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Homophobia in the Wrestling Community

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Note: This blog entry contains explicit content in the form of profanity and other offensive language.


I want to say right off the bat; I’m not looking to pick fights with this post. I’m going to ramble and it may not always tie into wrestling perfectly but it’s not that kind of post. I’m not going to say that my opinions are right and everyone should believe in them. We live in a world today where people and their viewpoints on moral issues often get thrown into extremes. When it comes to a subject like political correctness, people on either side often get labeled as too soft or morally bankrupt. People refuse to acknowledge that huge grey area that lies in-between that represents most of us.

I’m 28. I’m stating this because I know the users/readers on this site probably range from 8-80. I may not have the wisdom and insight of someone who has lived a full lifetime, but I’d like to think I have a reasonable amount of perspective. I’m a moderate by nature. People might read this and think, “how can you be a moderate and have such a strong stance on a matter like gay rights?” Because on most issues I at least marginally agree with (or see the viewpoint of) both sides and hover somewhere around that, previously alluded to, middle ground.

Now that that’s out of the way….

I am not a homosexual but I 100% support gay rights. I believe in their right to marry and live their lives as they choose. I also believe in fundamental human decency. I look at people who are so vehemently against the homosexual lifestyle and wonder whom they would have sided with during the US civil war (1861-1865). Had those people lived in Germany during the 1930s and 40s, would they have blindly followed Hitler as he made every attempt to exterminate Jews from this planet? I think these things and then I think about wrestling fans. More then that, I think about the general public’s perception of wrestling fans. We often get lumped into that awful cliché of fat, nose picking, living in the basement of mom’s house, losers. And what makes me frustrated is that I see it. I see why the world at large thinks of us this way.

“yeah that’s why I been coughing for like 3 weeks, sick and all. This shit for the faggots.”
-Scorpio Sky (twitter)

“Another Dude obsessed w/ my hair #homo.”
-Shawn Michaels (twitter)

“… try and teach my kids that there’s nothing wrong with [same sex marriage] and I’ll fucking shoot you.”
-Jay Briscoe (twitter)

“That's your material, you can have your joke back. Don’t go racing to Witch Mountain, because your mountain is brokeback.”
-John Cena (WWE Raw)

Look at that list of names. Pretty interesting group consisting of: the biggest name in wrestling today (Cena), the (arguably) best wrestler of all time (Michaels), the ROH champion at the time of his comment (Briscoe), and a WWE developmental prospect and television personality (Sky). The comments range from casually naive to outright appalling. Really, aside from Briscoe’s tweet, none of the quotes appear intentionally malicious. However, that doesn’t mean it was the only comment that could be construed as being out of line.

Comedian Lewis C.K. has a great bit about the word “faggot.” “I miss that word you know,” he says, “I grew up saying that word. And it never meant gay.” He goes on, “faggot didn’t mean gay. When I was a kid you called someone a faggot cause they’re being a faggot.” And I think that’s the prevailing thought process for a lot of people out there. Faggot is just another way of saying “asshole” or “douche bag.” Based on his follow-up tweets, I believe Scorpio Sky views the word in this manner. But what he, and many others, fails to realize is most people who follow him on twitter don’t know him on a personal level. They’ve seen him work matches, cut promos, sign autographs, but that’s probably it. And he fails to realize that that word holds a lot of weight for some people. He’s never been bullied for his sexual preference. He’s never been shoved against a locker and had “fucking faggot” screamed into his face. Personally, I talk a lot of shit when it’s just my friends and me. But I understand there’s a lot of stuff I say to them that I can’t just throw out into the world with no context. The world at large doesn’t know me. And it’s not about being PC or oppressing freedom of speech, it’s about being an educated and mindful human being who gets that not everyone thinks like me.

Not long after Sky’s comments, there was serious backlash. WWE, due to their affiliation with GLAD, was quick to cut ties. Wrestling fans were swift in their response with a surge of vile comments. Filth along the lines of “fuck GLAD,” and “why do gay people have to be such faggots?” People cried out that the gay community was too sensitive. There were arguments like, “no matter how much people protest or moan about gay jokes etc it's never gonna stop so just accept it.” Cause that’s a reasonable way of thinking. So, back in 1850, black people should have just accepted slavery cause it had been around for awhile and it was never going to change? Women should have been okay with the idea of not being able to vote before 1920 cause that’s just the way it was?

I’m sure everyone’s heard the cliché, “try walking in my shoes before judging me.” You know what you never hear? “I’m going to walk in the shoes of those around me before judging them.” Strive to be a better person. “Judge not lest ye be judged.”

I feel this is a good place to stop even though I know I’ve only just scratched the surface. Maybe there will be a part 2 down the line.

As always, thank you for Reading. Feel free to leave praise or constructive feedback. Normally I’m okay with trolling but I hope you all respect yourselves and respect my opinions in this particular piece enough to refrain from being hateful/hurtful.

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  1. baby-boi's Avatar
    I don't think it's homophobic, I think it's ignorance. Some of those examples you gave weren't really down talking homosexuality. Most people will use the word just like they use the word "jerk" or "asshole". The ignorance comes from the fact that these people are detached from the negative impact that this word has on people. It's not that they hate gays, it just that they don't understand them.
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