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Bound for Glory 2013 My Card

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TNA Tag Title No1 contender match: Bad Influence vs LAX WINNER: Bad Influence Kaz via pinfall 15 mins

Ultimate X Title Match: Manik (c) vs Sonjay Dutt vs Rockstar Spud vs Chavo vs Petey Williams vs Kenny King vs Shark boy vs Aries WINNER: Manik 30 mins
Manik ziplines in and stands on top of the frame big entrance big PPV feel.

TV Championship: Abyss (c) vs Jeff Hardy WINNER: Abyss via DQ 10mins
Revealed that Joseph Park is Abyss before Hardy trys to calm Abyss down telling him he is Joseph

Grudge Match Sabin vs Roode WINNER: Sabin via pinfall 15mins
Story leading on from promo when Roode attacked Sabin when he was on crutches Big PPV win for Sabin

TNA Tag Team Championship
: Gunner and Storm (c) vs Generation Me WINNER: Storm and Gunner via Tag finisher pinfall 20mins
Gen Me Turn Heel after the match attack the champs

Knockouts Title: Mickie James (c) vs Tayrn Terrell Tables Match WINNER: Mickie James 15mins

Lethal Lockdown : A&8 VS MEM Sting,Angle,Joe,Magnus,Rampage vs Devon,Anderson,Garrett,Crimson,Tito Ortiz WINNER: MEM via Rampage pins Garrett 40mins Rampage punches Garrett off the top through 4 tables during the match.

TNA Heavyweight Championship: Bully Ray (c) w/Brooke Hogan vs AJ Styles w/Hulk Hogan
AJ wins A&8 are forced to disband......Bully wins he becomes GM
WINNER: AJ Styles via pinfall 40mins
AJ becomes the hero of TNA again breaks out styles clash and spiral tap to win Old theme plays

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I'll save my BFG card for my booking challenge which is coming up this month in probably 2 weeks or so. Just give my opinion on your card.

    I don't believe it could be a different KO match other than Mickie vs Taryn and the winner should be Taryn. No one else left to face....need to make for more fresh faces. Knockouts roster is pretty limited right now with the recent roster cuts. No where to go with Mickie after facing Taryn. Terrible booking there.......not thinking about future.

    I figure MEM vs Aces &8s will happen at BFG in a Lethal Lockdown match even though I'd rather see these guys specifically on the MEM side doing something else.

    I believe Generation Me has just resigned with ROH....I figure they won't be with TNA in October. I'd love to see them signed back though. Get more tv time with TNA because they have 2 hours.

    Don't like the build of Abyss/Hardy or Roode/Sabin. Why would Sabin be on crutches? Putting Hardy in a stupid situation like that?

    I'd like to see LAX return, but who knows if that will happen? Hopefully they reform and face Chavo and whoever.

    Every X-Division match is a triple threat which is a rule in TNA so that can't work.

    No Hogan's involvement in the main event would be better. Brooke being with Bully now just can't happen now that it was announced on TV that she was engaged to an NFL player. Just wouldn't be believable now. I wish they would have done it at Lockdown or earlier in Bully's title reign.
  2. Phil440's Avatar
    When sabin came back from second ACL he was on crutches bobby roode took him out and started taking the piss out of him, Tayrn would have won the big prize so early being in Tna every knockout has been champ again I think she could wait i get your point in on the momentum.......X division rules could change tomorroe thats not set in stone by any means....Hogans have been so involved with Bully I just think that makes sense...
    Updated 08-07-2013 at 05:08 PM by Phil440

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