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Is WWE going to screw up SS

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Over the past couple of editions of Raw some alarming red flags are starting to arise. Instead of building momentum they are depleting it. Vince and Cena are both now becoming apparently lame on the mic. Cena use to deliver strong promos but now they are brutal. He is getting more boring chants and killing the crowd. The garbage coming out of his mouth is absurd, really you are being underestimated. Cena being underestimated is like Rock being a heel, not going to happen. Nobody underestimates Cena, they are beginning to really not care anymore. He has to move on from repeating that people say he can't wrestle because it is true. Bryan and Punk call him out and everyone knows it. Cena is a performer not a wrestler. Being a 11 time champion is not luck, you are in the HHH category of having title shots every 3-6 months for really no reason other than you can. Clearly Cena is being to be moved out of the limelight as Bryan, Punk and others are becoming the stars in the ring, note in the ring. The fans want to see them as all venues chant their name or catch phrase.

Vince truly does think he knows what they want but he is becoming so far out of touch that it is depressing. Some of this gimmic is based on truth as he did not see potential in Bryan, and by potential I mean money. The same was said for Punk 2 yrs ago. Now both are the hottest draws going. This whole struggle for power has been done to death and has no real interest anymore. Vince's gimmic is stale and needs to have less involvement. He has even made errors in his promos. Now HHH plays the face who must stop Vince because he is power hungry. The main event of SS does not need the overtones of HHH and Vince. Bryan vs Cena can carry it individually as Bryan is the choice of the majority and are really backing him. Any of his segments are point on and entertaining. I hope he gets more mic work and can keep telling the truth about his background and how for him it is wrestling and not entertainment.

The WHC match has been booked assbackwards. I liked the triple threat match with Christian, Orton and RVD. Christian winning was a nice surprise because he deserves to be in the main event picture. Orton has the briefcase and will cash it in and become heel because he is like Cena and fading out as others come to the front. However, Christian has now beaten ADR in a non-title match so it has been proven that he can beat the champ. So if he loses at SS then his push seems weak as he has proven that he can be the champion. If antyhing, ADR should have used cheap heat and either got DQ'd intentionally or cheated to win making the match have more intrigue. ADR time as champion has served its purpose, I would rather have ZIggler be the champ but I don't mind if Christian wins since Sandow will be champ, hopefully by the end of the year.

Speaking of Ziggler how does a concussion make you go from Champ to chump. He is now having his SS match with Big E switched to a mixed tag match. No offence but adding divas to that match makes it worse. At least a solo match would have allowed Ziggler to carry the match. He should be in the title scene not being reduced to having be part of the AJ "I am still mad you dumped me" feud. Ziggler got over just like Bryan with his ability in the ring and now is reduced to having to partake in a weak match just to be on the card.

There are some excellent storylines being told with Punk vs Lesnar and Heyman doing his usual strong work to make it compelling. These two probably will tear the house down because Punk rarely has a bad match. It is nice to see how they have built this match and it should deliver. This may be the match that SCSA vs Bret Hart where if Punk loses he still wins like SCSA at WM. Another fantastic storyline is between Rhodes and Sandow. Rhodes could be on the threshold of the main event picture as the cocky face what the WWE hoped Miz could have been. Sandow is coming into his own as a legit heel with all the tactics. These two should put on a strong match and both should become participants in the main event over the next couple of months. Although it is noted that WWE has a history of f'n up good things.

How SS plays out will be interesting since Cena winning would just add another notch in the why should anyone wrestle him as he never loses. Plus, Bryan would make a great champ even though Orton winning at SS appears to be realistic option. Then Bryan has to chase the title again. WHC title needs some new blood as ADR has done nothing for the title kinda like Cena winning it from the Rock.

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  1. alcrissam's Avatar
    I wonder if Japanese wrestling gets scrutinized by its fans the way American wrestling does...

    im not saying your wrong, it's just the negativity towards summerslam is alarming
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DK Wrestling Savior
    I think it's truly hard to gauge on the drawing power of Punk and Bryan. Sure, the crowd goes nuts for the "Yes" chants....for now. How long before that novelty ends? And Punk, well, he had his major run. I'm not sure he'll be repeating that. He's actually better served in storylines like what he's in with Brock and Heyman and all. To truly gauge their drawing power, Cena needs to go away. Not be released, obviously, but be gone for an extended period of time. Then, we'll truly see what kind of drawing power this new blood has. My guess would be, ratings would be at their worst and buy rates would falter pretty bad. Of course, that's just my guess. What do I know?
    The Yes chants have been going on for over a year now. It feels to me as strong as it has ever been. How long will it last? IDK, how long did you think You Suck and What chants would happen? I say give Bryan the ball and let him run with it. What is the worst that could happen? Orton can cash in at any time to pull the plug.
  3. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TheGreatOne
    The Yes chants have been going on for over a year now. It feels to me as strong as it has ever been. How long will it last? IDK, how long did you think You Suck and What chants would happen? I say give Bryan the ball and let him run with it. What is the worst that could happen? Orton can cash in at any time to pull the plug.
    I absolutely agree. What's the worst that can happen? However, the blogger states that Punk and Bryan are the big draws in the company now. That's where I say, whoa, you might wanna hit the brakes a bit. Let them do it without the presence of Cena, and see if they truly are the biggest draws. See if they really have what it takes. Is WWE ready to move on without Cena and do they have the next person to carry the company? Only one way to find out, right?
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