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Loose Cannon: Night of Champions 2013 Card

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Ladies and gentlemen; welcome to another edition of Loose Cannon. After three tremendous blogs about Chris Benoit; I will write a blog about Night of Champions 2013 card. With Summerslam 2013 rapidly approaching, it is time to think about the future and how what outcomes the Summerslam card will have on the next PPV. While hopefully you enjoy the card and please leave feedback in the comment section below. The show for the wrestling fans, from a wrestling fan, and forever for wrestling will begin monumentally.

Night of Champions 2013
Theme Song: We are the champions
25,000 Jam Packed
"What makes a Champion."

Kickoff Match: Jack Swagger vs Sin Cara- The match has an actually storyline instead of kick off match with an meaningless purpose. With Zeb Coulter insulting the likes of Sin Cara, he wants to defend his right in America. Instead of sending Cesaro to do the job, Zeb Coulter wants Swagger to finish off Cara and his meaningless purpose in America. Can the real Americans finish the job of defeating Sin Cara or will he come back and define the real America?

Duration: 15 Minutes
Projection: Jack Swagger
Objective/Reason: If Swagger loses a match against Cara it will hurt his credibility more. Face it; Cara is a jobber and an upset to the WWE.

Match #1: WWE Tag Team Champions: The Shield vs Show/Henry- The Big Show was not able to compete in Summerslam because he was not medically cleared by the WWE medical staff. Mark Henry is still not done with the Shield as he has a bone or two to pick with Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. The Big Show joins the fray after an attack on Mark Henry billing this match the comeback of the World's Largest Athlete. Can Henry/Show pick up the victory and win the WWE Tag Team Champions or will they believe in the Shield.

Duration: 10 Minutes
Projection: The Shield
Objective/Reason: The Shield has been losing steam in the following weeks leading up to Summerslam. The team has not justified why they are the best in the tag team division and a win would tremendously help the team regain momentum leading up to WWE Battleground.

Match #2: Alberto Del Rio vs Ricardo R.- This match indeed does seem like a long shot but after countless attacks on Ricardo; he wants redemption. At Summerslam, Alberto Del Rio nearly comes close of retaining his WHC until Ricardo causes a distraction and a kill switch is engaged by Christian to send ADR out the WHC picture.

Duration: 15 Minutes
Projection: ADR
Objective/Reason: I am unable to see the WWE giving Ricardo the win. ADR wants to gain redemption and that is the only way he is able to do so. Do not expect much in the much expect a sensational performance by Ricardo; nearly winning the match until a low kick from ADR.

Match #3: WWE Diva's Championship: Layla El vs Kaitlyn vs A.J Lee- It is the time for the diva's to shine. After picking up the victory at Summerslam, Kaitlyn gets a shot at the WWE Diva's Championship alongside Layla El as an enforcer to A.J Lee.

Duration Time: 5-7 Minutes
Projection: *NEW CHAMPION* Layla El
Objective/Reason: The diva's division needs a fresh rivalry. With Layla El tricking A.J Lee; she regains the Diva's Championship and moves on to a rivalry with both diva's.

Match #4: WWE U.S Championship: Dean Ambrose vs Kofi Kingston- The new and improved, Kofi Kingston. Kingston is back with a new attitude after picking up countless victories against Fandango, Alex Riley, and Sin Cara. Ambrose wants to finish the former champion and can he do it without the Shield's assistance.

Duration Time: 10 Minutes
Projection: Dean Ambrose
Objective/Reason: Ambrose will hold on to the championship until WWE Battleground; when he loses it to Kingston. I can see a Ambrose face turn in the near future and a feud against the WWE Champion.

Match #5: WWE WHC: Christian vs RVD- The dream match has finally come true at Night of Champions. Mr. Friday Nights wants a shot at the WHC and wins a #1 Contenders match against ADR to prove it. This match has been fueled during Friday Nights; but mutual respect merely is in this match.

Duration: 20 Minutes
Projection: Christian
Objective/Reason: There are a number of reasons that I will not let RVD win the championship. It is too early in Christian's reign and giving the champions no respect with it constantly changing. The feud will continue as Sheamus injury is a blessing in disguise and can lead to major changes on Friday Night.

Match #6: WWE I.C: Curtis Axel vs The Miz- A match that does not have a big upstart and is meaningless but NOC is all about defending each and every WWE championship!

Duration: *Bathroom break*: 3-5 Minutes
Projection: Curtis Axel
Objective/Reason: N/A

Main Event: WWE Championship: Randy Orton vs John Cena vs Danial Bryan-Summerslam 2013. Randy Orton captilzes on a weaken John Cena and wins the WWE championship after joining co-forces with the Shield and Vince McMahon. The fate of WWE is sealed and a new corporation is set.

Duration: 30 Minutes
Projection: Randy Orton
Objective Reason: It has the same reason as the WHC.

Consequences: (Good or bad)
1) Randy Orton joins the Shield and remains supreme on the new corporation lead by Mr.McMahon.
2) John Cena feuds with Orton and Bryan
3) WWE Battleground: Christian vs RVD-Ladder Match

Add On: MITB Contract- Damien Sandow vs Cody Rhodes (Between #4 and #5)

Add On: No Holds Brawl: Dolph Ziggler vs Big E Langston (Between #6 and #7)

On the next edition of Loose Cannon... Steroids in pro wrestling. A controversial topic that claimed lives of thousands of wrestlers that tried to fit the claim of being the best. I interview Debra Goodrich and her husbands turn about before it was too late.

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Don't like the preshow match. If you add Mysterio/Cesaro and make it a tag match, I'd like it.

    That may end up happening. Very soon I expect Wyatt Family to face the Shield. No worthy challengers really that are faces.

    I wonder if Del Rio vs R-Rod would actually be made for a ppv match. It may.....

    Hopefully we get that Divas title match at this ppv cuz I thought we would get it at Summerslam.

    I figure Kofi gets a rematch for US title at the ppv.

    I don't understand the use of RVD by WWE. Why isn't he in a Summerslam match yet? Not capitalizing on his buzz coming off MITB. I like the world title match.

    Don't like Miz vs Axel again for the IC title.

    I figure we will get that triple threat at the next ppv.

    I like the add on matches as well.
  2. TomJarvis100's Avatar
    Kickoff- AJ (c) (with Layla) beats Natayla (with Kaitlyn) Divas title
    1:Ambrose (c) beats Van Dam US title
    2:Shield (c) (with Ambrose) beat Show & Henry Tag titles
    3:Axel (c) (with Heyman) beats Fandango IC title
    4:Ryback beats Orton Singles match
    5el Rio (c) beats Christian,Big E & Ziggler Fatal 4-Way WHC
    6: The Wyatt Family beat CM Punk,Kofi Kingston & R-Truth 6 Man Tag
    7: Bryan beats Cena (c) via pin
    Ryback attacks Bryan & Cena
    8: Orton beats Bryan (c) to cash in and win wwe title

    Leading to...
    Ryback beats Bryan via dq in no1 cont match
    Orton (c) beats Cena to retain dirty when Ryback & Bryan get involved

    Bryan beats Orton (c) Cena & Ryback in 4-Way HIAC match to win the title

    Bryan (c) beats Orton in an "I Quit" match
  3. TomJarvis100's Avatar
    Add RVD,Show & Henry beating Shield
    and Ryback beating Kofi in kickoff
  4. billythekid's Avatar
    my only real problem is 'It is the time for the diva's to shine' then you allocated 5-7 minutes i would increase that to 10-15 then i think it would go down well
    Updated 08-12-2013 at 02:24 PM by billythekid (spelling mistake doh!)

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