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Top 5 fav in TNA, Top 5 fav in WWE and 5 people I want back in TNA

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Welcome to Wrestling is Bischoff!!! My Favorites in TNA and WWE have changed alot this year and I want to see everybody's favorites. So in this blog I will discuss this and hope you will comment your favorites.

Top 5 in WWE:

5:Rob Van Dam
RVD has been undefeated in singles competition since bursting back into WWE. I liked him really well in TNA, a little better there then here. I would like to see RVD win the Intercontinental title at Summerslam and bring some prestige back to the title. I'd like to see him hold it until TLC and then verse a returning Jericho and they could feud up to Wretlemania.

Do I like the gimmick? Not the best but unique. Formerly Johnny Curtis, I think Fandango is really well in the ring and works the mic well. I'd like to see him as IC Champ as well, he may be able to pull it off better than RVD in today's WWE.

3.Damien Sandow
This man will either be the future of WWE or just another name on a trading card that your kid put in the spoke of there tire. he reminds me of the genius(Lanny Poffo).

2.Daniel Bryan
Bryan has came along way from being the suprise partner in the 2010 Summerslam match. I have never cared for Daniel Bryan until the wedding of AJ and him. But is he #1 in your heart? YES,YES,YES. But me? NO,NO,NO or atleast not yet.

1.Bray Wyatt
I am really liking the Wyatts and believe they will be around for a while. His two partners may not but Bray Wyatt will be (dare I say) the next Undertaker. Can't wait for the Ring of Fire Match and think it will be great. I think we all think he will win but wouldn't it be awesome if he caught on fire and just knealt and started laughing on fire!!!

Top Five in TNA:
I'm not going to include a description with each one since they've been around for a while and proved themsleves.

5.AJ Styles
4.Christopher Daniels
3.Kurt Angle
2.James Storm

5 People I want back in TNA:
You may not agree with these people but I'd like to know who you do agree with.

5.Alex Shelley
Alex Shelley was always my favorite member of Motor City Machine Guns. I'd like to see him come back and accuse Chris Sabin of losing touch with his roots. Then having him win the X divsion title to challenge Sabin.

4.Rob Van Dam
Liked him so much better in TNA hope he does come back soon.

3.Jay Lethal
Yes as much as I hate to say it I miss the cheap rip off of Randy Savage. But I think that's what we need now more than anything, A taste of the good days.

2.Madison Rayne
TNA knockouts are the best female wrestlers on televised TV. But we need more. Why not bring back Madison Rayne or Lacey Von Erich to reunite the Beautiful People.

1.Ric Flair
I loved seeing the Nature Boy weekly on TNA back when we had Fortune and Immortal. Really I think Ric Flair gets more respect in TNA than he is getting with WWE. Of course I don't know because I son't work with either so it may have been bad. Instead of having Flair come out and make a fool of himself for a couple of dollars in WWE. HE could be getting respect in TNA.

Thanks for reading

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  1. weems's Avatar
    These are all interesting choices. However, I cannot grasp why you would want to see Flair back in TNA. TNA already has too many non-wrestling mouthpieces such as Sting, Brooke and Hogan. Adding Flair to the mix would be overkill in my opinion.
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I don't want Flair back in TNA. He is with WWE where he belongs. Madison Rayne and Shelley are obvious ones especially now with his former MCMG partner being the world champion. I hated RVDs run in TNA. Never got to enjoy it. I hated it when he beat AJ Styles for the belt, when he beat Zema Ion for the X-Division belt instead of putting him over, that among other things. I like RVD in WWE, I hope he gets a Summerslam match for goodness sake. I have enjoyed Lethal in ROH way more than I did in TNA. I'd rather him not go back and be part of that joke X-Division. He won the title more times than I care to count.

    I agree with Weems by the way with talking heads in TNA. That is why Mick was so negative because he didn't agree with the direction in the company. Hell, I havn't been enjoying the direction either.

    RVD actually has been defeated since returning to the WWE vs Del Rio on Smackdown.

    Dolph Ziggler
    Damien Sandow
    Daniel Bryan

    Dolph is 1.
  3. TheGreatOne's Avatar

    Kurt Angle
    AJ Styles
    Jeff Hardy


    Kevin Steen
    Briscoe Brothers
    Jay Lethal
    Mike Bennett
    Tomasso Ciampa
  4. Kajmere's Avatar
    Flair should be the next Raw GM.
  5. DazRevan's Avatar
    RVD back in TNA is a bad idea, He never mattered in tna.

    He never fitted in the x division, He never fitted the main event, he needs to stay where he is.
  6. kakarot786's Avatar



    austin aries
    bobby rhoode
    christopher daniels
    kurt aangle sorry cant think of a5th
  7. 5 Finger Death Punch's Avatar
    Top 5 TNA
    Bobby Roode (Heel champion reminded me of Ric Flair)
    Joe (Heel, like when he was beating the hell outta Sting)
    AJ Styles (Fan Favorite/phenom)
    Bully Ray (anti-hero like b4 this BS A/8s)
    Austin Aries (no alliance/best in the world wrestling technician)

    CM Punk
    Del Rio (HEEL)
    Miz (Heel)

    I'd like to see Christian and Matt Hardy back in TNA...Matt Morgan re-appear in WWE. If WWE keeps misusing PUNK...can you imagine him back as the new face, anti-hero, rage against the WWE, in TNA? RVD was nothing in TNA...doesn't that make WWE look weak?
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