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Raw 8-5-13 Hits and Misses

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*Note: Sorry about there not being a blog last week but since Raw was taped I caved and looked at the spoilers. Therefore, I didn't watch it.

Overall Score: 6


The Daniel Bryan Makeover: I really liked the mic work that came out of this segment. Bryan made a lot of sense in what he was saying. He was spot on in comparing himself to John Cena as well. I love that they're making this sports entertainer vs. wrestler since Vince seems to favor his entertainers more than his wrestlers. I don't like what Vince had to say though. I mean, his work on the mic was better than previous weeks but I don't like him running down both Bryan and Cena. I get him running down Bryan, that's classic heel, but running down your champion? Running down the man who makes you so rich? Dumb. It makes me think maybe he'll be getting behind Orton to cash in soon or bringing in say, Matt Morgan to become champion. Oh and by the way...with how under used Barrett is he should just quit and become a barber.

RVD vs. Alberto Del Rio: This match could've gone on longer, but the match itself was just fine. The post match was great though. See, Del Rio is a great heel, but Ricardo always looked like a babyface too me. The beatdown of Ricardo did give Del Rio significant heat and made him look very heelish. Now I just wonder what's next for Ricardo.

Cody Rhodes Promo: This is turning into a nice little feud between the two. Even though I don't like them feuding over specifically the MitB kind of works. I mean, if Rhodes is upset with Sandow getting thencontract before him wouldn't we always have a feud like this? These two could potentially have the third best match at Summerslam if they bring emotion.

Wyatt Family vs. Tons of Funk: I liked the quick match, it showed off the family's strength. Of course though this gets a hit for the post match. It was really nice to see Kane respond to Bray Wyatt. I'm so glad they had him come back as a monster. It just works for him. Seems a little strange to tease an Inferno Match as the first match in a Storyline but I'm cool with it. I also loved Wyatt just soaking in and loving Kane's words. Overall, I'm excited to see Wyatt vs. Kane. It could be a great match between two bigger men.

CM Punk vs. Curtis Axel: I think they do a good job of having Axel being a replacement opponent for Brock when he doesn't wrestle. That can only go on for so long though before it gets stale. The match itself was good, but again, post match gets the praise. Very smart having Punk be able to fight off Brock. You show that Punk may not be murdered at Summerslam but also give Brock an edge by making him stand tall after that F-5. Also very cool to see the Heyman guys working together. Brock actually gave a good promo in the back too which was a shock. And I loved the line, "Say something stupid Paul.". Busted me up.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Big E Langston: I didn't like the match, just the Storyline. Having Kaitlyn come out keeps AJ vs. Kaitlyn going and maybe even sets up Kaitlyn being in Ziggler's corner at Summerslam. I think it was smart to have E win here as it makes him look strong and lets Ziggler be able to get revenge at Summerslam.

John Cena, Daniel Bryan, and Randy Orton vs. The Shield: We're bam to what we know and love, The Shield facing the top three faces in the WWE. Ten again, Orton may not be a face anymoree but they treat him as one. Again, match was fine but post match was where it shined. The match itself kept the tension between the three faces going and the post match is where it showed. I just remembered why I don't likenMitB again. Because whenever a cash in is teased then doesn't happen I get pissed. I really wan to see Orton be champ again but I don't want him taking the title off Bryan. Just doesn't work for me.


Mark Henry vs. Ryback: What was the point of this match? I suspected The Shield to beatdown Henry afterwards only to have Big Show come save him but since that didn't happen, and because of how the match ended, this gets a miss.

John Cena Promo: I just didn't care for this and I'll tell you why. Cena felt out of his comfort zone here. He tried to make it edgy bu it came across as him just looking like he can't cut a promo. He also keeps praising Bryan but then immediately running him down. That's no way to treat your girlfriend's sister's boyfriend John. Also, the crowd was a little dead during it. The 'You can't wrestle' chant never really picked up and he only really saved it by pulling them out of a 'Boring' chant.

Layla vs. Kaitlyn: So with Layla's disappointing heel turn last Friday and everything, this match didn't intrigue me. To be honest, I didn't even watch it. Yeah, sorry.

