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Booking WM and After

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So with Summerslam just one week away, it is only six months away from WrestleMania. You may think that's a little while to look ahead, but the effects of Summerslam should culminate in events that lead to a special WrestleMania. While most reports have, HHH vs Stone Cold as the main event. If they were to plan a WM that not only historic, but memorable.e Here is how I would book it.

So let's start with Summerslam, Kane, who is scheduled to be off of TV months after this due to See No Evil 2, has a scheduled match vs Bray Wyatt. However, before the match, Kane is "kidnapped" by The Wyatt Family, and will be held hostage at the Wyatt Family compound for some "brainwashing".

The WWE Title match between D-Bry and John Cena, with HHH, Stephanie, and Vince all at ringside. The match culminates when D-Bry puts on The No Lock on Cena, when Vince signals for someone to come out, Big Show runs to the ring, and breaks up the hold, and KO's Cena, after the decision is announced, D-Bry yells at Show, and Show KO's him as well to end the show.

This builds to Cena, D-Bry and Show meeting at Night of Champions. With orders of Vince McMahon, Show is ordered to make sure that D-Bry doesn't win the championship. At the end of the match, Show tosses D-Bry out of the ring, and Cena applies the STF to Show, who quickly taps out, but gets up immediately no selling it, and walks off as Cena and D-Bry look pissed.

Cena doesn't want to win a match like that vs Show, so he offers a one on one match for the WWE Title at Battleground. Then, Triple H mad about how he has put Show in D-Bry's way in every opportunity he has had. So he makes D-Bry the referee in the match, when Show KO's Cena, Show goes for the cover, and Show screams "COUNT", D-Bry screams"NO", Show tries to KO Bryan, but he ducks the punch, and Cena gives the AA to Show, for the victory.

Then, at the next PPV, Hell in the Cell, Show is scheduled to meet D-Bry in the Cell, and D-Bry is able to get the victory. However , after the match is over, Show goes after D-Bry and attacks him, then all of a sudden, a loud fire pyro goes off, Kane shows up with a new mask, and shaved head, he rips the Cell door open ala Badd Blood 97, Kane steps into the ring, Big Show backs away, then Kane CHOKESLAMS D-BRY. You hear then, over the intercom, "We're Here" as the Wyatts make their way to the ring and assisst in Kane's attack. The Wyatt Family has got a machine, a Big Red Machine.

So at Survivor Series, D-Bry takes on Kane in a one-on-one match. D-Bry gets a DQ victory after the Wyatts interfere, when it looks like Kane is in trouble. The Wyatts attack, and level him with the lantern, Bray says to put Bryan's head over the post, so that Kane can do his pyro and burn him, before Kane is able to the gesture, Bryan gets help from Cena, Orton, and Punk.

D-Bry, then challenges Kane, to an Inferno Match at TLC. That way, The Wyatts can not interfere, and that he can do to Kane, what he couldn't do to him, and that is set him on fire. D-Bry wins the match.

The next night on Raw, Cena says he is impressed, Bryan has beaten himself(Cena), Show, and Kane in the last three months, and that he is going to give him a title shot that night. Vince goes to the ring, in the middle of the match, and says Cena doesn't make title matches, he does, and that John overstepped his boundries, and that Cena can not defend a title he doesn't have, b/c he is stripping him of the title and not only that, he fires Cena.

The next week on Raw, HHH rehires Cena, saying that the firing was unfair, and that Vince can not fire the face of the company for wanting to defend his title. However, the title is vacant, and he can't award it back to Cena. But he has an idea, the title on the line, for the 1st time in 20+ years, in the Royal Rumble Match. McMahon is pissed and rigs the lottery process so that Bryan must be the number 1 entrant. However, Bryan outlasts everybody in the Rumble, and becomes the WWE Champion.

Vince still doesn't think Bryan has done enough to be champion. So at EC, he makes him defend the title vs Show, Kane, Cena, Orton, RVD, Sheamus, and CM Punk. Bryan wins this match.

