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WWE Main Event Mafia Vs The Shield & Wyatt Family(Made up Story line)

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After seeing Rampage3:16 forum about who would you put in a WWE Main Event Mafia I got inspired to back up my picks with a storyline.

Yes I know this will likely never happen but who cares.

The people I have in the group is Cena, Daniel Bryan,Triple H,Del Rio, Kane, Christian (will have won the tittle before this.)

The raw after Summerslam is where it starts.

Starts with a match that has the The Shield(Rollins & Reigns w/ Ambrose ) vs The Uso's the Shield picking up the win then attacking them. Mark Henry comes out for the "save/revenge" he is quickly over taken as the Uso's are down. Kane then comes out and the Uso's rejoin the fight making it 4 on 3. They seem to gain the upper hand on The Shield till the lights go out into the epic Wyatt Family entrance they come out with Bray taking his normal seat.

Luke Harper & Erick Rowan go right after Kane the Wyatt's coming out has allowed the Shield to regain control on the Uso's and Henry. Jimmy and Jey get sent out of the ring Kane and Henry are beaten down more till Bray gets in the ring and hits Sister Abigail on Kane at the same time The Shield hit the triple powerbomb on Henry as the show ends.

For a the next three weeks we see the two groups helping each other and are shown back stage together talking about a "bigger plan". That both groups can get further if they don't fight each other. They keep helping each other till the next PPV(Night of Champions).

At Night Of Champions both groups interfere in both the WWE Championship Match (Cena(c) vs Bryan storyline continues) & World Heavyweight Championship (Christian(c) vs Del Rio rematch clause). After beating down both people in the ring each time which ends with The Triple Power Bomb and Sister Abigail each time the move's are in a different order showing neither group is over powering the other. When they go to leave after the WWE match Ambrose picks up the WWE belt and then Bray Wyatt does the same with the WHC "stealing/taking them". Since its night of champions I guess The Shield (Rollins & Reigns) could retain the titles against the Uso's or whoever.

Next day on raw both teams come out to the ring to start the show cutting a promo saying something to the fact that what they did last night will continue until they get what they want. Bray then holds up the WHC and Ambrose the WWE belt sometime later on showing Vince,Triple H & Stephanie backstage trying to figure out what to do about it. Cena and Bryan have a locker room promo where both agree they will need to work together to defeat The Shield and Wyatt Family. Del Rio also comes out to the ring saying he was screwed out of his rematch clause prompting Christian to come out. He agrees telling Del Rio he will get one a rematch for the last time tonight. Which ends up being the main event which is interfered again this time help comes in the form of Cena, Bryan and Kane before we get a chance to see who gains the upper hand in the fight the show ends.

Raw the week following we see Del Rio come out saying he got screwed again only to have Bryan interrupt him and say that he was also screwed by the Wyatt's and Shield but you don't hear him complaining about it. That him and Cena both aren't gonna stand around and they are ready to make a stand and want a match tonight verse one of the groups. Triple H comes out agreeing with him and says he will make the match then once again Del Rio complains that if anyone should demanding a match its him. This making Triple H telling him since he wants a match and is so mad about getting screwed he'll join Bryan and Cena against the Wyatt Family. If the Shield gets involved in the match they lose the Tag Championships and are suspend. Wyatt family wins then the Shield comes out in a 6 on 3 assault before they get to far into a beat down on Cena,Bryan and Del Rio. Kane and Christan both come out. Seeing them the group retreats together Shield style threw the crowd. Later on we see Cena talking to Kane and Christan thanking them for their help which Christan replies with that they his,Bryan and oddly enough Del Rio's back.

The build towards the pay per view Battleground continues on the next raw with Triple H coming out saying in two weeks there will be a new pay per view that will take place. Battleground. That this gave him Vince and Stephanie a idea for a new match in which will be for both titles and that it will be 6 on 6 tag elimination match . Involving Cena,Bryan, Kane, Christan, Del Rio and by a decision his wife and father in law didn't help make that he will be the 6th guy vs The Shield and Wyatt Family.

He then goes back to the fact he said the match was new and adds that it won't just be a normal 6 on 6 tag elimination that when 3 people are left the match will stop. Then it will turn into a triple threat match the three guys can all be from the same team or one from one side and two from the other. First person to score a pinfall or submission wins the WWE Championship after this happens the match will become a singles match with the person who lost the triple threat vs the other person winner takes the World Heavyweight Championship. Matches can also help further the storyline with the WWE main event mafia winning more of them The Shield and Wyatt Family just to show they can be stopped.

Raw the following week is the last build for the match Ambrose and Bray telling their groups that they want it to be them left with one of the other teams people left. Bray adds so they can beat down whoever it maybe then each walk away champion. Ambrose says it will be nice to finally be WWE Champion after Battleground which Bray disagrees with saying we'll see come Sunday. Matches again be done this time favoring Wyatt Family and The Shield.

At Battleground it comes down to Bryan,Bray and Ambrose in the triple threat match.

Bryan gets beat down by both of them as planned Bray takes a breather while Ambrose hit the headlock driver then goes for the pinfall, before the ref can start counting Bray distracts him. Ambrose see it and gets in Bray face allowing Bryan to get up and attacks Ambrose then Bray quickly knocking them both down showing some fight. Till he gets knocked down again with 2 on 1 odds not looking good at all Bryan knocks Bray out of ring then takes the kicks to Ambrose.

Before locking the Yes! Lock on him only to have it broken up by Bray who goes for and hits Sister Abigail then goes for a cover. Ambrose breaks it up causing the two to go at it till he gets a upper hand hitting his finsher again on Bray pinning him getting a two count. Bryan comes in and breaks up the count then locks in the Yes! Lock on Ambrose making him tap winning the WWE Championship.

The singles match could go either way really but I'd like Bray to win it which would make him more heel and leading to Ambrose and The Shield turning face and fighting the Wyatt Family.

Either way puts a title on one of them and creates a feud between them and the groups.

Thoughts and options welcome.

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