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My thoughts on how Summerslam will/should go down

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Hi Guys. I just wanted to give my thoughts on Summerslam as the card starts to take shape. Here is the current card which is pretty solid apart from the Ziggler& Kaitlyn vs Big E & AJ match

Bray Wyatt vs Kane Ring Of Fire (guessing they mean inferno match) - I am not full over on the Wyatt Family like I am with the Shield but I am looking forward to this match. I hope something I heard this week from a video by Dalyxman comes true at Summerslam. I hope Bray Wyatt's character becomes someone who embraces pain as I expect him to take a lot of punishment in this match and also as he refers to him we need to see the "monster" Kane from now on for this feud to work. I see Bray winning but with help from the rest of the family by either the family pulling Kane into the fire or Kane throws them into the fire but then this allows Bray to set Kane on fire. Afterwards an ambush to Kane that forces people to think they "retired" Kane until he returns at say like Survivor series.

Dolph Ziggler & Kaitlyn vs Big E & AJ - To me this is sort of a let-down as I am fan of them all except for Kaithlyn (um, she's ok). I was expecting them to book a triple threat for the divas title between Layla, AJ and Kaitlyn. That would've been Summerslam worthy and the best way to end the Aj VS Kaitlyn feud. Also I was expecting Ziggler vs Big E but I guess it wouldn't be all that great cos they did it on Raw and Smackdown already. So they should've perhaps done Big E vs Ziggler vs Del Rio for WHC or Ladder Match between Ziggler and Del Rio and have Big E vs Mark Henry. Oh well. I see Ziggler and Big E feuding on the outside (expect Ziggler to hit Zig Zag) and then Layla coming in and attacking Kaitlyn (set up to spear Aj) for the dq or if ref is distracted for AJ and Big E win.

Damien Sandow vs Cody Rhodes - This should be a brilliant match and potential show stealer. Is it going to be for the MITB briefcase? Doubt it. I think we might see that at night of champions. These two will be/ should have a whc reign within the next year. I'm calling for Cody to win only as I don't see this being for the briefcase but I hope this feud continues for 2-3 months after.

World Heavyweight Championship: Alberto Del Rio vs Christian - Really happy this match is happening as I see Del Rio dropping the belt here (thank god) and Christian deserves another title run. I expect a good match but i somehow expect Ricardo Rodriguez to be involved somehow especially after the beating he took from Del Rio on raw this week. Either hit Del Rio over the head with a bucket which sets up a spear by Christian for the win or he just attacks Del Rio after the match (huge pop) leading to a feud making Ricardo a much more active performer(so that's why he was taking fat burners ). Cash in by Sandow after? Doubtful but slim chance could happen setting up Rhodes vs Sandow vs Christian for whc but I would like Christian to have a decent run as champion. Maybe happens at Night of Champions or Hell in a Cell.

CM Punk vs Brock Lesnar - This is going to be brutally awesome. Build has been amazing so far. This without a shadow of a doubt should be pure aggression with referee letting things flow. I can't wait. I expect Lesnar to win and I’ll tell you why - as much as I would prefer Punk to win he doesn't need to add it will also extend the feud. Lesnar needs to be booked as a beast to keep his drawing power so he needs a couple of victories especially being 2-2 since returning in 2012. I see a big spot here where Punk is in the driving seat and is about to hit GTS but Heyman distracts him. This causes Punk to attack and chase Heyman and I’m hoping for a big sport here where maybe Heyman takes an elbow from the top rope through announce table and then Punk goes back into the ring and receives an f5. 2 count, Lesnar goes mental and delivers another one for the 3. This feud then continues with Heyman again costing Punk the w at Night champions until they fight in a hell in a cell (at hell in a cell) where Punk finally gets the victory.

WWE Championship: John Cena vs Daniel Bryan - I remember their match on raw I think last year. That was a pretty good match so expecting good things. I can only see Bryan winning clean but I don't (even though I would love to) see Cena tapping to yes lock so should be interesting to see what the finish is. Now here's the more interesting part. What happens next? Now Mr McMahon has clearly shown he doesn't want Bryan to be champ and apparently he's not too big on Cena these days either so... they shake hands after the match and Cena leaves to let Bryan have his moment then hits the Shields music. The Shield comes down and takeout Bryan and then they retreat through crowd. Hit Orton's music. He comes running out with a ref to cash in just as he's about to cash in Cena returns trying to stop saying that this isn’t right or something but gets an Rko for his troubles. Match begins with Bryan barely able to stand Orton goes straight in for the kill with an Rko but Bryan reverses into a yes lock to an enormous pop but randy is able to get to the ropes but ref has to force Bryan off bang, Rko, 1, 2 kick out. Orton goes into absolute shock and paces around the ring in old school 2008/9 viper mode. He then pounds his fist on the mat signalling Rko and then does his oh wait measurement for punt kick. Hits the kick. 1, 2, 3. New wwe champ Orton. Orton walks back up the ramp and then hit Mr McMahon's Music. They exchange looks at each other and McMahon holds out his hand. Orton looks at McMahon's hand then his face. He then smiles and shakes hands with Vince and raises the wwe championship. Orton has just done a deal with a devil. This re legitimizes him as a top heel. This is the last scene to end Summerslam.

