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My Top 5: Greatest WWE Feuds Since 2005 Part 1

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Now, I've only been watching the WWE product since the beginning of 2005, hence why the title is 'Greatest WWE Feuds since '05'. With that being said, let's jump in shall we?

#5 - Edge and The Undertaker 2008

Back at No Way Out 2008 The Undertaker won a Number 1 Contendership Elimination Chamber match. Later that night, Edge retained his World Heavyweight Championship against Rey Mysterio. This is where the feud picked up steam. This all really started on May 18, 2007. After a hard fought Steel Cage match which saw Undertaker retain the World Title over Batista, Mark Henry viciously attacked Undertaker. After that, you would hear 'You think you know me?' and Edge would cash in his Money in the bank briefcase to win the title. This beating allowed Undertaker to take time off, and then Edge eventually took time off after vacating the title. The feud rumbled again at Survivor Series 2007 where, during a Hell in the Cell match between Batista and Undertaker, Edge, dressed as a cameraman, hit Undertaker with a camera, delivered a con-chair-to to him, and dragged Batista atop to allow Batista to retain the title. At Armageddon 2007, all three men faced in a triple threat match where Edge won the title. So now with Undertaker being number one contender and Edge being World Champion, the two would face off at WrestleMania 24 in a classic that saw Undertaker win the World Title Edge stole from him 11 months ago. Edge got his return match at Backlash 2008 and at Judgement Day 2008. both which Undertaker won. However, Vickie Guerrero stripped him of the title for using Hell's Gate at Judgement Day. At One Night Stand they had a fantastic TLC match for the vacant World Title. Edge won and also successfully banished Undertaker from WWE, something no one has ever done. After Edge lost a WWE Title match to Triple H, the storyline saw Vickie turn on Edge and reinstate Undertaker at Summerslam. They finally had their blow off match inside a classic Hell in a Cell that saw Edge utilize some TLC. Overall, this feud was very excellent and never lost a moment of steam even when it lasted for over a year. These two put on great matches that always made the fans want more.

#4 - Randy Orton and The Undertaker 2005

Back in 2004, Randy Orton developed a great gimmick known as The Legend Killer. He defeated/disrespected such legends as: HBK, Harley Race, Jerry Lawler, Mick Foley, and Jake Roberts. Orton eventually set his eyes on Undertaker's 12-0 Streak at WrestleMania 21. Build up to this match was excellent. The match itself was excellent and saw Undertaker pull off the victory. The feud seemed over, but then Orton got drafted to Smackdown. The feud picked up again right away and saw Orton get a suprising victory at Summerslam. Then came No Mercy which saw the Orton's beat Undertaker in a Casket Match and then, really surprisingly, burn the casket. With Undertaker "dead“, Orton set his sights on winning the Survivor Series Raw vs. Smackdown match for Smackdown...which he did successfully. While celebrating, a gong rings. A casket appears on stage and gets set on fire by a lightning bolt. The Undertaker emerges and resumes the rivalry. They end it at Armageddon inside Hell in a Cell which saw Undertaker win. It sucked not seeing a 5th match between the two to see who would win the feud. This was one of the more memorable Undertaker feuds for me. It stayed fresh over the course of all of 2005, and with no title in the picture that's saying something.

#3 - Kurt Angle and Shawn Michaels 2005

Two of the best going at it in a three match series. It all started at the Royal Rumble where Kurt Angle seemed like he could win only to be eliminated by Shawn Michaels. Angle would come back into the ring and eliminate HBK. This lead up to a match at WM 21 after weeks of trying to one up each other. In what was Match of the Year for 2005 Angle beat Michaels in a classic. Even the fans at Staples Center stopped cahnting you suck at Angle to applaud him. Angle was then Raw's 2nd draft pick that year and they immediately faced off at Vengeance in another great match that saw Michaels just edge out Angle. Then, at Raw Homecoming they had a 30 minute Iron Man Match where Angle won the match and the series. This feud really isn't on the list because of Storyline, but because of match quality. All three matches were spectacular and if you haven't seen them, go do that now.

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    This blog is worthless without Shawn/Y2j 2008.
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    I hate these blogs that have 2 parts. What is this? Just top 5? We only have 3 in this one.

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