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Top 10 shoulda wins: Summerslam

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A new edition of top 10, but it isn't moments or matches? What is shoulda wins? The build towards an event tells you this guy has got to win this match, but it ends up being some stupid DQ, countout, or some stupid finish holding up the big win til the following month. Let us be honest, we have saw those moments a lot at big events. So why don't I do moments or matches? I've done both best and worst for both topics in the past. I figure you could find it in my blog section possibly under summerslam tag. You felt he was going to win, but WWE didn't pull the trigger. Instead of celebration of winning the gold at a big event, you are forced to celebrate at a throw away ppv. So here is the top 10 shoulda wins in the history of Summerslam!:

10.Prime Time Players 2012-Anybody who has read these bad boys in the past, you know I'm huge fan of PTP. Even do the millions of dollars dance with family members from time to time. So you know, I was upset when WWE didn't give them what they deserved which was the tag titles. R-Truth/Kofi were boring.....we need something fresh and entertaining to the tag division. Now they are still waiting to win the tag belts for the first time. "When" they win the tag belts, the tag division will be worth millions of dollars(start to do the dance).
9.Lex Luger 1993-I was a much bigger fan of Luger in WCW than in WWF. However, Luger did step up to the plate on Monday Night Raw. He lifted a 600 pound Yokozuna and slammed him. Can he be the one to defeat Yokozuna? A lot of folks believed he would be the one. However, he didn't win the WWF title. You wouldn't know it though by the ridiculous celebration they had in the middle of the ring after a DQ? Countout? victory. I mean come on, this type of celebration is served for actually winning the match and the belt. You would have thought this dude won the world title, but he didn't. Plz go back and check out that ridiculous celebration. I don't believe I have saw that type of celebration after a DQ win. Never did end up winning the WWF title either. Lex Express...ugh! We all knew Punk loved it!
8.Vader 1996-A guy who really doesn't get the respect he deserves for his accomplishments in this business has got to be Vader. Top heel world champion at WCW. Amazing feud with Cactus. Flair beating him at Starrcade ranked as the best match in the history of Starrcade. Vader was the man when he came to the WWE with one of the top managers of all-time in Jim Cornette. Jim claims Vader was scheduled to win the belt and the build said it was going to happen as well. Didn't obviously, fell off the face of the earth virtually after that. Never the same like Luger. After failing to win that gold. Careers just wasn't the same after that. Although Luger did share a Rumble victory with Bret Hart after that.
7.Hardy Boyz 2000-It bothers me that my favorite tag team of all-time failed to win the tag belts. It was built for the perfect scenario in their hometown crowd. Of all the TLC matches, Hardyz failed to win each time as a team. Christian and Edge would always win for whatever reason. The built was great though into the first TLC match. Looking back, I wish each team would have won at least one of those TLC & Ladder matches on the big stage. Talking Summerslam and of course WM. Hardyz should have won the first TLC, E+C should have won the first triangle ladder match, and Dudleyz should have won the TLC2.
6.HHH 1999-The match was built up for a victory by HHH. I still rooted for Austin anyways, but I felt like it was built for HHH to win. Even though we had some addition type of matches. Such as Chyna vs Foley....ugh!! It felt built it was going to be Austin vs HHH 1 on 1 for the belt with HHH winning. Made into a triple threat match. I said, no way Foley is winning this. He did, I love Ventura's involvement as well. I also liked when he was part of that Raw when Sheamus won that battle royal to meet John Cena at TLC in 09. The fact is though, HHH didn't win at Summerslam. Waited til the next night to win the belt on Raw vs Foley. Rumors swirl that Austin didn't want to lose to HHH which is why Foley was added. Felt Foley deserved the belt. Foley however claims, Austin was hurt, and he was added just to make it a good match. Believe what you want, but 1 day title reigns isn't something I endorse.
5.Randy Orton 2007-I was tired of Cena. I asked myself who was left for him to beat. I wanted Orton to be champion, Orton became my favorite wrestler overtaking John Cena. I've been waiting for Orton to win the world or WWE title back since he lost his first world title. 1 of my favorite moments in Raw history that is hardly talked about is when Orton spit in HHH's face. Loved that theme song to that ppv that year when HHH vs Orton was the main event for the world title. Believe it was Saliva Survival of the fittest. Something like that...Orton didn't win. Got a rematch because what he did to Cena's old man on Raw aka punting his dad. No Mercy scheduled Last Man Standing match vs John Cena for the WWE title. Don't know why he kept getting rematches. Cena got hurt vs Kennedy on Raw I believe. Orton was crowned the new WWE champion to begin the show than lost it in like 15 minutes. This is why we have 10x world champions!! He ended up winning it back in the end of night vs HHH in a last man standing match. It would have made much more sense for Cena to get rematch clause at Unforgiven and be given a special rules type of match at No Mercy. Instead we hold it off for whatever reason. Can you read the frustration?