The next night on raw we learn that Vince took things into his own hands to get the result he wanted to satisfy his ego. Either he hired or has permanently aligned himself with the Shield and instructed them to take out Bryan and struck a deal with Orton to guarantee he would be champion as Orton is the kind of guy he wants representing the championship/company. This leads to triple threat at Night champions with Orton winning and then hell in a cell against Bryan with Orton winning due to the Shield or keeps belt via DQ. Eventually say around Survivor series Bryan wins the belt back and I would expect hold it until Mania or just after dropping it to Cm Punk. I also expect a Vice vs Bryan match between Summerslam and Survivor Series set up by HHH.

So that is Summerslam so far but what do I expect to be added.

So there has been a rumour that Big Show & Mark Henry vs The Shield. In the words of Daniel Bryan "NO NO NO". Please don’t do this. It would be horrible. I can think of three matches they could do.

Tag Team Titles: The Shield vs The Usos vs the Real Americans – Now this would be a great tag team match. The Real Americans are really gelling well together and The Shield and Usos already had a great match so makes sense. Also to add to it I would make it falls count anywhere because The Shield are known as the best team in wwe when it comes to helping your partner and using the numbers game so it would be very entertaining to see if they could keep the titles that way. Way going to say TLC match but it’s already been done and would be awesome but we only had MITB last month as well. Shield with the win again for me.

Second Match US Championship: Mark Henry vs Dean Ambrose – Now I know you’re going say why but I think it would be interesting to see how I guy like Ambrose goes around taking on a guy like Henry. Even though it won’t be a technically brilliant bow it would be what sick, twisted innovative things can Ambrose come up with to retain his title. My view would be count out win with Reigns spearing Henry through barricade while ref is distracted but some unique interesting spot used buy Ambrose. I thought they were going to do Christian vs Ambrose but I guess Henry will do.

Lastly, if the WWE really want Big Show on the card have him face Ryback and see if Ryback can bully the Big Show. I’d rather not see this but yeah. Big Show wins because it’s his return match and Ryback can’t Shellshock him.

Finally WWE really need to show the IC Title some importance as it once was and should still be considered the workhorse tile. Also they need to keep Curtis Axel in the limelight to keep him relevant and make him into the star that he should be. Now I see him feuding with Tyson Kidd when he returns which shouldn’t be too far away but he needs a decent opponent at Summerslam. Someone who has really impressed me and upped their game recently over the past few weeks with matches with Orton and Punk is Fandango. I know he’s a heel but he and Axel could work off well on each other and he could play off the fact that Axel would never been champ if he hadn’t got a concussion. Winner (after two Perfectplexes and taking Fandango’s Leg drop) Curtis Axel. Unfortunately this will probably be the pre-show.

As far as the Miz Hosting Summerslam this is just WWE’s way of saying we’ve got nothing for you at the moment and I hope it doesn’t affect the show in a negative way. Miz needs a character change or re-evaluation of his character soon. I wouldn’t mind if went back to heel as he was actually interesting to watch back then.

Overall this should be a pretty awesome show. Much better than Wrestlemania 29 and hopefully WWE don’t screw it up but yet keep unpredictable. Maybe the return of a big star. So there you have it. Please leave any thoughts and opinions in the comment section. Would love to know what you guys’ thing of my predictions. Hope you enjoyed the read.

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Horrible use of RVD not capitalizing on his return is my thoughts heading into Summerslam. That and Axel being lost.

    I would like to see Christian win the world title, but I don't see it happening since Del Rio just recently won it yet again.

    Daniel Bryan wins and retains after the cash in!! Fans would go crazy!!

    I don't see Brock competing at HIAC or any other ppvs. I figure his next match will be at WM after Summerslam which is why I believe he possibly could win, but I'd like to see them face 2x with Lesnar winning. Punk winning the 2nd bout. Leaves and proves he is the best continues to feud with Heyman as he claims to manage the best in the world. Possibly an appearance at Rumble as they face finally once again at WM with Punk winning.

    Sandow>Rhodes. In any case, I think Rhodes will win if it is indeed not for the briefcase. Leads to a match for the briefcase possibly at Night of Champions.

    I'm sick of my favorite wrestler losing every week so I want Ziggler/Kaitlyn to win. I want this feud with Kaitlyn to be over with though.

    I really like the Wyatt Family a lot. Bray Wyatt will win of course.

    I'm rooting for Shield to win vs Show/Henry, but I figure they will win.

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