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Loose Cannon: The Missing Link- Chris Beniot

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Ladies and gentlemen welcome to an edition; the first edition of Loose Cannon. As many of you know me as, I am the host of the EWN Championship, Monday Night Blog Brawls, and Loose Cannon. Hopefully I do not pisses people off by this type of this blog, as many people have many different views of Chris Beniot. I am not going to go too much into depths with types of blogs, since most of them about this particular superstar have not been published on the main blog page. The missing link is someone who is not justified too much in the WWE for his accomplishments. I am indeed of the actions of Chris Beniot; who vividly murdered his wife and child. There have been many speculations about the event; as many people justified his actions because of his years of taking bumps in the ring. This blog will not defend Chris Beniot in no way; so please do not give me that bullsh*t that I am justifying the man's actions because I am not. Also, many of you would be wondering why I am writing this blog at such a random time period? To justified my actions, I am writing this blog because it is my duty to give my persona and my opinion of this story and how the World Wrestling Entertainment handle it back in 2007. As always please leave feedback and comment in the comment section below.

Backlash 2004 would always remain a WWE PPV in my life that I will hold dearest because of one superstar-Chris Beniot. Back in 2004, Beniot received a hefty push in which he won the Royal Rumble and the WHC at Wrestlemania 20 that following year at MSG. He was in an indulging rivalry with HBK and HHH. I remember this match so much because these competitors told a story in the ring that was unteachable and inhabitable. Chris Beniot from Canada told a story how hard work could indeed lead to success and how determination could lead to being the best that the WWE had to offer at the time. When Beniot successfully defended his title at Backlash 2004; I knew that anyone could succeed because Beniot indeed just that. It was a moment that stayed sonorous in my mind for a long time to come as Beniot became one of my favorites and remains one of my favorite wrestlers of all time today. After Beniot beat HBK and HHH, the Canadian Crippler showed me no matter the size or the disadvantages that are amoungst yourself, you will/you have to find a way to succeed and I thank Chris Beniot for that moment that touch my life and the life of kids that are told you are unable to succeed. Let's continue our trip down memory lane; to another familiar date, shall we?

Wrestlemania 21. It was amazing match with spectacles and the crowing of future superstars-John Cena and the Animal Batista. What made it such a monumental night was the formation/creation of the MITB match which gave a superstar who worked his tail off-Edge a spot to become the very best the company had today. In the match; featured Chris Beniot who had badly been taking a bump after a heinous attack by Tyson Tomko. Beniot put his body on the line; risking his head which had been stapled up, being badly bloody after a flying headbutt to Kane. Even through Chris Beniot was unable to win the match, he sold the never quit attitude and determination as I said in the last paragraph to nearly prevail and win a contract to vs the WWE Championship or WHC at any given opportunity. This match alongside his match with Randy Orton at Summerslam 2004 is given prove that you need to rise from the ground and prevail after a loss.

Wrestlemania 23. My favorite Wrestlemania of all time. I will not go into depth with this match because it is least important to my list of the missing link. In this match, Chris Beniot showed that he was able to put on an excellent showing due to time constants and a rookie (in my books) MVP. This match was also important because it was Beniot last Wrestlemania before his death.

WWE Draft 2007: It was an amazing showing as we saw the likes of Bobby Lashely relinquishing his ECW championship due to being drafted to Monday Night Raw. This event was special because Beniot would be drafted to Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) which in retrospect needed a superstar such as Beniot to help the shows younger development. It was an exciting show because I was looking forward to Beniot on ECW rehashing an old rivalry and starting new ones. Unfortunately, the road ahead was not something to foresee.

Night of Champions 2007: It was a night that I was looking forward too. The dream match that I was looking forward too; Chris Beniot vs C.M Punk. It could not get anymore high-stack than that; as spoilers reported that Beniot was schedule to win the championship and finally reclaim his glory as the ECW Champion. Unfortunately, the fans at the event were confused as C.M Punk would fight John Morrison. "We want Beniot.;" the fans were chanted. Wait, what the hell happened to Chris Beniot, what they wanted Chris Beniot and I as a fan wanted the former WHC Chris Beniot.

Raw Tribute: Words can not express what I felt that night. It was shocking. Chris Beniot is dead. The man that I idolize for years has died in an apparent car crash as local news sites were reporting. It was heinous for myself to be angry that Chris Beniot was unable to be at Night of Champions. At 40 years of age, Chris Beniot has died.

