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My view: Stone Cold's Last Round

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^What does last round mean? It is a reference from Stone Cold's last match at WM19 wearing "OMR" on his vest that meant 1 more round. Rumor after rumor, year after year, we continue to hear about the possibility that Austin would return to the ring for one final match. Let's be honest here, Austin isn't going to be having his "last round" featured in an undercard fashion at a WM. If he would come out of retirement, it should be in the main event. For those who may argue, this man has been in discussion as the biggest superstar this business has ever produced. Some of the greats have suggested it as did Vince McMahon. Shot or not at Hogan, I certainly believe Vince wouldn't say something to that magnitude without meaning it. He put a company on his back that was close to ya know, RIP. Austin was the face of the new generation of wrestlers who helped topple WCW. So yea, it is valid, including since the wrestling business was the most popular when he was the main man.

To the point why I posted the blog: Rumors swirled recently that he would return at WM30 this year in a program with a superstar he has had several matches with in the past. My thinking was ugh, no need for a dumb rematch to end Stone Cold's career. I want Stone Cold to face someone new that he hasn't faced before. I'm talking dream matches. If you want to see him face Rock, HHH, or Taker I can recommend which matches to go back to watch and see. The whole point of this blog is to name the guys who I want him to face if he did come out of retirement for 1 last match. My standards aka rules say, only guys under contract with WWE. I think that is fair, right? So here it is, if Stone Cold came out of retirement, what 5 superstars do I want him to face?:

HM: Damien Sandow; Daniel Bryan; Dolph Ziggler-Interesting enough, these are my favorite wrestlers currently. So yes bias certainly is here. The thought of Sandow educating Stone Cold would be gold. Who wouldn't want to see that along with a stunner among the what chants during the segment. What? vs Yes/No chants would be cool. I also believe they could have a great match. You could make argument here for both Ziggler and Bryan being the best in ring performer in WWE today. Ziggler reminds me a lot of HBK so it they could have a good match and feud.

5.Ryback-I still believe Ryback can be a world champion. I like his look. If used correctly, him and Austin would be great. You want fed? I'll feed you a can of whoop ass!!
4.Randy Orton-I am not a big fan of Orton. Havn't been for a very long time. I hope he is the 2nd to cash in and lose the MITB cash in. However, I'd love to see Orton/Austin. That Legend Killer gimmick was awesome. He already has Austin on the list after sending him packing 10 years ago this November. You can do the snake vs snake bs, but I love the idea of this match.
3.Brock Lesnar-This match was advertised on my TV back in 2002. It was going to be Brock Lesnar vs Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin wasn't happy with creative because of his use at WM18. I wasn't happy with his use at WM either. After NWO costing Stone Cold at No Way Out his Undisputed title match vs Jericho. I thought this would lead to an epic match with Hogan. The leader of the NWO, instead he gets to face #3 member of the NWO. No disrespect intended to Scott Hall, but he never led an NWO faction like Nash and Hogan. He was the follower, he never held the world title. So when Rock came out to do the obvious challenge, I was thinking in my head "NO!!" Now, I'm not saying I didn't like Rock vs Hogan or that I didn't want to see it in the future. I just really felt, the way it was played out he should have faced the leader of the NWO who cost him his match. Didn't really get to enjoy Rock vs Hogan promo because I didn't want Rock/Hogan as much as I wanted Austin/Hogan. In any case, creative announced that match along with a match against Eddie Guerrero. Wasn't happy them announcing these matches with no buildup to them. He took his ball and went home, didn't see him til 2003 at No Way Out. In any case, Brock still wants to face Austin. That is the one guy who he wanted to face that he hasn't got to face. I would love to see that match, but of course, it would have been better back 10 years ago.
2.CM Punk-Ever since that pipebomb promo, Punk vs Austin has been talked about as a dream match amongst not only fans, but Austin/Punk as well. Punk wore Austin's shirt when he delivered that promo sorta bringing attitude back to WWE. Something us fans have been craving for. All this talk about CM Punk's dream is to main event Wrestlemania. I believe the only match Punk could have to actually have a shot at main eventing Wrestlemania is vs Stone Cold. That of course, unless they would decide to finally unify both world titles. Talk about Punk possibly main eventing it this year. My wonder is against who? He certainly isn't facing Lesnar at Mania in the main event, Undertaker he faced last year, and I hope he doesn't face John Cena again. Rock, I believe is done, so who he'll face is beyond me. Punk vs Bryan or just about anyone else wouldn't main event WM if say Cena vs Taker was on the same show. If not the guys I mentioned, who? For all the bs about straight-edge drug free vs beer drinker Stone Cold is the type of storyline you would work towards. I'd hate that. I want it to be about Punk trying to prove he is the best in the world. I mean it is like everything with these crazed bookers, let's do James Storm vs CM Punk in TNA vs WWE event because of this. I want it to be about Punk proving he belongs and prove he is the man in the WWE.
1.John Cena-A lot of Cena haters will slam me for having Cena at the top of this list over Punk, but Cena is the man. He is the man in the WWE and has been for several years. Top dog vs the man of the attitude era. Who wouldn't want to see Austin deliver the birds to John Cena while giving him a stunner? Austin taking shots at John Cena and when John is on the mic....everyone is saying What? For the people who will take to the comment section for me having Cena at the top. Think about it like this, would you rather see him finger Punk or Cena. Who would you rather see him deliver the stunner to? That along with drinking some beers afterwards. I believe fans would go more crazy over that to be honest.

There you have it!! If Stone Cold came out of retirement, there is the 5 guys I'd like to see him face. Agree or disagree with the list? Who would you like to see Stone Cold face if he came out of retirement? Who is your #1 guy you'd like to see him face? What does your top 5 look like? Leave that and more in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rick BoA
    Do you honestly want to see him wrestle again? It has been what, 10 years? The man is nearing 50 and his body is beat to crap. It would be embarrassing watching him try another match. Remember him for being in the prime of his life, not as a washed up has been.
    It would be over a decade if he would wait til say WM time this year to return. Do I or would I like to see him have 1 or 2 more matches, damn right. Love it!The man is nearing 50s, but the likes of Taker/Sting have all been wrestling around that number along with Kane, Kurt, and others. Do I expect a HBK like performance out of him at Mania? I don't give a crap if he faces HBK himself, I don't expect that performance. For 1 to ask for one is pretty insane. However, he is still in great shape. It isn't like he let his body go or anything. You sit there and ask me to remember him for the prime of his life. I am and always will same with Bret, Rock, and others no matter how many matches they have had since forever ago. However, if he would come back just to be in the ring vs Punk or Cena, I would give him a lot of praise for it....same for The Rock. However, if he is going to have a Mania match like Bret did which I don't expect....I'd rather him stay out of the ring.
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