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My Top 5: Greatest WWE Feuds Since 2005 Part 2

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Apparently in Part 1 I ran out of space, which I did know could happen, so I had to split this into 2 parts. Sorry about that. Let's resume.

#2 - John Cena and Edge 2006

I loved this feud. It gave Cena his biggest rival not named CM Punk, and it elevated Edge into a Hall of Famer. Back at WM 21, Edge won the inaugural MitB match whereas Cena won his 1st WWE Title. Two stars born on 1 night. Fast forward to New Years Revolution where a bloody Cena runs the table and retains his title in an Elimination Chamber Match. In a shocking twist though, Edge would cash in his briefcase to win the title. As Joey Styles said, Edge has shocked the world! Three weeks later, Cena would win the title back from Edge. After a successful defense on Raw, Cena would go to face Triple H at WM 22 whereas Edge would face Mick Foley. Both would win and so Edge was inserted back into the title picture and we had Edge, HHH, and Cena a Backlash. Cena would win only to go and face RVD at One Night Stand. Cena was all set to win and stick it to the ECW crowd only for Edge to screw Cena and let RVD win the WWE Title. After a month in a half break, they were back at it in a Triple Threat Match on Raw with RVD which saw Edge win his second title. At Summerslam, in Cena's backyard, Edge would retain the title using brass knuckles to KO Cena. On to Unforgiven, in Edge's backyard, where Cena won the Rated-R Spinner Belt, loved that belt, in a great TLC Match to officially end this feud. They've had matches since but all the matches in this feud were amazing. The addition of Lita really added to each match. Just a great feud between two young main eventers but not as good as.......

#1 - John Crna and CM Punk 2011

Yes. The PG Era's Rock vs. Stone Cold. Now I know, these two feuded in 2012 too. But 2011 was the best feud out of the two. It all started with a pipe bomb. The promo where Punk had a live mic, no scripts, nothing, will go down as one of the top 5 best Raw, maybe best WWE moments. The weeks leading to Money in the Bank where the best weeks of Raw in recent memory. After the pipe bomb, Punk and McMahon had a live contract meeting in Boston at Raw. At the end of it, Punk ripped up the contract and said he would be leaving Money in the Bank WWE Champion and leaving the WWE. At MitB, in Chicago, one of the best WWE matches took place. I have watched the match three times in a row and loved it each time. Punk would win the WWE Title and leave WWE without it's backbone. Vince would make a WWE Title Tournament to crown a new champ the next night though. Rey Mysterio won but lost the title to Cena that same night. After the match, Cult of Personality hit. I had no idea why it was playing but literally goosebumps came on my skin when Punk walked out. With Punk's retun, Cena and Punk faced off at Summerslam in a title unification match won by Punk only for him to lose it to Del Rio right after. Did this feud end prematurely? Sure. Could it have gone longer? Damn right. Am I glad it happened? Hell yeah. Even though this feud was only 2 months, it was the best feud I've seen since I started watching WWE. Now when can these two headline a WrestleMania together?

Well thank you for reading. Since this is all oppinionated I know you all will have your own thoughts so please leave them below. Don't forget to also read Part 1 and tell me what you think about 5-3. If you liked this top 5, put something you'd like to see rank next time. See y'all next time!

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  1. alcrissam's Avatar
    Personally I think Cena vs Edge is the best story line because of how long it lasted. Also, it gave us some of the most shocking moments in wwe history AND precedents used in story lines today. (Ex: the mitb cash in) If I had to make a list, I would without a doubt put cm punk vs Cena at number 2, but edge and john Cena had a very memorable and entertaining rivalry.
  2. Anyrysm's Avatar
    I would have had Edge/Undertaker higher. It was a great feud that featured the title and culminated in the classic Hell In a Cell atmosphere. But I agree with the Punk/Cena assessment 100% (especially since I'm from Chicago and was there that night)
  3. Akshat's Avatar
    Its a great list but iwould Have Randy Orton Vs Cena In the List. (2009). They Had a Great Feud.. And For Me It Would be in my Top 3 List.
  4. Kajmere's Avatar
  5. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I read part 1 and now reading part 2. Figured they would be posted as such. In any case, I think CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy should have made the list. I'd really have to think about it clear back to 2005. I did a top 10 or 5 rivalrys past 5 years last year. Should have made top 10 because so many great ones going back to 2005. That is almost a decade ago. It is hard to believe....
  6. Federer91's Avatar
    All good feuds over the years but were is Jericho vs. Shawn in 2008. It had everything, fantastic matches, great storyline, awesome promos, it was very personal with Shawns wife in to it et. A top 3 feud for this period at least in my books.
  7. CM Sizi's Avatar
    I agree with No. 1 whole heartedly. I was in the crowd for Money in the Bank 2011 and I have never felt an energy like that before in my life. I've seen a lot of cool sports things in my life. I have been to a Rose Bowl, World Series, countless college football games and Mania 29, but they all fell short of being there live when that feud came to an end. Those two guys really go when they face each other. I am hoping that the ultimate finish to the rivalry happens at Mania some day.

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