ECW to Dismember: After the news of Chris Benoit death broke out, I was shocked that Chris Beniot murdered his family. How would the World Wrestling Entertainment handle it? As ECW opened; Vince made an appearance which was classy of Vince but also weird, what in the living hell is Vince doing on Extreme Championship Wrestling. He informed the fans that there will be no further mention of Chris Beniot because of the events that enfolded 26 hours ago. As Vince M was talking, memories of Beniot were not perishing but were stuck in my mind. As a wrestling fan, was I wrong to acknowledge the villain that the media was portraying the Professional Wrestler as? No, I am not wrong because I am not supporting his actions but acknowledging the great memories as a fan not a media fanatic had for Chris Beniot. As ECW was closing, Chris Beniot was still on my mind and it would stay like that for a few episodes of Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown.

The Missing Link: Chris Beniot actions were now apparent as of certain. He was idolize as a villain in the eyes of millions but as a true wrestling fan a superstar. I could not come to grips of why Chris Beniot would even commit a heinous crime such as this. It was unlawfully but that was realty. As it was knocking on my front porch, realty about the event was still pure bullsh*t if you ask me. The main that I have admire for a long amount of time could not, would not, should not commit a crime. After all, the WWE was portrayed as a superhero who eared you to say your prays and eat your vitamins just a few decades ago. It was pure bullsh*t as I told myself, but realty through a curveball at me in which I was unable to comprehend and well it knocked me dizzy such as a Hogan legdrop or Undertaker Tombstone. I was purely missing the missing link and that was get a grip on realty that Chris Beniot murdered his wife and child. Did I try to see if I was living in a inception, a few times. By the course of time, I came to grips that Chris Beniot did indeed murder his wife and child. I will not bash Chris Beniot for his actions because only Chris Beniot knew what was going on with him during that fatal day on June 24th 2007. The missing link was finally found and I indeed came to grips about the Chris Beniot incident. Chris Beniot indeed did not perish in my mind but became a superstar in which I watch countless dvd's on too see his matches with the likes of Sabu and Triple H.

HOF: Do I every think that Chris Beniot will be inducting in the WWE HOF. Without an absolutely doubt, I do not believe that Chris Beniot will be inducted in the HOF. Many would call me heinous but Chris Beniot deserves too be inducted in a HOF embracing his accomplishments. Go ahead JPW, WWE, or any other promotion induct Chris Beniot for the man and the accomplishments; for the memories and countless hours of excellent matches.

As I finally filled the shoes of the missing link, I have finally found to embrace Chris Beniot matches and his accomplishments. On June 24th 2007, Chris Beniot was found dead in his house alongside his wife and son. He left behind a excellent legacy that superstar try to intimidate but dare not to duplicate. Chris Beniot left a legacy that was uncanny and could never be duplicate. His accomplishments might be forgotten by many but not by the wrestling fan that lives inside of me, Chris Beniot will be remembered.

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  1. Kajmere's Avatar
    This blog is riddled with grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors in every sentence. Proof read my brotha. Anyways, I'll always be a fan of the wrestler, but never of the person. Hall of fame is out of the question.
  2. MikeyA's Avatar
    I could barely read this. Chris Benoit(tied with Eddie Guerrero) will always be THE GREATEST wrestler ever in my eyes. I will not dismiss what he did, but his in ring career is more legendary than The Undertakers streak IMO.
  3. kylos's Avatar
    Read my 5 star Chris Benoit blog here. >>

    This is the Benoit blog to end all Benoit blogs.
  4. Kajmere's Avatar
    his in ring career is more legendary than The Undertakers streak IMO.
    Well that's a 20 year career vs 20 matches, the streak trumps any single accomplishment of CB.
  5. Kajmere's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by kylos
    Read my 5 star Chris Benoit blog here. >>

    This is the Benoit blog to end all Benoit blogs.
    You spoke the truth.
  6. sonoftheLINK's Avatar
    I thought this was about "The Missing Link". IMO....Benoit = No HOF.
  7. Skunk's Avatar
    Every time I watch a Benoit match I immediately forget about the murders. One of the all time greatest. Even Ozzy was allowed back to San Antonio after pissing on the Alamo.
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