4.Nexus 2010-1 of the best debuts of all-time happened in Raw of 2010. Nexus destroyed the ring, attacked everyone from commentators to ring announcers among others. Built up as this big threat to WWE. They faced Team WWE which featured old fart Bret Hart. Team WWE won? Why? How does that keep us believing Nexus is that big threat and monster group that can't be stopped? They lose like their first match. Not only that, but on a major ppv. Nexus angle was good and still enjoyed it after that. I'm just scratching my head as to why you would have them lose? What was the point? Made 0 sense!!
3.CM Punk 2011-I know you critics will come and say CM Punk won his match vs John Cena to make him the WWE undisputed champion. People are always quick to blame John Cena for summer of Punk ending. It was Cena who helped it begin in the first place. Del Rio was the guy who came out and ruined everything along with Nash. Yea, I cost you your WWE title and we never have a match. This was done to help put Punk over. Punk was over you idiots!! His feud replacement with HHH, I don't even believe that helped Punk at all. It ruined the hype, buzz, and excitement over some idiot who actually believes Nash can put over CM Punk when he was the most over guy in the company at the time. See what happens when you hire people who arn't straight edge like CM Punk. They believe bad ideas are good....that is bad business!! Punk did however win it back after he finally got his rematch at Survivor Series which ended up being the longest WWE title reign in the past 25 years.
2.Kurt Angle 2001-At Summerslam, I thought 2 world titles were going to change hands. Unfortunately, we had to wait a month to get that WWF title back to the WWF. During the Invasion angle, Austin switched to the WCW side because of hug situation involving Austin/Angle/Vince McMahon. You see why people say how terrible the invasion angle was when I stated hug in the previous sentence. I didn't like Austin's 2001 run at all. Austin was a badass who had no soul, who gave no rats ass about anybody. His wife's name was Debra on my TV screen. What? Wife's name Debra! What? See how frustrating the "What?" chants are? What? He was upset about hugs, wife, among other ridiculous things. Although I did find humor when he thought Kurt was tossing him over the bridge. Milk truck was cool too...however, they did have a great match with a joke finish. Angle should have won. The celebration in the ring which was like Luger's when he won by DQ in 93. Kurt Angle won the belt at Unforgiven only to lose it in a short time period back to Austin.
1.Goldberg 2003-I was so sick and tired of HHH holding onto that world title. You had guys like Kane, Booker T, RVD all looking like they were going to beat him at that ppv, but didn't end up doing so. When Goldberg debuted on Raw, you wondered when was he going to face HHH and capture that world title. The answer I thought was Summerslam in 2003. I thought it was going to be a singles bout, but ending up being in a chamber. I was ok with it until, the result was official. You felt as the live crowd did Goldberg was leaving with that world heavyweight title. Instead, sledgehammer along with an evolution beatdown to end Summerslam. Wins the title at next ppv, which is more remembered? The bigger event. Goldberg winning would have been a top moment in like a lot of these 10 would have been a top moment in Summerslam history. Instead, their losses usually end up on the side of you guessed it: worst moments in Summerslam history.

There you have it!! The top 10 shoulda wins in Summerslam history. Glad I could help hype up Summerslam....LOL! What was the most disappointing loss for you in the history of Summerslam? What does your top shoulda wins look like? Leave that and more in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!!

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by rhyno535
    I cant say that i disagree. I share the same opinion with your number 1 pick and i myself would have placed it on my own top 10 on that same spot.

    To this day i still dont know why Triple H won that match and you are right, i cant even remember at which PPV Goldberg won his Title, still Triple H wanted that "glory" he had been fighting for against The Rock, Austin and Foley but never got to that top.
    I agree with ya with HHH never getting to the level of Rock/Austin. Some guys say HHH among others were or are on the same level of those guys. No, they weren't.
  2. Skunk's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TheGreatOne
    I know, I tried to make it more dramatic and make him look better.
    Yeah right. Because *only* slamming 550 is nothing. If you couldn't be bothered to look it up just say so.
  3. ejorbit's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Skunk
    Yeah right. Because *only* slamming 550 is nothing. If you couldn't be bothered to look it up just say so.
    It's not my place to tell you what your prerogatives in life should be. But THeGreatOne wrote a fine blog. I'm sure you could look past a 50 lb embellishment and give some sort of positive/constructive feedback.
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