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Superstar Ryback: "Pushed too s(m)oon"

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We all know what this about? This is about my boy Ryback having a disappointing 2013, ppv losing streak, and being pushed too s(m)oon! I've stated in the past I'm a big fan of Ryback because he brings something different to my tv screen. He isn't like everyone else. He is a monster!! A monster with a ton of potential to be great. Hell, I did a blog in the past "Booking Ryback to the top." I did last year before he was announced to face Punk at HIAC for the WWE title. Making him the IC champion vs The Miz all the way to winning the prize at Mania. No it wasn't at WM 29 either. In any case, it is time to discuss Ryback:

The beginning: Do we need to start this out talking about the jobbers he beat? No, lets just start where the "push" began! Where? Raws in October of 2012 when an injured John Cena possibly needed a replacement. His replacement? Ryback!! Cena endorsed Ryback to get the WWE title shot to take on CM Punk inside Devil playpen. Feed me more chants roared from the crowd as the announcement was made. I wanted Cena vs Punk at HIAC to end their long feud. For those who don't know, HIAC is the last resort to end a feud. Now days it isn't the case because HIAC is a ppv and guys can have HIAC matches vs their opponents they have never faced. Hell, Ryback vs Punk is a great example of that. Going into the ppv, people talked how WWE can't screw it up. Should Punk drop the belt to Ryback? You know they can't have him lose clean to hurt him. Jericho stated WWE should let Ryback win instantly creating a new star. Screwjob type of finish with Brad Maddox as the ref helped Punk retain.

Instead of Team Punk vs Team Foley, we get a triple threat match for the WWE title. I endorsed it even though others were upset classic Survivor Series match took backseat yet again. I want a champion defending the title on ppvs. The triple threat match of course featured Ryback vs Punk vs Cena. Punk retained yet again thanks to the Shield this time who just debuted for the first time attacking Ryback when he had Cena beat in the middle of the ring. I think we all get it by this time that Ryback isn't going to win the belt, but he gets a rematch at TLC. Punk gets surgery done and was out so he faced the Shield in a 6 man tag TLC match. Ryback's partners were Team Hell No! The Shield won this match in some call, the best debut match of all-time. Have yet to see that match o, my opinion really can't validate it. Ryback however got his rematch against Punk on the 20th anniversary of Monday Night Raw in a TLC match. When you are a kid watching ladder matches, you are asking yourself, why is this dude not going for the belt? Example of this: Knockout ladder match recently on Impact, Taryn Terrell turns around on a ladder reaching for the contract. You knew when she turned around she was going to jump off which she did. Ryback was setting up tables, ladders, steel steps on the outside. You know they would be used. Lights go out as he is climbing the ladder, Shield is of course out there. Costs him yet again another WWE title match.

Royal Rumble, he seemed to me like the only guy who hasn't won the Royal Rumble match in the past to win it. He ended up being in the final 2 only to lose to Cena. Teams up with Cena and Sheamus to take on the Shield. Loses yet again at Elimination Chamber? WM he faced Mark Henry. Mark Henry isn't getting any younger and we all hear the rumors of Ryback's wrestlemania moment lifting a big man. You instantly thought he was going to win the match. Made no sense for him not to. Henry won the match? Why? He is going to face Cena which happened 3 months later after Ryback got his WWE title matches. Which he scored a draw at Extreme Rules in a last man standing match, but turned out losing 2 of 3 matches on the next ppv. Henry lost to Sheamus in a strap match at Extreme Rules. Like Sheamus needed the rub more than Ryback. Ryback lost every ppv match up til July in 2013 when he finally picked up his first ppv win at MITB. Ugh....I had high expectations for Ryback in 2013 to be a top guy in the company.

Turning heel:
Biggest disappointment for me was when he turned heel. Not only did he turn heel, but he faced the top guy. The man in the company on throw away ppvs. Why? Coming off so many losses in a row, why would you put Ryback in the main event vs the top guy? Where does Ryback go from there? Ryback Rules? I love me some FEED ME MORE!! WWE left money on the table with that. Now he is CRYBACK? How much more horrible can it get for one of my favorite talents in over a year. Would you have guessed this? Did you think after that HIAC type of push he got that he would end up being CRYBACK less than a year later? I certainly didn't. It is very disappointing to me. How many WWE title losses can one have? This is why I didn't want him pushed to the moon too quickly. Losses after losses pile up and dream matches later on you can look forward to. Now what dream matches with Ryback do we have now? Ryback vs Orton or Sheamus? That is basically it besides maybe Kane or Big Show. I'd like to see him face RVD at Summerslam, but who knows who he'll face. Will he be on the card? Has anyone had a more disappointing 2013 on WWE's roster? To me when you think of disappointing 2013, it is Ryback!

There you have it!! That is my thoughts on frustration of Ryback in 2013. Agree or disagree? What do you think of Ryback's 2013? What did you think of his heel turn? You like Feed me more or Ryback Rules? Was he pushed too soon? Leave that and more in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!!

