hard: While the WWE Total Divas show has started well, I myself watched the first three episodes and found it hugely entertaining, the WWE Divas Division cannot hold a candle to TNA’s knockouts in the ring, TNA needs to continue to place emphasis on its female talent. It is disappointing to see Tara depart TNA and I would like to see her return to the division, along with TNA maybe bringing in Alpha Female, The Blossom Twins or some of the talent from OVW to keep things fresh. Meanwhile, Mickie James and Gail Kim continue to prove why they are two of the best female workers in the game, Taryn Terrell has impressed of late and Velvet Sky is extremely popular. An idea for TNA would be to a Divas search kind of concept, this would raise the profile of women’s wrestling and inspire young up and coming women that there is a company that takes women’s wrestling seriously.

3) Bring in talent from Mexico and Japan: With Rey Mysterio out, Sin Cara floundering somewhat and Yoshi Tatsu used as jobber, TNA could improve its product by bringing in top talent from Japan and Mexico. Re-establishing working relationship with CMLL and NJPW would be unbelievably beneficial to TNA. Having stars like: Ultimo Guerrero, El Terrible, Dragon Rojo, Hiroshi Tanahashi, Tatsuyo Neito and Kachizuka Okada coming in to work matches. In return the likes of Magnus, Samoa Joe, Jeff Hardy, Bad Influence, Bobby Roode and Austin Aries would the chance to work the two big promotions. This is defiantly something that TNA could do better than WWE, who are completely rooted to the idea of the squeaky clean American babyface.

4) Try new concepts: OK so the steel asylum match was completely nonsensical and the idea of the reverse ladder match that was King of the Mountain may have been a little baffling and the old fashioned monsters ball matches where the competitors were supposedly locked up for 24 hours prior could be spoiled in today’s social networking society when somebody tweets seeing ABYSS at the airport when he was supposedly in solitary confinement. But there is a certain charm to TNA and the slightly crazy matches you can only see in their promotion. Besides, the King of the Mountain matches were very entertaining, the ultimate x matches can be spectacular if booked correctly, the old four way monsters ball matches often lead to fun and chaotic match ups. TNA could also try out new concepts, like an Ultimate Endurance Elimination Match: four competitors/teams start each time someone is eliminated the stipulations changes for example: four way falls count anywhere match becomes a three way tables match and finally at one on one ladder match. TNA should defiantly make a big song and dance about matches that you’ll only see in TNA.

5) Make more of their four PPV’s: Arguably a fan should have more reason to buy TNA Bound For Glory this year, as not only is it one of their four PPVs a year but also the grand daddy of them all! Whereas what reasons does a fan have to buy WWE’s Battleground other than it is another WWE PPV? TNA should really pump this up, make it clear that TNA only goes to PPV four times a year and when they do it’s a jaw dropping, heart stopping experience! The fact is that TNA doesn’t book their PPVs to be special. I wonder what the Bound For Glory set will look like this year, now that IMPACT WRESTLING as been in arenas all year? Surely they must shell out the cash on a cool looking set this year, right? Every TNA PPV should have amazing matches that have been boiling up and ready to explode on that show, great action and exciting wrestling, everyone in suits (A little thing but really lends importance to an occasion). If TNA succeeded in this then your average wrestling fan may start to think about think if buying WWE Battleground is really worth the money just to see John Cena defeat (Insert any wrestler).

6) Ease off on the ex-WWE guys: Now, I realise that TNA would not be where it is today without various WWE Alum who have joined the company over the years, particularly Christian, Team 3D, Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy but TNA now has the platform to launch it’s own stars to build the likes of Magnus and Chris Sabin as stars, but more importantly stars that have became popular without the being in WWE. In a way it’s silly that TNA should push a talent like a Mr Anderson, because he once wrestled and lost to the likes of Cena on WWE programming, when they could push a guy like Magnus and when he is kicking ass and taking names, have fans ask: What would happen if Magnus was to fight John Cena? What would happen if Austin Aries fought CM Punk, if Randy Orton was to meet Bobby Roode. The fact that they haven’t been to WWE should be exactly why TNA should push them not the other way round.

I also have a problem with the way TNA is using Hulk Hogan, now I should say I am not a “Hogan-hater” I love the “Hulkster”, I actually jumped out of my seat at Bound For Glory 2010 when it looked like Hogan was going to come down and take out Eric Bischoff. But with Hulk Hogan as the general manager and constantly on our screens, it makes it seem like the only reason TNA is doing well is because of the guy WWE made, coming in and helping out. Now imagine if instead of being on the show every week, Hulk was reserved for special occasions. The crowd would go mental to have a chance to see Hogan, and Hogan could cut interview saying “I’m here to see Sabin (Or Aries) (Or Roode)” that why it seems that this wrestling icon, the guy who sold out the Garden and Body-slammed Andre at WrestleMania 3 is coming to be see TNA guys, they must be special right?

To conclude TNA will only be successful if they do things differently to WWE, it is only logical that fans will only turn to TNA if they are giving them something that WWE is not. The various things I have mentioned in this blog would all go a long way in making TNA seem like a genuine alternative to WWE and hence could only improve their standing in the wrestling world.

Love to hear any comments/thoughts below.
Thanks for taking the time to read this blog.

