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Dashing Rachel

Somebody will be turning heel at SummerSlam

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Who will it be?

John Cena will be defending his WWE Championship against Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam on Sunday, August 18th and my gut feeling (along with pretty much several members of the IWC) tells me that somebody will be turning heel after the match is over and so, let's dissect the likelihood of who will be entering the dark side after "The Biggest Party of the Summer" comes to a close:

Let's face it: John Cena will never turn heel at this time. There are several reasons for this: he's WWE's number one draw, he sells merchandise, he's considered to be the favorite Superstar among members of the WWE Universe, and last, but certainly not the least, he's one of the most-requested celebrities when it comes to granting wishes for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

As much as the IWC wants it, the chance of Cena turning heel is like the Kentucky Wildcats winning the SEC Championship this year (in football, that is).

It has been rumored that The Apex Predator may be turning heel as this report indicates, the chances of Orton reverting back to his villainous ways is highly unlikely. SmackDown needs Orton to be the face of its show just like Cena is to RAW, not to mention Sheamus' injury which means a lack of a number two babyface on the blue brand.

The Yes Man in my opinion is the leading candidate to turn heel for several reasons: he is not yet on the level when it comes to main event babyfaces and with several heels-turned-babyfaces (Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler, and The Miz), the WWE needs a top-notch heel that could seriously challenge for a WWE Championship (Brock Lesnar is expected to take some time off until after the Elimination Chamber next year). Bryan would be the villain that could side with Vince McMahon in the McMahon Family power struggle when all is said and done.

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Updated 08-09-2013 at 12:36 AM by Dashing Rachel

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  1. DazRevan's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Dashing Rachel
    Your welcome, keep doing what your doing.
  2. BloodStone612's Avatar
    Good blog. It's going to be Orton, unless WWE pulls something out of left field and becomes unpredictable for once. We'll see!

    As for AssassinBlade, that's his opinion. He's just mad he tries to make his blog "controversial" to get more readers and fails because they all suck. He can't even spell correctly, which means he doesn't do research or doesn't proof read and he's telling others how to write blogs? Wow.
  3. Joker's Avatar
    I appreciate the shorter blogs.

    I can see Bryan turning heel. Why? Yes he's the most over guy right now. So over, that turning him heel will keep him over. There is not a strong heel anywhere in the company right now. Not individually anyway (Shield, Wyatt Family). Bryan can be that heel.

    This does not mean I believe he will turn heel. I prefer a face vs. face outcome at Summerslam with Bryan winning the legitimately.

    Also, I don't want him to turn heel. CM Punk did a great job being heel last year but they also turned him into a whiny bitch. That entire "respect" thing sucked. Why does the WWE champ have to be so insecure? He is better as himself whether he's boo'd or cheered. Let him go the Stone Cold route. I like guys like Bret Hart who never changed their character whether they were hell or face.

    If they can turn Bryan heel by keeping him himself then I won't mind. If they turn him heel and he never wins cleanly, whines, cries about being the weak link, then I don't like it.

    WWE needs a strong heel. A heel that wins over top faces legitimately.
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