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  1. weems's Avatar
    Nice blog. I have no idea what creative is thinking. Ryback was so over and the crowd loved chanting "Feed Me More." Looking back, I wish he never would have taken Cena's spot to face Punk at HIAC. Pushing these guys to the moon so fast always backfires, just ask Jack Swagge. Daniel Bryan is a great example of a guy who was slowly pushed over the last two years and it worked out well.
  2. Pearl River Plunge's Avatar
    100% agree they totally effed up with the BS heel turn
  3. thetheme's Avatar
    Don't get me wrong I like Ryback, but this is the way I see it...

    Ryback was NEVER going to be past filler. It has a lot to do with people thinking he wasn't/isn't ready yet, the fans, too many main eventers as it is, and a wild card that I will tell about later...

    HITC: There was no one else that could have faced Punk at the time that would have been a real threat inside HITC. People cried about him getting the shot at Punk because many thought it was a lock for Punk to lose the title just to get it back in a month or 2.

    If Punk would have lost the title then, people would have complained about the WWE title being a hot potato and about the title losing credibility again. It wasn't Rybacks' time, and it was just to push Punk's reign longer.

    Survivor Series: This was more about the debut of The Shield, no more no less. Punk retained while it took all 3 members of the Shield to take out Ryback. TLC match was pretty much the same thing. New force of the WWE is established, title not given up pointlessly, more bragging rights for Punk.

    Royal Rumble: Ryback vs The Rock at Wrestlemania? No, just no. Not just in the eyes of creative, but also not in the eyes of the fans. People wouldn't have accepted it, plus this was the road to Wrestlemania and "the road back" for Cena.

    Elimination Chamber: So if Ryback Cena and Sheamus would have won, everyone would have said that SUPER CENA is the one that buried the Shield and that they shouldn't have been beat. The Shield winning was a curveball that was on point, making their threat credibility higher as the question was asked "Who can stop them"?

    Wrestlemania: Again, another curveball. Many weren't looking forward to the match with Ryback and Henry in the first place, except for the shellshock. Henry wins clean, giving a big middle finger to the fans and their "predictability" rants. Shellshock takes place anyway to oooooohh and aaaaaaahh the fans. Right after that is Henry was supposed to Challenge for the WWE title but they went with another direction with the "speech".

    Heel turn and challenging Cena: Again this was "filler" because Henry was out for a while. The only mistake with him turning heel I can see is his forfit against miz (whom he should have won the IC title from to build him up).

    Then there are the compairsons to Goldberg that kills his chances. Despite the "FEED ME MORE" chant that was hot, many wanted him to fail from the start because they can't get over the past.

    Now on to the present: He beat Jericho but then again who hasn't. Now he is the bully type with "ruthless aggression"... (Hmmmmmm, hint hint) He lost to Cena in a tables match that really meant nothing. He walked away from Henry this past Monday, but he was chose a couple of weeks ago to be in a Gauntlet match with Daniel Bryan by Brad Maddox... Or the person that is controlling him.

    So either Ryback or Big Show could be the one that is going to cost either Cena or Bryan (or both) the WWE title at Summer Slam and to have Orton cash in on one of them since Vince "doesn't want" either to be the WWE champion. Maybe sooner or later Ryback can become a Heyman guy. Or maybe there is a Big Show feud coming up. Ryback could be one of those wild cards from Vince in the upcoming weeks...

    I'm not defending creative, but this is how I saw/see it. It's just wasn't the right time for him because he was just thrown in. Then the Goldberg chants from the fans. Then the complaining that he hasn't paid any dues. Punks reign. Rock becoming champion. Cena's road back. The Shield coming and so on. He was just filler. As hot as he got, Ryback was never the plan in the first place.
  4. Stephen KiPa's Avatar
    Agreed with everything mate, i had high hopes for Ryback, despite everyone calling him Goldberg, i had just seen him as a big ass kicker, and WWE needed someone like him, he was pushed way to soon, they needed to build him through the Midcard, US title, Intercontinental and then the WWE Heavyweight Title, just like they did with Cena in a way....wat do u do now? :/
  5. numerojimbo's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TheGreatOne
    I agree!!!!!!
    my money says Ryback isnt going to be on the SS card.
  6. PrivateParts's Avatar
    Agree with your thoughts and fact is that right now Ryabck isn't on Summerslam ppv card.
    Truth is he could be the larger than life powerhouse we 've missed since Batista left and nobody couldn't fill the space he left behind.Ezekiel Jackson and Mason Ryan tried it but they were awful and they failed.Ryback could be an Ultimate Warrior of this generation with his terminator cold blood gimmick but WWE had no clue how to push him right.Instead of making his character unique,they tried to sell him like a Goldberg verion of their company and they failed.Now it seems it is too late for him.They shoul push him properly.Give him a title like ic or us and let him prove himself slowly.Then push him farther if he is able to succeed.
    WWE since 2007 have screwed most of their powerhouse characters.Just look what happened to Bobby Lashley.Just look the reasons Batista,Goldberg and Lesnar left the company back then...To me WWE creative team need to wake the f*ck up and realise what they're doing before WWE become like Dancing With The Star.Too much dancing and talking,less wreslting and beating.
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