Vince says alright, you have done everything you can do to prove yourself as champion SO FAR, but he needs to take one more step. Vince says, he needs to find Bryan the hardest opponent he can for Mania. Then, he says that there is nobody that represents WM more than his opponent at WM, THE UNDERTAKER!!!!

Undertaker says that Vince he isn't doing this for him, he tells Vince that if he can't respect D-Bry after all he has done this year. he never will be able to, he says he respects D-Bry, and expects a hell of a fight at Mania. Then, Linda McMahon, of all people shows up, and says that the Board of Directors have had a emergency meeting, saying that they can't trust any McMahons to make a decision regarding the Taker-Bryan match at Mania, so the Board has decided to hire a referee, that won't listen to any of the McMahons because quite frankly, he hates them all. The special referee for the title match between Daniel Bryan and Undertaker is STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN!!!!

So at WrestleMania, near the end of the match, Undertaker locks in Hells Gate, Bryan gets to the ropes, but from ringside Vince yells at the timekeeper to ring the bell, Austin says this match ends when he says so, and stunners Vince. D-Bry reverses the Hell's Gate to a school boy. 1-2-3!!!!!!!! D-Bry does the unthinkable, and beats the Undertaker!!!! After a crueling match, the two shake hands, BUT Vince gets on the mic, and says that this show isn't over, because cashing in his Money in the Bank ladder match is Randy Orton. The match starts, and Orton is setting up and getting ready for the RKO, but before D-Bry gets up, Taker interferes and attacks Orton, causing a DQ. Orton loses his Money in the Bank match, and Undertaker raises Bryan's hand as the whole face roster and applauds Bryan.

The next night, Bryan says he is beat up, but he is willing to fight. He says that Orton deserves another opportunity from last night, and that he is going to give it to him. Orton accepts on the condition of it being a no DQ match. Also, that night, Taker says that the time is right for something that he thought he would never have to do. As for the Orton-Bryan match, Kane and Show come down to the ring, and attack Bryan. Cena, then comes down to the ring, to come help Bryan, Orton, Kane, and Show get out of the ring fast, then all of a sudden, Cena AA's Bryan, HEEL TURN!!!! Vince is on the ramp smiling, then all of a sudden, the lights go dark, you hear a gong, then all of a sudden a motorcycle, OHHHHHHHHHH!!!! THEY CALL ME COWBOY!!!!! American Bad Ass Taker is back on his motorcycle goes around the ring, all the wrestlers, except for Bryan, escape through the crowd.

The next week, an announcement is made that the title will be on the line in a six man tag at the next PPV, it will be Bryan, Taker, and CM Punk vs Cena, Orton, and Kane. With the guy who gets the pin becoming champion(even if he is on Bryan's team), and the guy that gets pinned will be forced to retire. So in the match, Taker locks in Hell's Gate to Kane, and Kane taps out. Undertaker becomes WWE Champion, and Kane is forced to retire.

The next night on Raw, Undertaker drops the title and says that he wanted to go out on top, and that last night was his last match. They hold a Undertaker Apprecation Night, ala Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels ceremonies. Kane returns w/o mask, as himself, hugging Undertaker, and the show ends with the two of them on the top of the stage, doing their signature pose, with a picture of Paul Bearer on the Tron, as both walk onto the sunset.

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  1. bryanb1306's Avatar
    6 months? Try eight months.
  2. AJ1981's Avatar
    No offense but I never want to see John Cena feud with Big Show ever again
  3. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by AJ1981
    No offense but I never want to see John Cena feud with Big Show ever again
    same here...
  4. Kajmere's Avatar
    I doubt they'll whore the inferno match out again as soon as TLC.

    DB beats the streak? Taker wins the title at ER only to retire it? He and Kane HUG and walk into the sunset? If any of those three things happen I will light myself on fire and jump off a bridge.
  5. weems's Avatar
    Right now TNA's top heel is the leader of a biker gang. In your blog, you are suggesting that the Taker returns with the American Badass biker gimmick. Wouldn't that be ironic.
  6. MariosPol's Avatar
    D-Bry ending the Streak. What a joke...

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