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What really grinds my gears? Episode 11 - The Next Generation

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"Episode 11?? I thought we finished this garbage on the last episode?"
"No Mr Griffin, we just didn't have anymore material to give you."
"What are you talking about? I could complain about wrestling all day! I demand to see the guy in charge!"
"I am the guy in charge, and you sir, are an idiot."
"Oh .. well I may be an idiot, but there is one thing I am not, sir, and that sir, is an idiot."

"Umm ... err ... get on with it?"
"Grinds my gears when you make me do stuff."

Episode 11 - The Next Generation

A long time ago, back in ancient times (around January), the blog series came to an abrupt end at the 10th episode. However, due to .. let's say pure boredom? I have decided to bring it back. You could even say I am bringing it back like Star Trek brought out The Next Generation, all improved with a new spaceship, crew, and played by much better actors.

However this blog, as much as I love sci-fi and comedy, is all about wrestling and the next generation of wrestlers and fans.

So why does the next generation grind my gears so? Why do I feel the need to make a blog about something that has not happened yet?
I am deeply concerned that's why. It feels like people don't know what is cool anymore, and they continue to be fed the same old mediocre garbage that even a hoarder wouldn't want.

On my last blog I touched on the subject of broken dreams. How many wrestlers of the past and present failed to live up to their true potential. This is still apparent in some cases, however I have an update.

Dolph Ziggler finally became World Champion, only to lose it to Del Rio not long after. He has still not received his much deserved break as a top competitor, and this worries me. However Daniel Bryan is breaking out as a top star that could rival Cena. I am sure Vince has no idea how to talk down Daniel Bryan, this was evident by the abysmal promo he did on Raw lately.

On the other side of the spectrum, Chris Sabin became the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. This victory should have been a victory for TNA and all of their fans, and a step in the right direction .. except all I see is negativity over his victory.

Fans saying things like "Sabin does not deserve it.", "Sabin is too small, he is a mid carder at best", "Sabin sucks on the mic", "Sabin will lose the title soon."

There are many problems with the title change.
1) Chris Sabin was at his most popular during the golden age of TNA, as he took the X-Division by storm, if there was any time to put the strap on him, it was during the period where guys like AJ Styles and Jeff Jarrett were holding onto it.

2) Lack of build. - After almost two years out, he came back and never really got past the "I tore both my ACLs and came back" comeback story, which tells us this title change could have been more out of sympathy and a feeling of owing Sabin for his many years of service to TNA.

3) An afterthought - With Aces and Eights running wild (brother), Hogan continuing to take up space, and Main Event Mafia returning, the emphasis was never on Chris Sabin. Even more so, Austin Aries took the title off him, which took even more emphasis off Sabin. Although Hogan "endorsed" Sabin as the next World Champion, who really thought in their head "Oh wow Hogan is singing his praises, he must be awesome!". Anyone who really knows of Sabins work knows just how talented he is as an athlete.

4) The match itself - Let's be honest, it was terrible. It was on free tv, and Sabin got beat on throughout the whole match. MEM and A&8s being around ringside took all the spotlight off Sabin, and it just felt like Sabin was a small pawn in the huge chess game that is the gang warfare going on right now. Also he beat Bully Ray with his own trademark of using the hammer, something which Chris Sabin never does. Sabin has always been a full on good guy, he never cheats to win, and to win his first world title by using a hammer told us that he apparently wasn't good enough to beat him without cheating.

Don't get me wrong! Sabin being World Champion is a good thing! However they didn't do it in the right way, and it should have been a much bigger shock to the world.

Onto the current world champions, you see guys like Cena and Del Rio hold the titles, despite not being unanimously liked/hated/cared about and that worries me. In the past, champions were either extremely liked, or extremely hated by all, and that is what made great television. Can you name any WWF Champions during the attitude era that had a mixed reaction?

And onto the attitude era, people still look back on the Attitude era as the greatest time in the business, and it probably always will be, specially with how society is today. There are so many rules and spotlight on the business now. There is also a pure lack of proper promo time. Having watched some older promos today, there is a severe lack of passion and intensity in the business today.

What happened? Will we ever see promos like these again? Somehow I doubt it. It all seems rather bleak from here on out. However we do have some hopes.

In the WWE, Daniel Bryan, Ziggler, The Shield, Damien Sandow and maybe Bray Wyatt stick out to me as potential future main eventers. Cena is getting older now, it just depends how long he wants to hold onto his spot as "The Man", and hopefully he won't be replaced by Ryback. Ryback is somewhat decent, but he seems like that typical guy that Vince would shove down our throats if he starts selling merchandise at a decent rate. Totally wouldn't mind Ryback being a top heel though, someone of his size can make smaller guys like Ziggler and Bryan look even greater then they already are.

The biggest factors with the future all come down to Vince McMahon and Dixie Carter however. Will Vince step down and let Triple H and Stephanie run the ship? Will Dixie stop bringing in guys like Rampage Jackson and bring us the TNA of the golden era again?

Who knows. All I do know is that I am tired of the same old faces at the top. Wrestling in general needs to shake things up a bit, and do it in such a way which is cool and refreshing, instead of doing it just for short time shock value.

What worries me even more is the fan base. Those kids who have grown up watching Cena will only have heard of the Attitude and Golden eras, and will only see "Sports Entertainment" as it is now, with no real comparison to what "Wrestling" was about. It worries me that people will one day say "Hull Kogan who?" and even worse, "Who is Stone Cold Steve Austin???".

Can you imagine it? Adults saying they have no clue who Steve Austin is?? Can you see why this grinds my gears?? People need to educate these kids and quick before all is lost.

I am going to round this up. Do you think the wrestling business has a bright future? Or will it only end up spiraling down into obscurity? Maybe doing so might make it better in the long term?

Until next time! You crazy people.

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  1. Kajmere's Avatar
    It's natural for new generations to forget/never know some aspects of older generations. My nephew who is 12 didn't know who Marlon Brando was, but probably knows Justin Bieber or Lil Wayne. However we're in the digital age, so they can easily access info or videos about anyone at anytime. I don't see it as a major issue at all. Good blog.
    Updated 08-02-2013 at 06:34 PM by Kajmere
  2. ewantu2's Avatar
    "Can you imagine it? Adults saying they have no clue who Steve Austin is??" Yeah. This looks like it might be a disaster, the world will fall into depression.

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