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Lack of talent in the KOs division will hurt them in the long run. Knockouts is the best part of the show without question.

    Like idea #3.

    How about do away with the stupid triple threat concept for the X-Division....I'll be happy!!

    How about also trying to be more original instead of making the new Fortune and MEM? Yea, it was their concepts, but come on now.

    I wish they would make more out of it. I mean it feels like just another ppv when they do it.

    I hear ya on the WWE former guys however, if they have talent like Trent Barretta who they messed up with you should grab them. I was rooting for him or Dutt to win the X-Division title. Instead we get Manik winning it. Why? Lets do the same thing over and over again because it is fun. Why the name change anyway? Manik is silly compared to Suicide which is a great name. No mystery anymore which hurts the character a lot if you ask me.

    I'd like to see them go after guys who are actual good like Masters, Morrison instead of those MMA guys. How many matches have these guys produced thus far? Hell Carlito joining would be cool as well.
  2. FellaMeep's Avatar
    A concept TNA has always had over every wrestling fed was that it was different. How? Their 6 sides ring. Six-Sides were always one of TNA's strongest points. They had the ability to make their own matches and their own unique way of showcasing. However, not because of Hogan, but because of money problems caused TNA to axe the ring.

    The ring itself was very costly to make for TNA and to take that thing on the road would prove to be even more costly. Which TNA got rid of the ring before they moved cross country just so they could try and save themselves money.

    But doing this came at a price. TNA would become like every other company, same old ring, same wrestling, same angles, same crap. Its unfortunate that it happened, and while I would wish nothing but burn and death for TNA, (company not workers) I wish they kept the ring so they could prove that they are nothing like any other wrestling company.
  3. Anyrysm's Avatar
    I agree for the most part, except for Hogan. Too much money invested in someone who likely no longer substantially draws for the company (I'm just guessing on that). Me, personally, I haven't watched TNA in over a year and don't intend to until Hogan and Bischoff are no longer on-air fixtures (my mini boycott)
  4. eboy's Avatar

    I agree that TNA needs to do away with the X-Division concept, it is probably the easiest division to book, just bring in exciting stars and let them have at it, give them some free reign.
    And I see your point about the factions, TNA could have easily come out with a new faction name instead of raking up the Main Event Mafia. This new faction between Bobby Roode, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian however is not a new version of fortune it seems to be a new alliance altogether.

    I also agree with you on the Trent Barretta score, bringing him, giving him the spotlight means that wrestling fans will see that WWE has dropped the ball on him and hence make TNA look better.

    However, I disagree when it comes to ManiK's name change, I think it was a good move by TNA. As there is a lot of awareness nowadays regarding mental illness and depression it seemed a little insensitive of TNA to be saying: "Look this guy is called suicide and he points a gun to his own head, cool right?" so just moving away from those connotation was a good move by TNA in my opinion, however I agree that the way they went about completely ruined the suicide character. We should have never have seen TJ Perkins revealed that way the ManiK character would have stood a fighting chance of getting over.

    @FellaMeep: I kind of like the four sided ring, it is more professional and more serious which is the way in which TNA must present itself if it is going to become a major wrestling promotion. I certainly hope that TNA is around for many years to come, it is home to some unbelievable wrestlers that WWE wouldn't give a shot to, and is certainly a more WRESTLING focused show than WWE.

    @Anyrysm: Exactly TNA are paying lots of money on somebody who is harming their on-screen product, I hope that Hogan sticks around in TNA because he really can boost the company's standing, however if he were to be on a contract similar to a WWE Legends contract where he would make fewer appearances, TNA could use him more effectively and save themselves some dollar.
  5. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    When you say TNA can be better than WWE, in which context do you mean? There are many WWE fans who will hate TNA just because it's not WWE. To me, TNA is already better. It has more of what I enjoy in a wrestling program. Decent storylines, awesome quality wrestling, not pushing their social media 50% of the time, and only 2 hours.

    If you're talking about revenue generating, ratings, and all that. Well, they can't be better than WWE because WWE is branded and the overall interest in wrestling is probably only 35% of what it was back during the Monday Night Wars. No matter who you get to run TNA, no matter who funds it and finances it, no matter what the circumstances are, TNA will never grow to the size of WWE, or what WCW was because the interest in wrestling isn't what it used to be. NWO was the cool thing of 96-98. Stone Cold was the cool thing during that same time. There is no more "the cool thing" to bring those who were usually not wrestling fans, back into it.
  6. eboy's Avatar
    When I'm talking about TNA being better than WWE, I am not referring to ratings or revenue generating ect, I am talking about the things they do in their wrestling shows better than WWE. For example in 2010 when WWE had a non-existent Tag Team Division and TNA was putting on the Motor City Machine Guns vs Beer Money feud, you could look at the two promotions and say "TNA are doing Tag Team wrestling better than the WWE". But now in 2013, TNA isn't in a great position, WWE has solid Tag Teams in The Usos, The Prime Time Players, The Real Americans, Tons of Funk and TNA has James Storm & Gunner and BroMans. (Seeing as Chavo/Hernandez and Bad Influence are invested in the BFG Series).

    I mean in terms of being a better promotion rather than a bigger promotion.
  7. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    In that case, yes, I already think it's better. But I do agree with your 6 points..they would make it even better than it is.
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