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What does AJ Lee do post Dolph ziggler? can she save Diva Division?

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I'm writing this after i wrong my, i'm not sure what to call, started off as a short thing about AJ/Big E/Dolph and what i think should happen at Summerslam, but ended an in depth look at the next 6+ months of AJ Lee's Career as if i was writing it, a sorta road map to how AJ could save the the Diva Division. hope you enjoy, if you think i'm delusional, that's fine, i wonder the same from time to time.

As we all know, Dolph Ziggler Dumped AJ Lee and Big E hasn't taken kindly to it.

thous the Match at Summerslam between Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston(presumably with AJ Lee in his corner) chances are that match will probably b early in the night, second, maybe 3rd match, i could see it being pre-show, but let's not go there. well her my theory on i think it should go down, but more importantly how it could affect AJ Lee's character

so the match happens, Ziggler comes out on top. AJ would go livid, Big E tries to console her like he did on Smackdown, but this time he goes for that kiss and she delivers a knee to the crotch followed by Slap(vintage AJ) so that ends it for AJ and Big E.

Now i don't think a Diva match has been announced for Summerslam, but in my little story it has and if it was, i'd say based on the spear to AJ from Kaitlyn(which i must say AJ sells like a pro, must have learned from her time with Ziggler) i say Summerslam is AJ Lee vs Kaitlyn for Diva title.

Of course for this to work, Diva match will be later in the night, but i believe it usually is, AJ vs Kaitlyn, one on one because of AJ cutting E loose. nearing the end of the match Kaitlyn hits AJ with a spear, Kaitlyn crawls to the pin....then it happens, lights go out and all you hear is that evil laugh, lights on Kharma(in her Brand New Ring Gear she tweeted about) standing on the ramp.

Mean while, Kaitlyn is on her knees frozen in disbelief as Kharma slowly makes her way to the ring. stops at the apron, looks at Kaitlyn, smiles, points behind her. Kaitlyn still on her knees, looks back only to get a Chuck Taylor to the head from AJ Lee who since the spear and distraction of Kharma has recouped and hit Kaitlyn with her Shining Wizard finisher(which she hasn't used in some time) i could just hear Cole..."vintage AJ". AJ pins Kaitlyn 1, 2, 3. No no no scrap the 1, 2, 3. Just to make AJ that much more viscous, that much more crazy, she locks in that Black Widow submission hold, Kaitlyn out can't tap, ref calls it. Still your Diva champion AJ Lee. but wait, there's more.

WWE has labeled AJ as unstable, crazy, ect... so why not prove it by now instructing Kharma to either hit an implant buster or Kharma Bomb on an unconscious Kaitlyn. which she does.

That little segment could be one of the most talked about segments on Summerslam and we still hadn't seem Bryan/Cena, could help greatly make Summerslam an event.

But what it does, what made me think of this in the 1st place was where does AJ go after Ziggler, first of all Big E had to go, no question. he was ok with Dolph around, he'd beat on superstars. what's he going to for AJ? 5 Count(real name for Big Ending) to a diva? i don't think so, this is not Attitude Era and Big E isn't Bubba Ray. so he's of no use to her, unless you count carrying her unconscious body after taking a spear, but really how often that happen.. ok lots but still had to go.

Now AJ has come accustom to having "muscle" so after i saw Kharma's Tweets about returning to TV soon and that she has new ring gear, i thought what what a great combination AJ Lee and Kharma could be. AJ has done things in WWE already that no other Diva has done since Trish/Lita, most notably getting her own T-Shirt, not just 1 but 2 and other merchandise and i'm sure more to come. a Diva having a "bodyguard" in WWE is something that i've only seen maybe once or twice. i think Sable had one for a bit long ago.

so for AJ to have Kharma as her bodyguard would do good for both, i imagine after something like that AJ/Kaitlyn feud would be done, WWE would probably do a story line injury for Kaitlyn to take her off TV for a while. So that leave AJ free, enter the Bella Twins, we've been having little tastes of AJ/Bella for months now, from the Bella's leaving AJ high and dry in a 6 diva match to AJ doing the same back, to the little backstage and WWE App segments where they don't get physical but you can tell don't like each other. so there is some build there, add in Kharma's history with Bella's and you have makings of a 3-4 month feud out of it.

1st PPV Nikki vs AJ for title, Nikki loses, 2nd PPV Brie takes a stab, she looses to, i think somewhere in there is a Survivor Series, so have a Team AJ vs Team Bella. maybe by then a Paige or Emma has been brought up, show off what they can do in the traditional match. end the feud with a tag team match where if WWE wants, could act to end the feud with the Bella's, but if they want, split AJ/Kharma and turn AJ back face, which is inevitable because she just more lucrative as a face.

So at the end of tag match, after AJ and Kharma has destroyed the Bella's, AJ's vengeance has been felt, but more importantly for this story Kharma's has. AJ extremely happy with herself jumps into Kharma's arms(ala Kane), Kharma gives AJ a serious look, then smiles, does her little laugh, lifts AJ high and delivers a Kharma Bomb.

Next night on Raw Kharma finally speaks her mind, says something like she used AJ just like all the superstars before her(names of Punk, Bryan, ect..) say she used AJ to get a foot back in the door so she can get revenge on The Bella's for the comments they made. the revenge was complete so so was her need of AJ and that now the only thing she needs from AJ is that Diva title around her waist and that she'll break that toothpick body in 2 just to get it.(ok that was a little to in depth but whatever)

this leads to another couple months of good Diva feuds, maybe an AJ loss of Diva title to Kharma at some point to have AJ rally back and over come the odds in John Cena fashion, maybe since it's now been about 6 months since Kaitlyn's feud with AJ ended, Kaitlyn comes out, we would all assume as a heel to help Kharma for all AJ has done, but instead when ref gets knocked down after AJ gets out the way from Kharma, Kaitlyn spears Kharma, AJ wakes the ref, gets the 1, 2, 3. Kaitlyn gets back in the ring, starts helping AJ up, AJ back up a bit, not sure, Kaitlyn takes AJ's hand, raises it up declaring her winner, the 2 hug it out, in my mind the crowd is chanting it...hug it out, hug it out. Chick Busters reunited, all is well with WWE Universe.

Well i hope you enjoyed what you read, if so great, if not, i did warn i might be delusional, so ya

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Yea, she has saved the divas division. See more interesting storylines and intrigued to see Diva matches. Divas actually showing their true feeling other than just smiling and over the belt.
  2. TempestH's Avatar
    No, AJ can't save the Divas Division. No one woman can save the Divas Division. WWE doesn't care about AJ as a female competitor or as The Divas Champion. All of AJ's overness is based on her being linked to main event talent for the past year or so. If AJ weren't "Dolph Ziggler's girlfriend" on-screen, she wouldn't have gotten anywhere near the amount of focus that she did.

    Once AJ is completely out of the orbit of main eventers, she won't get as much TV time as she was before.
  3. Brian Cice's Avatar
    What AJ and kaitlyn need to do is have a epic ppv match. I'd love to see a I quit or last diva standing match personally. Not to extreme but hardcore enough to catch the eyes of viewers.

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