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Loose Cannon: Night of Bloggers Challenge

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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another edition of Loose Cannon. In the last edition of the show, I gave my opinion on the Night of Champions card in which will be hopefully published when this blog is formulated. The EWN Championship saw four of the best competitors on the site battle it out to win the EWN Championship in which TheGreatOne claimed the price. In the following months since the event, I have been speaking to TheGreatOne about the event and is first title defense. It was an excellent conversation which leads me here; too another edition of Loose Cannon. In this blog; it will be all about you; the fans and readers who can step up and challenge TheGreatOne for the championship. Well, the show for the wrestling, about wrestling, and forever for wrestling will begin momentarily. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another edition of Loose Cannon.

The EWN Championship marked a new beginning in the growing process of the EWN community. During the time, many challengers stepped up the momentum as the champion; TheGreatOne was rapidly reaching the ranks of super-stardom. I had the idea of Night of Bloggers ever since the conclusion of the EWN Championship as I knew that the event and the momentum of the bloggers would not stop soon.

During the weeks upon weeks, I had no opponents for TheGreatOne. Names such as Jelle1809, Cabers, and OMB were slowly leaving the perception of this event to move on too their own blogs. During the time; I had the idea of someone stepping up with ruthless aggression and a monstrous roar; please do not compare me to Vince McMahon. I could not find anyone; but I knew that there is someone lurking in the shadows at a shot at the EWN Champion; TheGreatOne. Too further elaborate the concept; this is the night of the bloggers and I will make this edition of Loose Cannon in which the bloggers and readers are able to pick topic the champion and the challenger will blog about at EWN Night of Bloggers 2013.

Best Rivalry in the past 5 Years (Recommend by TheGreatOne)
The Best WWF/E Video Game
Best Summerslam Match
Will Brock Lesner ever win the WWE Championship again?
Better Wrestler: Edge or HBK
Better Wrestler: Hulk Hogan or Stone Cold Steve Austin
Better Wrestler: Danial Bryan or C.M Punk
Owen Hart: Would he ever become a WWF champion?
Alternative Universe: Wrestlemania X1
Best Wrestlemania Match

In the comment section below; I will let the fans vote on what topic they would be interested to see at Night of Bloggers 2013. In an event that readers dislike the choices of these topics, you are able to give an idea and I will post it.

Dream Opponents

The segment of the show, dream opponents it would have been formulate in a new blog but it could fit into this blog. When TheGreatOne won the EWN Championship, it was admirable feat that does not come to easy in the EWN Universe. During this period of time, it got me thinking of dream opponents of whom I would like to see TheGreatOne face at ant given time.

Dashing Rachel
Dashing Rachel is an interesting blogger to say the least. Her style and opinion are quick and agile like a dropkick. During Dashing Rachel time on EWN she has been the writer of 43 blogs that are not too shy of expressing her personal feelings about a certain topic.

Dashing Rachel and TheGreatOne share different backgrounds of writing as I have been a fan of both of there blogs. It is a interesting match to see two different backgrounds of writing mix it up and come out with a different outcome. If this match is too happen, I would not mind hitting the replay button as Adam Sandlar did countless times in "Click." Will it happen; hopefully sooner or later.

There is a lot of unfinished business between TheGreatOne and Mr.OneManBand. As many of you may recall, I gave up my spot in the EWN Championship to TheGreatOne; who capitalizes on it and won the EWN Championship.

During the period of time, Mr.OneManBand has relocated to the forums section in the EWN universe. It would be interesting seeing a different blogger mixed it up with the champion. I always love unfinished business and this might be the closure that both bloggers need; why not at Night of Bloggers?

Kylos is an interesting; unique blogger in my opinion. In fact, he is my second favorite bloggers below the man that I want him to vs TheGreatOne. Kylos has a unique writing lifestyle; compared to William Regal move set. The paste is slow but the sting is long lasting as seen on his blogs.

Kylos vs TheGreatOne would be an interesting showing of words and a story that is basically told as we have the pleasure of viewing the blogs. This match can be compared to Rock and Cena in an essence because of who big it would be in my opinion.

Night of Bloggers is quickly approaching. As the blogging one night extravaganza formulates; it is up to you the fans to make Night of Bloggers the best it can be. Vote in the comments section below and thank you for reading Loose Cannon.

On the next edition of Loose Cannon...
In the next edition of Loose Cannon, I interview Clare Bosset about her addiction of drugs and the toll it can take on your life and her husband professional wrestling career.

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  1. Skunk's Avatar
    I'm sorry you're so bull headed that you won't listen to friendly advice.
  2. DazRevan's Avatar
    Does everyone call there blog a show?.
  3. Kajmere's Avatar
    Easy: Kylos/best WM match.
  4. Dennis's Avatar
    I like the best feud of the past five years topic. The topic is very encompassing and it would be interesting to see how the judges paradigm would come into play.

    As far as dream opponents and this is with all due respect... The people I'd enjoy reading blogs of are Darkside Ron Garvin, Akbar, and maybe DK Wrestling Savior in this particular competition... All three of these guys could give him a real run for his money. I like other bloggers too... I just think those three guys would give him a great contest.
    Updated 08-12-2013 at 10:10 PM by Dennis
  5. mr.onemanband's Avatar
    Y Am I on here?

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