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Loose Cannon: What Danial Beniot Could of Been?

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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another edition of Loose Cannon. This will be my final piece of Chris Beniot blogs as I have seen it has run it's course. I have always been a fan of these blogs but it is finally time that I give it one last shot. This blog does not discuss the life of Chris Beniot but his son who was murdered at the age of 8. His life was taken away from him; from his own father Chris Beniot. As painful it is too say it, why not express my opinion of it in this latest edition of Loose Cannon. This will be the final Chris Beniot piece that I will be writing so please comment ans mark me as a read because you do not want to miss a glimpse of Loose Cannon.

I had the courage of doing this blog because of one person; a reader of mines JonnyV123. I am not aware of why if he is a fan of my blogs but he gave me the courage to write a blog about Danial Beniot. Here is his comment in the last edition of Loose Cannon: Missing Chris Beniot.

What happened to Benoit with his brain deterioration was tragic but what he did to his wife and child (probably because of his messed up brain) is even more tragic. I'm sick of this topic popping up every few months because the same arguments come out from it.

Benoit was almost like a mental patient who didn't get help. Still, he drugged his wife and son with sedatives before he strangled or suffocated them whatever it was. That's showing clear premeditation and you can believe that if Benoit didn't hang himself that he would have gotten either a double life sentence or been given the death penalty for his crimes.

I think the people defending his legacy would look at the situation very differently if Benoit was rotting away in a jail cell today rather than having died. I don't know how you could look at the case and feel he's being wronged. Yeah his brain was like someone with dementia they said, but how many people with dementia/Alzheimer's do you know going around murdering people? It wasn't a random act of violence.

I also bet you would feel a lot differently if this happened to someone in your family. A 10 year old (or maybe younger?) was robbed of his entire future because of this. That whole wrestling career and life you talk about glorifying Benoit for, that kid never got a chance to have a career in anything and make his own legacy only because Chris Benoit murdered him. Yet you don't see blogs on this site talking about how that kid should be remembered. How fair is that?

This was an interesting analogy to say the least. Not many people have the courage of writing blogs outside of Chris Beniot tragedy like analogize his son Danial Beniot. I have no information about the young boy who had aspirations of becoming a professional wrestler but I will try my best to keep it at a steady pace. Shall we begin?

Danial Beniot last glimpsed of life was pondered and immortalize by his father, Chris Beniot. See Danial was a young child who grew up watching his dad wrestle his matches and his losses to demons. Beniot was a growing up to be like his father; Chris Beniot believing that one day he could become an professional wrestler in his own right and immortalize himself in a growing business that Vince McMahon was culminating himself and wanted to be part of that business.

June 24th 2007 was Beniot curtain call as he would see his father in a different light murdering his mother and Danial himself in hours span. "It is hard to comprehend what is going through a child's mind as he is glimpsing for air from his author," Chief adviser of Foreign Children Webster Clark said as I intervened him and saw how closely he was touched by this subject. Clark heard about this story back in 2007 and was deeply touched by it; he started working as Chief adviser two years before. "I am not a detective or a police officer but what how can a man murdered his wife and child with such to little remorse." It quickly escalate as we shared different opinions of the subject and he disdained anyone who liked Chris Beniot a psycho. This was the part which I could not stand and I told him I was a fan of Beniot wrestling attributes and how he carried himself in the ring. I did not want to go further more into the subject as I believed it was bothering him as he had two children at home who had no idea of Chris Beniot double murder but still loved the art of Beniot and continue to watch his infamous matches in WCW and WWE. Before the interview came to a close I asked him if he was not a fan of Chris Beniot why is he subjected his kids of watching his matches. He gave me no response and in this interview I felt that Clark had no experience in child hood because he had no idea of how to respond to a yes or no question.

Five years later; I did another interview with Webster Clark and his whole opinion had changed about the event seeming less justifying Beniot actions as he had a 80+ year old Brain and that what justified himself as a serial killer. Further more Webster was fired from his job as a Chief Adviser and owned his own bakery. Currently; he still does not idolize Beniot actions but his matches in the WCW and WWE.

Danial Beniot is not subjected into any blogs that I format or any other blogs about the Beniot traceries. I am here to look at a glimpse of the future for the child who had a dream and a dream that was perish all too quickly in an imaginable rate.

Beniot had aspirations of becoming a professional wrestler. Could he be one. Would he sacrifice himself in a grueling business which has not yes or no's. I have no answer to that question and we the IWC will never have an answer for that. I leave you with my final Chris Beniot blog for now as we move forward and look forward not backwards. I ask for everyone to give there opinion and if your dreams come true. In this last Chris Beniot blog from the Loose Cannon collection; I leave you with a poem. Thanks everyone.

Do you remember Childhood

Crawling across the floor
Trapped behind closed doors
Never wanting more

Do you remember childhood
Rolling through the grass
Excited for class
Watching time pass

Do you remember childhood
Pedaling on your bike
The boy you still like
Sad when the bell strikes

Do you remember childhood
Driving down the road
Those looks made with code
Your love always showed

Do you remember childhood
When he broke your heart
And it was just the start
You are no longer art

Do you remember childhood
When childhood was still there
And your heart wasn't bare
And people would care

Do you remember childhood?

I can't remember childhood.

Next edition of Loose Cannon:
On the next edition of Loose Cannon we look at steroids in the Wrestling universe. Is it worth the risk or is the pain too deadly. We interview Clare Bosset and her husband affect on steroids nearly leading to fatal death. Also we have a clarification of why Steroids is bad!

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  1. DazRevan's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by AssassinBlade
    Okay; I wanted to say this for a long time and that is fuck off. You are constantly bashing my blogs for spelling grammatically instead of looking at the blog itself and enjoying the read. If you do not enjoy the blog why don't you just not read it and safe me lots of trouble from listening to your voice over and over again on my blogs. If you are able to do that; that would be very thoughtful. Well you could report me because of disorderly conduct but I do not care. Thanks for reading Loose Cannon!

    The dude took the time to do these blogs, was it hard to read sometimes? yeah, but without nitpicking at everything you can read them just fine.
  2. ejorbit's Avatar
    Strangely (unintentionally?) narcissistic blog. "I had the courage of doing this blog...." You basically just fantasy booked the kids life, no courage required.
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