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SummerSlam and it's Underdogs...

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So for the fifth straight year Summerslam will emanate from the Staples Center in LA, California; and through those five years the PPV alone has reinvented itself and has left behind some even more incredible memories. Along with those memories Stars have been born and some have returned with a vengeance. Since 2009 Summerslam has had a bigger fight feel to it and has had 5 star matches involving some of it's biggest stars. Not taking anything away from previous Summerslams but I honestly think that this years event could very well be the biggest of them all. With that said underdog seems to be the underlined theme for the biggest event of the summer. Stars like Christian, CM Punk, and Daniel Bryan literally are facing their biggest challenges in the WWE.

First theirs Christian an 18 year Veteran, a 2 time World Heavyweight Champion as well as a four time Intercontinental Champion and during his time in TNA, he even won the prestigious NWA Heavyweight Championship twice. Those are his most major accomplishments and at Summerslam he looks to capture the World Heavyweight Championship one more time. In a feud that heavily favors Christian to win, at the same time most are paying less attention on this match and are paying more attention to the WWE title match; I can't blame them I'm behind Daniel Bryan 100% and can't wait for the match myself. But there's just something about how this World Championship feud is being booked that's leads me to believe there's no doubt in my mind Christian's walking out champion. Let's talk about what's happened thus far Christians on a bit of a winning streak which includes his no. 1 contender ship win over Orton and RVD as well as a win over Del Rio himself in a non-title match. Del Rio recently attacked his announcer Ricardo which could possibly set up a feud there and I don't really see the title being around in that situation. Finally this past Monday on Raw there was a video package of Christians career which really made me think he's going to win it one last time, hold it for a little while, at least exceed his previous runs and eventually retire. Also note that Del Rio really isn't getting over anymore with the crowd in his current heel run and it makes me think he needs to be repackaged or at least re built back up to the main event spot to help his character that's getting stale and has ran it's course. Also let's face it Christian could be having 5 star matches with likes of Ziggler, RVD and others for title. Yes I could be getting a little ahead of myself but we'll just have to wait and see Sunday.

There's also CM Punk who has had some tremendous matches in the Indys as well as his WWE career. A former ROH Champion, IC Champion, World Champion and WWE Champion, a wrestler that has found his greatest rival to possibly be John Cena has an greater challenge ahead of him come Sunday in the beast Brock Lesnar. Now out of all the great matches and memories CM Punk has given us involving titles or not this is his biggest match ever in his career. A man the WWE Universe has wanted back for years did just that a little over a year ago and it's as if he never left and has battle after battle with WWE's best since his return and now crosses pathes with CM Punk in what will be a straight up fight at Summerslam. It doesn't get much simpler then that Punk has himself backed up in a corner and deffinitly does have a challenge ahead of him in the beast incarnent at the end of the match win, lose or draw it'll be one to add to "The Best In The World" Vol: 2 someday. But an issue this deep and a match this big could possibly go well beyond Summerslam and I might not rule out a possible Punk vs. Curtis Axel match at Night of Champions. Not to jump to far ahead this match between the Best vs. the Beast could mark a defining moment in WWE's PG era. Done right matches like this can definitly be memorable and don't need blood, and obviously this one will be more of a brawl then a wrestling match.

Lastly Daniel Bryan the big underdog story of the evening here's a man that eats, sleeps, and breathes the wrestling business and takes an extreme amount of pride in anything and everything he does in that ring. He is the epidemy of what a wrestler should be and can draw all the emotion out of all of us in support of him. Going back to his Indy days where he didn't need to call himself the "Best In The World" yet the fans did it for him and he busted his ass for all of them. To this day where he is just inches away from grabbing the WWE Championship on the perverbial brass ring. He has climbed the ladder of success honing his craft night after night in the Indys and slowly gaining the charisma it takes to "hang" in the WWE. Bryan is the Best in the World and he doesn't need a t-shirt or anything else to spell it out for people. A 14 year veteran Bryan faces his biggest challenge ever against the face of the WWE John Cena where he looks to dethrown him and take the championship and truly without a doubt in anyones mind become the "Best In The World". It's a matter of pride, a matter of respect, and just the matter of him being a wrestler aposed to an entertainer.

But as much as he wants to become WWE champion and as much as the people want to and believe it will happen. There's one person slithering around the corner and whether Bryan wins or loses that match on Sunday he has to worry about the Viper Randy Orton who doesn't care if Bryan reaches his ultimate goal in becoming champion but only cares if he reaches it himself. Because you see it's been a long time since Orton's held championship gold and it's been even longer since having the WWE title. Despite the rollarcoaster that is Randy Orton's career nowadays being considered "boring" by the WWe Universe you can't deny the 5 star matches he's had in the past and the unfinshed business he may or may not have with Daniel Bryan. There could very well be a renewed Orton and Bryan feud in the near future. But the other guy in this championship triangle is the champ himself John Cena who always evokes emotion out of the WWE Universe and is building a great feud with Daniel Bryan and as "entertaining" as he might be he also can wrestle, whether people carry him or he carrys them or they just simply have chemistry, Cena's had 5 star matches with Triple H, Angle, Jericho, Michaels, Punk, etc... and Sunday night will be no different and it might just be his best match ever, Daniel Bryan is going to take Cena to school.

Summerslams going out with a bang in its last installment at the Staples Center, Christian vs. Del Rio World title match, CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar, RVD vs. Ambrose "First time ever", Cena vs. Bryan WWE Title. It doesn't get any better then that, all eyes are going to be locked on Summerslam come Sunday the wrestling universe will be chanting Yes! Yes! Yes! and hopefully not No! No! No!

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I hate Summerslam being at the Staples Center every year. I like it when it is different say Washington DC, MSG, among other places you could have it with a big feel. Summerslam has had some good matches in the past, but I think you are over-rating it a bit. Best match since it went to Staples was I'd say the TLC match with Punk/Jeff. Worst moment by far, Del Rio cashing in ruining Summer of Punk with Nash's involvement. The product today is a lot better than it was in the past as well.
  2. Sahu's Avatar
    I may not agree with all of your points but I must admit that your style of writing is very good...

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