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TNA Hardcore Justice Prediction

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Ladies and Gentlemen Welcome to Wrestling is Bischoff!!! Last night we witnessed the August 1st Letdown that will go down in history as the biggest flop in Wrestling history since the return of a masked Kane. We also saw an offer Aces and Eights just could not afford to refuse from Main Event Mafia. Hardcore Justice is set up to be a pretty good free- per- view.(as mentioned in my last blog).Here are my predictions some are a little out there so hang in there.

Tag Team Title Match:
James Storm and Gunner vs Eric Young and Joseph Park
Eric Young and Joseph Park team up for one of the goofiest tag teams ever! Ok dosen't sound that good but I think it could be a pretty good match.The team tries to win and is a fan favorite but ends when James Storm hits the Last call on Eric Young.
Winner:James Storm and Gunner

Bound For Glory Match
Hernandez vs Jay Bradley
Bathroom Break match. I really don't care for either of these superstars, but I know some of you may. Back and forth all through the match but ends in another victory for Hernandez.
Winner: Hernandez Point Standing: 14 Points

Five Woman Knockouts Title Match
Mickie James vs Gail Kim vs ODB vs Velvet Sky vs Taryn Terrell
O.D.B's rivalry is sure to boil over into Hardcore Justice.Taryn Terrell was set to be the center of orbit of the Knockouts division, but with an injury she was forced out of action. Making her redebut next week against Velvet Sky they both get disqualified.All of this leads up to one of the greatest matches in Female Wrestling history. You won't see this kind of action across the line.
Winner:Velvet Sky

Tables Match
Kazarian vs Christopher Daniels
The two have decided to put it to the test. Who is the superiror of Bad Influence? After this match they would this aside and hug it out. Until Kazarian puts Christopher Daniels out of action by putting him through 2 tables at the same time. This would lead up to an awesome return from Christopher Daniels.
Winner: Frankie Kazarian

Bound For Glory Match:
Austin Aries vs Jeff Hardy
After coming off a huge victory over AJ Styles, The greatest man who ever lived is trying to keep the ball rolling. Austin Aries almost get counted out after Jeff Hardy hits the Swanton outside the ring. But as HArdy celebrates early Aries rolls back in and hits a Brain Buster on Hardy to win the match.
Winner:Austin Aries Current Standings: 28 Points launching him to 2nd place.

Main Event Mafia vs Aces and Eights
It's do or die. One Man saves his team from getting fired, the other losing his job and lively hood. Sting is only in the ring for a small amount of time and the match is controlled by Magnus, Joe, and Jackson. Anderson and Knux are the only people holding Aces and eights up. Rampage and Garrett Bischoff square off and when Rampage goes for the pin Aces interfere causing a all out brawl between Mafia and Eights knocking the two out of the ring. Causing Rampage and Garrett to be counted out. Since both lost they both get fired.
Winner: The TNA FANS!!!

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I'm wondering who will be the one to get the pinfall at Hardcore Justice. I think we can all agree it will be a Aces & 8s member. I'm hoping Garett Bischoff will be the one to take the pinfall....LOL! Rampage Jackson has a cool look, but I don't understand TNA right now. Why would you continue to invest in these MMA guys when not 1 has had a single match in the ring. How long has King Mo been signed? It has been over a year, I know that!

    Are these legit matches that will happen? Such as Aries vs Jeff Hardy along with that tag title match? I don't look up spoilers to be honest. Havn't heard of any matches other than MEM vs Aces & 8s along with the world title match. Didn't give your prediction on that match I see.

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