Christian vs. Heath Slater: What is with Vince and putting his Number One Contenders in filler matches? Slater's not exactly Alberto Del Rio and with Christian winning on Smackdown last week with a backslide I don't see him winning at Summerslam.

Fandango vs. Kofi Kingston: Eh, not really excited to see a mid-card title transferrer return. Especially in a filler match. Also, Fandango has really cooled down. Then again, with Kingston's return Ryback has an opponent for Summerslam.

The Real Americans vs. The Usos: How dare you Zeb. Don't talk I'll about the Packers. But that's not why this gets a miss. This gets a miss because it was a filler match with two teams going no where with no storylines.


Not a bad Raw, but not a great one either. They need to stick with the formula of having really good 15-20 minute matches to pace three hours. Instead, only one match this week went over 10 minutes. They did do a good job of promoting Rhodes vs. Sandow and Punk vs. Lesnar at Summerslam, but they continue to mess up Cena vs. Bryan. Why do Triple H and McMahon have to get involved? And really th only thing saving this match from being a dud is Daniel Bryan. I'll still want to see it because it will probably be one of Cena's best matches ever, they're just doing a bad job of giving it a good Storyline.

Thank you for reading. Put your thoughts and opinions down below. See y'all next week!

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  1. Kajmere's Avatar
    I wish Stephanie would go away but she's ensconced into the storyline.
  2. thetheme's Avatar
    Different insights, not insults to you.

    I don't personally see a miss with the Cena segment. The grown males of every crowd is going to be that way when it comes to Cena. The crowd was dead during the Cody Damien segment because nothing exciting was done or even said, but Cena at least backed himself up and made good points about him loving to wrestle only for the WWE.

    Christian should have faced Fandango and Kofi should have face Slater and beat down 3MB showing some aggression and making him a tweener. It would have made more sense that way and it would have been something new and interesting.

    Usos vs the Real Americans. Yes it was a filler match, but it's way better than seeing tons of funk in the ring. At least these teams you can take seriously (now), and this was just to give the tag division some notice. So it was a hit for me.

    The Cody/Damien segment could have waited until Smackdown so it coulkd have been more longer, more personal, and more action/brawling. So this was a miss for me.

    Punk should be no match for Lesnar. We all knew that Punk was going to come oh so close to getting to Heyman, so it's already gotten stale for me and it's an insult for them to even be scheduled to have a "match" next week. Heyman shouldn't even have been out there, it would have put more mystery and tention to the match. Also this does nothing for Axel and the IC championship which should be defended on the "second biggest PPV of the year". Preshow vs Kofi? Anyone interested? Didn't think so.

    Layla and Kaitlyn was a waste of time. Layla should have turned on AJ here, thus making a triple threat at Summer Slam, maybe next week.

    Many people hate Del Rio, but he is one of my favorites because he can go in the ring against just about anyone. Him beating down Ricardo was an interesting spot. Del Rio is a heel that shows intensity by himself and look believeable. Not like miz when he was a heel, not like the Shield ganging up on someone.

    Tons of Funk vs the Wyatts I just couldn't take seriously because I knew that Tons of Funk didn't have a chance of winning. I just waited for after the match for the interesting stuff that happened. Kane giving hints on a inferno match was pretty cool.

    I can no longer take Ryback seriously since his forfit against the miz.

    As far as the Shield coming out it would have been pointless and IMO either Ryback or Big show coming back is being saved for either being the guy that costs Bryan the WWE title before OR AFTER the match with Cena, then Orton cashes in...

    Speaking of the cash in thing I do see your point with the teasing, but it was just a reminder of the wild card that is Orton being Mr. Money in the Bank. Everyone is so into the fact the Bryan is getting a shot not only at the WWE title, but Cena is the title holder and everyone wants to see Cena beat for the title and for Bryan to be WWE champion.

    But remember, Mr. McMahon doesn't want either Cena or Bryan to be champion. He wants a monster with "ruthless aggression" and he has stated that he wants an internal combustion. So Vince saying this kind of stuff sets up a form of screw job that comes up suddenly and Vince loves to give a middle finger to the audience. Put HHH in it and you have multiple ways to go involving the WWE "takeover" and it's title. It's a hidden storyline within a storyline... within a storyline.
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